The 15 Most Powerful Anime Heroes

What is it that makes a convincing anime hero, anyway? Their backstory, their motivation, their final form? When it comes down to it, audiences are compelled by protagonists who exude charisma and pow

What is it that makes a convincing anime hero, anyway? Their backstory, their motivation, their final form? When it comes down to it, audiences are compelled by protagonists who exude charisma and power - the kind of guys who'd be there for you in a pinch, but you wouldn't want to be around once they got angry.

Throughout the years, we've witnessed anime characters that have far surpassed power levels of over 9,000, whether it be by ki energy, an intangible mystical force, or through their skills with a sword. This truth alone allows it to be highly difficult to measure a character's power versus another, however the following characters listed are the ones we've seen demonstrate the highest levels of capability.

We'll be taking into account strength feats each character has accomplished in their respective animes and not their mangas. So without further ado, let's take a look at the most powerful heroes in anime. You won't need your scouters for this list.

15 Vegeta


Being born the "Prince of all Saiyans" has destined this hot-headed warrior for some next level stuff.

14 Kenshin Himura


Despite casting away his manslayer title, Kenshin's swordsmanship is rivaled by nearly no one, and that's saying a lot for a man that carries a reverse blade sword.

13 Guts


There are men that fear demons, and then there are the men that those demons fear. Meet Guts, a spry mercenary leader that brandishes a steel sword nearly the size of his body.

12 Kenshiro


In an age where the law has failed the innocent, this martial artist serves up some cold hard justice... with his fist, of course. Kenshiro has mastered the ancient Hokuto Shinken style, a Chinese assassination martial art that grants him in insane amount of fortitude.

11 Levi Ackerman


While he may not be the main hero in his respective anime series, there's no denying that he plays out to be the people's champ in the battle against the Titans. The leading soldier in the Survey Corps is highly revered as the world's strongest soldier, and possibly the strongest human alive.

10 Edward Elric


Amongst tragedy comes triumph, and let's just say this highly skilled alchemist has suffered through a lot. Along with his brother, Edward has inherited the natural talent for alchemy at a very young age making him bound for greatness years to come.

9 Jotaro Kujo


Here's a character you might define as the strong and silent type; emphasis on the strong. Jotaro is a Stand user, giving him the dominance over a supernatural persona to help fight alongside him.

8 Yusuke Urameshi


Protecting the Human World from the nefarious forces of the Spirit Realm requires a specific set of skills found with this Spirit Detective.

7 Saitama OnePunch-Man


Some heroes wear capes. Some heroes punch really hard. This hero has been seen to do both. Saitama is commonly referred to as the most powerful superhero in the world, as none of his adversaries have survived past a single punch from him.

6 Natsu Dragneel


Want to see a magic trick? The talented Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild might be able to teach you a thing or two.

Natsu's natural ability with Dragon Slayer Magic is nothing short of astounding and makes him a nearly impossible offensive force. Being a fire user allows Natsu to be impervious to the element, as well as reserve the ability to absorb it in order to replenish his energy.

5 Monkey D. Luffy


You don't set out to become the Pirate King without showing everyone you're the biggest and baddest one of them all. Don't be fooled by this character's cheerful appearance as you're most likely not going to recognize him once he's entered his combat stance.

4 Ichigo Kurosaki


For a “Substitute Shinigami” this anime character has made quite the impression on the living and spirit world.

3 Alucard


Might as well do away with your wooden stakes and silver bullets, because there'll simply be no taking down this immortal vampire.

Alucard is an omnipotent entity within his series and has been employed by the Hellsing family to do away with the undead creatures that have made their way into the world of the living. The vampire is extremely cocky and arrogant, as he's yet to face an opponent that could kill him indefinitely.

2 Naruto Uzumaki


Everyone loves a good underdog story, making following this ninja's rise to greatness all the more fun to observe. If there's anything Naruto has taught us, it's to never underestimate the late bloomer, for they may possess the power of the Nine-Tails, or- something of that nature.

1 Goku


Did you honestly expect anyone else to be in this spot? This Saiyan warrior epitomizes power and strength, and has set a standard for all anime characters that have come after him.

Being of the Saiyan race, Goku has access to nearly unlimited levels of strength and possesses the power to ascend to Super. He currently has achieved the title of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan which would honestly be a headache to accurately measure.

While most anime series have displayed abilities that have perhaps moved mountains or wrecked cities, Goku has taken on threats that have threatened the destruction of planets. Even in times where he may have lost, his perseverance and ability to surpass his unforeseen limits have made him our indisputable hero.



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The 15 Most Powerful Anime Heroes