The 15 Most Powerful DC Villains Ranked From Worst To Best

As the DC Universe becomes bigger and bigger every year, there are more and more new supervillains. Some of them are well-known and have lived in the DC Universe for over 50 years, while others are just starting their evil-minded careers.

However, even if we speak about supervillains that have been there for already a long time, it’s still difficult to determine if they are powerful or weak. Why? Because there are many remakes of them. For example, Joker, who is one of the best-known Batman’s enemies, is a bit different in films, games, and animated series. The same with other famous villains that are created in many different mediums.

There are many authors who determine how supervillains should act and how strong they should be. Yet, if you take a closer look at them, you would see that some of them are stronger than others. Sometimes, their strength comes from pure belief in their powers, rather than the greatness of power.

But, well, it still counts, doesn’t it? If so, then you should check out the most badass DC Universe supervillains ranked from worst to best. (You may be in for a surprise.)


15 The Riddler


While in the newest Batman series, The Riddler is shown as an advanced manipulator with a strong belief in perfectionism - he wasn’t the same before. The old Batman series shows The Riddler as a great annoyer of Batman, because he was fun and armed with perhaps the best jokes in the history of the genre.

The reason why this character was so great was partly because of Frank Gorsin, who was a perfect fit for this role. The Riddler is an agent of chaos and destruction, who loves to kill Batman’s mood by annoying him through the depths of hell.

But Batman is a superhero, so it’s his work that solves these quizzes. However, if somebody would try to answer The Riddler's intellectual quizzes in real life, it would be almost impossible. Even Batman himself most often solves them by coincidence rather than by logical thinking.

14 Max Shreck


After all, Max is one of the best evil-minded intellectuals in the DC Universe. Combine that with his manipulation skills and a perfect sense of time, it makes him a dangerous foe in long battles. Yet, most often he works in a secure place, and when it’s time to kill – he kills. This works especially if it’s a weaker target, somebody who isn’t a superhero, but could make a hero angry if he would hear about a person’s death. Also, his charisma inspires other villains, and makes him a great danger for superheroes when Shreck works in a team with other bad folks.

13 The Penguin


Yes, The Penguin is quite a weakling, but it doesn’t make him less harmful. His bad plans and chaotic mind make him a dangerous supervillain. If you have ever seen Batman fighting against The Penguin, you’ll realize how winning battles isn't an easy feat for Batman.

The Penguin is a master of retreats, and loves to use strange but practical gadgets from his pocket. When Batman’s gadgets fight against The Penguin’s ones, it becomes an awkward battle in which both characters have to use something else to win.

While Batman prefers to use his biceps, The Penguin isn’t as strong, so this creates an other element of surprise. So, because of this, these two fight one another in various places until finally one of them finally makes a fatal mistake and loses. Most often, it’s The Penguin because Batman still needs to save the world…

12 Ra’s Al Ghul


Ra’s Al Ghul was one of the greatest characters in Batman history. At first glance, he was a teacher and protector of Batman, who made sure he would learn better tricks and would become determined to succeed. Simply put, Ghul could work nights as Batman.

However, Batman realized that Ghul and his folks are bad guys, so he had to run away from them and later defeat the group. But what makes this character interesting is the belief that bad things can be good if they are done for good purposes.

For some people, it’s difficult to grasp how his brain works. Perhaps, he could be a superhero himself if he wasn’t mistaken that bad things can lead to good results. And, of course, if he was still alive.

11 Bane


One of the greatest feats Batman have ever faced is Bane. As his terrible name says, you should stay away from this guy. But because Batman loves to meet with people who have strange nicknames, he decided that he has to fight against Bane. What makes Bane even more dangerous is his ability to think as smartly as Batman, and sometimes even better.

This makes those two equal in strength. So, no matter the criticism Bane got for his vocal performance (that wasn’t so bad after all), his role was perfectly achieved by adding lots of muscle, making the last film of Batman’s trilogy truly memorable.

10 Parallax


Parallax is a strange being that was kept imprisoned in the deep corners of the universe. However, as some bad folks want to control it, gain a few of his powers, or create chaos in the world, no matter how well Parallax would be hidden, he keeps getting out of a prison.

Even if nobody helps Parallax to escape, he is strong enough to do it by himself. One of his most dangerous powers is to alter time and reality. This means that if something bad happens to him, he changes his past to make it more suitable for him.

So, even if one of the stronger superheroes as fights against Parallax, they can lose. Moreover, this terrible creature is immortal and vigorous, so the only way to stop it is to imprison it again until somebody else releases him.

9 Brainiac


Brainiac became notorious in the DC Universe as a destroyer of worlds, because he defeats entire civilizations and later uses their knowledge for self-improvement. As he did so for many years, he accumulated lots of information used to improve his mental skills by further conquering space.

While it’s not sure if Brainiac is an organic or mechanical creature, his intelligence is said to be 12 times bigger than all of the greatest human minds. No matter his high intelligence, he has many other useful qualities. Longevity, strength, speed, force fields, and dozens of other powers make him a jack of all trades.

Also, he uses lots of droids that help him defeat enemies. Even if he meets Superman or any other strong hero, he still has lots of chances to win without even moving his fingers.


8 Reverse Flash


Reverse Flash is similar to the original one but is even stronger because he not only moves fast, he can also alter time. This means that no matter if The Flash or any other hero harms him, he can change his past and win battles.

His time-changing skills allow him to create another reality. There, he killed almost all superheroes and destroyed the Earth. But he doesn’t stop by defeating good people – he also kills many supervillains to have total domination over the world.

Such great powers combined with his bad character make Reverse Flash, whose real name is Professor Zoom, perhaps not the most dangerous in the DC Universe, but worth mentioning as a guy who succeeded in defeating many of his enemies.

7 Superboy Prime


Also known as Connor Kent, Superboy Prime wanted to be a great hero of his universe and timeline. However, as he saw the world becoming worse and worse, he started to doubt his dreams. After spending more time in the “paradise” dimension, where everything should have been amazing, he realized that evil will always live.

With a corrupted mind, Superboy Prime decided that good doesn’t exist and shouldn’t exist, so became a villain. Then, he killed his copy in another universe as well as many other superheroes who, no matter how strong they were, lost against Superboy Prime.

Two Supermans united from different worlds defeated Superboy Prime. But victory came at a cost - one Superman died, so his universe lost a great protector against evil.

6 Larfleeze


He is the only one who bears the power of Orange Lantern, so he is much stronger than those who have to divide their power into equal parts. One of his most dangerous abilities once died against him. He can also create a massive army out of nowhere.

Larfleeze is so strong that Green Lanterns and even Guardians of the Universe couldn’t stand against him. However, the Guardians of the Universe knew that they were the only ones left to stop him, so they changed their plan. Instead of trying to defeat a much stronger Larfleeze, they made a deal with him.

This briefly stopped his reign and since he was asked to not harm the world for a long time.

5 Trigon


While Trigon has never unleashed his full potential, it’s safe to say that he is one of the most dangerous creatures in all timelines and worlds. After all, he is the father of Teen Titan, Raven, who saw his father in a vision killing all DC Universe superheroes.

While it’s difficult to say what powers we still don’t know about, he’s worth to take care for as he is known for destroying many worlds. As he wants to have the strongest kids in the world, he seeks to find a strong woman who could help him to accomplish this mission.

What makes him even more terrible is that this demon has not only dark powers, but also has god-like ones that make him feel like a ruler of good and evil.

4 Eclipso


Eclipso is a creature in the DC Universe who resembles a god. Like other gods and demigods, he has lots of abilities, from becoming bigger and moving at the speed of light, to shooting energy blasts and making enemies afraid of him without no real reason.

It’s said that his soul lives in the Heart of Darkness. As Eclipso has been living for many years, he continued to improve his already enormous powers to eliminate all dangers that could grow in the future. Eclipso is quite a strange personality who sometimes seems to be smart and sometimes foolish, but no matter what his strange mind is thinking, he is a real enemy to all superheroes.

3 Nekron


Nekron is the first Guardian of the Universe. His mission is to protect the darkness that continues to exist, before any creatures were alive in the world.

Yet, the biggest problem Nekron faces is that he can’t enter our world; the only way he can do so is by being summoned by somebody else. As Nekron is the protector of darkness, he can make copies of dead souls fight along the way with him.

He is one of the first beings in the world, he has lots of knowledge and all types of powers that when summoned, allow him to be almost invincible to the masses of heroes.

2 Darkseid


Darkseid is one of the best rulers of chaotic powers in the whole multiverse. His great commander skills, combined with demon-like soldiers, super chaotic kids, and elite squads make him dangerous without the need for him to fight.

He is experienced, intelligent, and a ridiculously strong ruler. All of this combined with his obsession to rule the world make him a difficult foe to deal with.

One of his biggest dreams is to destroy the multiverse and then recreate it into the corrupt world where he would be responsible for everything that happens. So, while the other villains fight for fun, or because they have nothing else to do, Darkseid becomes even more dangerous.

1 The Anti-Monitor


The Anti-Monitor was created at the beginning of everything and had a mission to control a group of other dangerous villains who made the lives of heroes miserable. Yet, it’s just a tiny piece of his evil deeds. This helped him become much stronger than he originally was. But because he wanted more, he decided that it was time to consume the multiverse, as well as gaining more power. Also, he is responsible for many other disasters that happened in many worlds and timelines.

The Monitor eventually became weaker than The Anti-Monitor, as he couldn’t protect all creations and was in need of superheroes to help him. But as most heroes are mere mortals, how can they stop such a devourer of worlds?

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