The 15 Most Powerful DC Villains Ever

The DC Universe has numerous superheroes and supervillains, and the battles between them always keep us entertained. Coming up with a list of the most powerful heroes or villains is always very challenging because these characters are so many in number and each has his or her own special abilities, some of which can be difficult to measure. Many comic lovers and movie enthusiasts have their opinions as to which character is more powerful than all others, and each opinion is as valid as the next.

The sad thing is that there are not enough comic book issues or movies out there, showing us who in his or her own right can fight all other villains or heroes and win, especially when you are comparing characters who normally fight on the same side. Therefore, it is up to you and I to look at the performance of these heroes and villains, and try to see how they would perform when you compare them to others with different and unique powers.

Villains have different levels of operation. Some have the ability to kill one person at a time, others can wipe out a city at will, and still others can destroy a galaxy or even a universe without straining. This list contains a number of DC's most powerful villains with the ability to at least have the entire human race (and a few aliens) on their knees, able to wipe them out using their superpowers.

For this reason, you will not find some of the very popular villains we all love to hate such as the Joker, Bane, Lex Luthor, the Penguin, and others we've become used to seeing on the big screen. These super villains have proven that they can stand against a group of the best heroes we have in the DC Universe and have a good chance of winning the fight.

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15 General Zod

Via dc.wikia.com

General Zod is one of the worst villains that Superman has ever had to face. Zod has all the powers that Superman has, and claims to be superior to the Man of Steel owing to his military training. Just like Superman, General Zod has superhuman strength, X-ray vision, super speed, ice breath, invulnerability, flight, and the ability to heal quickly. General Zod's main mission is to make Superman's life a nightmare, and he does a good job at it. Time and time again Zod has proven that his main weakness is his own arrogance and inability to recognize and learn from his own mistakes.

14 Composite Superman

Via pixshark.com

Many movie fans believe that Superman is the most powerful superhero ever, a belief that an even greater number of comic fans disagree with. However, one view that everyone can respect is that Superman is very powerful. Now think of a super villain who has the powers of Superman, Batman, and other superheroes combined; the result is the description of the power and might of Composite Superman. This villain is truly one of the most powerful in the DC universe, one who has posed an extreme threat to the likes of Superman and Batman.

13 Paragon

Via dc.wikia.com

Paragon is an evil supervillain who was able to fight the Justice League and beat them. His main weapon is his ability to duplicate the powers of his opponents, something that makes it hard for even the most powerful superhero to fight and beat him. Paragon is responsible for wiping out close to three-quarters of the human race, simply for the reason that he considers them inferior. In addition to his ability to duplicate his opponent's physical and mental abilities, he can magnify them and become even more powerful than his opposition.

12 The Crime Syndicate

Via dc.wikia.com

The Justice League is a group of superheroes who team up to fight against all evil in the DC Universe, and their combined power is very effective. If these superheroes would neglect their duty or far worse, turn to crime, the universe would just be full of chaos. The Crime Syndicate of Amerika is the exact opposite of the Justice League, with super villains having the same power to cause chaos and engage in crime. The CSA exists in one of DC's parallel universes and features evil versions of Justice League heroes  such as Ultraman (Superman), Owlman (Batman), Superwoman (Wonder Woman), Johnny Quick (The Flash) and Power Ring (Green Lantern).

11 Amazo

Via dc.wikia.com

Amazo is possibly one of the most powerful individual villains that the Justice League has to deal with. For any superhero, fighting Amazo is like fighting a potentially stronger version of themselves. What makes him so dangerous is the fact that he is an android capable of duplicating and amplifying the power of meta-humans. This means that Amazo is far more powerful than any individual superhero, making it very difficult to stop him. Originally created by scientist Professor Ivo, Amazo has been a constant thorn in the Justice League's side.

10 Agent Orange (Larfleeze)

Via dc.wikia.com

Larfleeze is one of those very powerful supervillains in the DC universe that no one wants to mess with. During the "Blackest Night" storyline, Larfleeze proved just how powerful he was by single-handedly fighting an entire Green Lantern Corps as well as doing battle against the Guardians, something you would have to be either extremely powerful or plain crazy to do. Among other impressive abilities, Larfleeze has the power of flight, he can construct objects using light, and he can steal the identities of his victims.

9 Krona

Via greenlantern.wikia.com

Can you imagine a super villain who does not need to eat, sleep, or even breathe? How do you even begin to fight an evil super genius with superhuman physical abilities and psionic powers like telekinesis and telepathy? If that wasn't enough, Krona is immortal, can rapidly regenerate from any form of an injury, and even destroyed universes at will. Krona is one badass supervillain with so much power that he makes other villains and heroes in the DC Universe look like amateurs. As Entropy, Krona became even more powerful; composed of anti-energy he could absorb his foes into his body and convert them to anti-energy as well.

8 Parallax

Via greenlantern.wikia.com

Parallax is a super villain who concerns himself mainly with instilling fear in his opponents, who can range from individuals to entire planets, a strategy that works on almost everyone. Parallax has vast mind-controlling powers, and being composed of pure energy he can change his form to anything that can strike fear into his opposition. He can create solid light constructs, control time, fly, change in size, and has many other powers. The only individual that can stand against parallax is one who has more than superhuman strength and abilities; one that can conquer fear.

7 Gog

Via comicvine.com

Gog, unlike many other villains in the DC universe, is a god. Gog has powers beyond what human beings and other superheroes have, meaning that if he were to align himself with evil, he would simply be unstoppable. Gog is usually neutral, though turning his enemies into trees led to his crossing paths with the Justice Society of America. Gog has superhuman abilities such as time manipulation, healing power, self-sustenance, energy projection, flight, teleportation, and many other powers. A villain God is in a whole new level of powerful villains.

6 Nekron

Via comicvine.com

Nekron is an underworld ruler of a hell-like place called the Dead Zone, where recently departed souls reach their ultimate destination. Nekron proved just how powerful he could get by taking over the bodies of a host of superheroes including Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as resurrecting dead heroes to fight on his side. It is very difficult to defeat a villain who has limitless powers, who can kill a guardian of the universe using his dark lightning bolts, who becomes stronger with every kill, and who can resurrect the dead into fully functioning zombies. Nekron can kill a mortal just by laying a hand on him, he is immortal, and he can manipulate reality. Scary.

5 Neron

Via wikicomics.ru

Neron is a danger not just to superheroes, but to super villains as well. He tricks his victims into offering their immortal souls to him, by tempting them with what their hearts truly desire. Neron is responsible for killing Wonder Woman and Mongul, some very powerful characters in the DC Universe, though Athena resurrected Wonder Woman soon after. Some of Neron's abilities include energy projection, magic, superhuman strength, immortality, power distribution, and he has an indestructible demonic physiology.

4 The Anti-Monitor

Via dc.wikia.com

No other super villain can claim a higher death toll than the Anti-Monitor can, since before the universe restarted he had destroyed numerous universes. He has also claimed the lives of Supergirl and the Flash with little effort. The Anti-Monitor can increase his power by consuming positive matter universes, and is able to battle numerous heroes from the multiverse at the same time. In addition to his vast size, his immeasurable strength, unmatched durability, ability to project energy, and reality warping abilities make him a villain you would not want to cross paths with.

3 Darkseid

Via comicvine.com

Darkseid is a god in the DC universe who happens to be a very powerful villain. Using the Omega Beams that he can shoot from his hands and eyes, he is able to disintegrate any organism and erase it from existence. Darkseid can also use his powers to resurrect beings, he can teleport, has powers of telepathy, and can sanction organisms to traps in alternate realities. He possesses super strength, speed, invulnerability and immortality and he can change his size at will. No superhero would want to go up against Darkseid without another dozen or more of his friends to help distract him.

2 Imperiex-Prime

Via comicvine.com

Imperiex-Prime is undoubtedly the worst villain that the DC universe has ever faced. In order to defeat this pure energy being that destroys and creates galaxies and universes at will, the DC superheroes and super villains had to work together. Even with the unity of good and evil against Imperiex-Prime, the casualties on Earth were in the millions. Furthermore, this battle cost the lives of many superheroes and villains, the likes of Doomsday, Aquaman, Steel, and Queen Hippolyta, and yet it did not destroy Imperiex-Prime.

1 The Great Evil Beast

Via villains.wikia.com

This being is the utter lack of divine light and is the personification of evil itself. The Great Evil Beast does not even need to fight, given that no number of superheroes would even cause any form of damage to it. With some of the Great Evil Beast's powers including omnipotence and darkness manipulation, its presence caused all three figures from Hell – Azazel, Lucifer, and Beelzebub to unite and try to defend themselves in case the darkness attempted to take over Hell. The Great Evil Beast had to merge with God for good and evil to exist side-by-side because there is just no stopping it.

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