The 15 Most Hilarious 'Friends' Bloopers Ever

There are certain insignificant things I do on autopilot every day without fail, things like having a cup of coffee in the morning, avoiding the laundry, fondling my phone and watching Friends because uh ... hello, can this show BE any funnier? If you like Friends too, you just read that last sentence in Chandler's voice. Friends were around for ten wonderful years and even though the show hasn't been on television for twelve years the Friends fandom is strong. There's usually at least one Friends rerun going on television on a daily basis or just go straight for the concentrated Friends binge on Netflix. Watching Friends is a solution for about 90% of your daily annoyances. Are the neighbors out on their balcony talking loudly about that new roast coffee they sell at the smoke shop that's infused with goji berry? (I live in central California). Watch Friends at full volume to drown them out! Did you already watch the three good movies on Netflix and don't know what to watch next? Switch over to Friends and get guaranteed entertainment. Did the pot brownies kick in too hard and now you're freaking out? Friends are there to hold your hand so you won't go mental.

In fact, one of the best pick me ups from when you're feeling like crap or even if you're just bored is to watch Friends bloopers on Youtube. Because if there's one thing funnier than Friends, it's Friends making mistakes! Here are 15 hilarious Friends bloopers that are guaranteed to make you laugh just like Janice.

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15 The One With The Bagpipes

I started watching Friends all the way from when it first aired and I had to wait an ENTIRE week to watch the next episode! (This is my generation's "walking barefoot in snow to go to school" speech). All that anticipation for the next episode naturally brings on a lot of big expectations as well and Friends always delivered every week. Sometimes an episode would include something that we never knew about a character, particularly Ross' penchant for playing oddball music. (Who can forget "THE SOUND??") A perfect example of is the scene when Ross practices playing the bagpipes so he could play it at Monica and Chandler's wedding as a surprise. Monica and Chandler refuse but he insists on playing a song for them (Celebrate by Kool and the Gang) in hopes that they change their mind. The scene where Phoebe sings along with the bagpipes is hilarious. But even funnier? The blooper reel of the cast breaking character and laughing their asses off.

14 The One With The Laughing Fits

People sometimes wonder how it's even possible that I'm still laughing at episodes that I've seen at least 100 times. I know the setup, I know the punch line, I can recite entire scenes, verbatim but I still laugh every time Chandler says, "If you said big lima bean bubbling up, would she know the difference?" Or when Phoebe tells Mike's parents about one of her songs, "Ode to a Pubic Hair." I don't know why Friends old jokes never fail to tickle me but whenever I see an episode, I'm always giggling at something. The real wonder is how the Friends cast ever finished filming any of their episodes without cracking up at everything they were saying. I'm happy they powered through somehow and got it done but I'm also happy to see they made a lot of mistakes doing it. This montage of the cast flubbing up their lines and going into laughing fits is a quick fix for a bad day.

13 The One Where Joey And Chandler Touch Monica's Boob

Some jobs have awesome perks. For example, right now I'm in a pair of worn out Superman pajama pants that has a small hole by my thigh and a shirt that has a random leprechaun on it that says "Feeling Lucky?" because dressing in comfortable albeit terrible looking clothes are just one of the many perks of working from home, with the only downside being that it doesn't pay enough for me to get a matching set of pajamas. You can imagine that being a star on a hit show like Friends probably had more perks than a normal job and in this scene, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc gives us a quick glimpse on one of their actor perks; getting to touch Monica's boob and getting an uproarious laugh out of it rather than being charged with sexual harassment. The innocent boob pat was written into the script of course but you can't really blame Matt (or Matthew Perry) for taking advantage of the situation.

12 The One Where Ross And Joey Build A Fort

The bromance between Joey, Chandler and Ross is so strong on the show that it was inevitable that there would be jokes about how close the characters REALLY were behind closed doors. Wink, wink, nudge nudge. The show almost encourages it with episodes like when Ross and Joey start taking naps together. Luckily, the cast was in on the joke that they were all secretly in love with each other and luckier still, they totally played it up and one of those moments were thankfully added on to the Friends blooper reels. This particular scene has Chandler walking into the apartment where he finds Joey and Ross pop up from the fort they made out of Ross' moving boxes and things look a little Brokeback Mountain-ish. The scene was such a tempting invitation for an obvious joke, that the cast couldn't help but take it...with zipper noises and everything. Now the only thing we're missing is the scene where Chandler joins in with his bonnet.

11 The One With All The Swearing & Dirty Stuff

One of the many things that made Friends great is that, for the most part, the jokes were mostly silly, ridiculous, relatable, and fairly clean jokes you could repeat at work ad nauseam until everyone runs the other way when they see you walking into the break room. After watching Friends for so long, some viewers start to feel as if Joey, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler, are actually real people who just happen to be a smidge more attractive than most of their Friends and, despite the situation, almost never cursed which is why it's always a nice slash hilarious surprise when you see blooper scenes when they crack and an F-word or two slips out. Lisa Kudrow blurting out X-rated expletives out of frustration or Matt Leblanc breaking character and making sex jokes that you couldn't have otherwise imagined goofy Joey Tribianni making is an oddly refreshing sight. It only serves to make them even more lovable when you realize that the Friends cast have a dirty mind and a potty mouth just like you.

10 The One Where Joey Falls

Just like at your regular job, there's always the slacker, the one that's all business, the gossip, and the jokester and the Friends cast is not exempt from this. In fact, the funniest thing about this Friends blooper scene isn't because Matt Leblanc trips and starts knocking down Central Perk's furniture or even the quick cut aways to a producer who was inexplicably on the floor at the same time. (Why is the camera on them? Who is this? ), although it is pretty funny. The best part of this blooper clip is at the end when you see who the jokester is at their workplace. In the third shot, it seems like Matt Leblanc finally manages to run through Central Perk without incident and nails the scene until Matthew Perry runs in after him and jokingly crashes into the couch. It's not only hilarious but also absolute proof that the character of Chandler Bing is basically just Matthew Perry playing Matthew Perry.

9 The One Where They PIVOT!

Friends fans can no longer say the word PIVOT without screaming it like Ross. If you happen to be at a party where you know absolutely no one, a quick way to end your awkward misery and loneliness is to make new Friends by finding a situation where you can scream the word, "PIVOT!" out loud.  Squeeze into a room full of people and scream out "PIVOT!" just like Ross whenever you move out of the way for someone. We guarantee a handful of people will smile and acknowledge the Friends quote and voila! Now you know the cool people you can talk to! Granted, you run the risk of possibly alienating yourself even more by being the crazy person who yells randomly at parties but you'll also know that it's probably best just to leave that party (if they don't throw you out first). No good can come from a party if they can't PIVOT! This blooper is from that classic scene and unbelievably it's even funnier when they screw it up.

8 The One Where Everyone Gets Tongue Tied

We've all had those regrettable nights when we decide to go to happy hour in the middle of a work weekend that 'hour' turned into 1:00 a.m., topped off with lots of drinks past happy hour prices and ill-advised dancing on pool tables. If this sounds familiar, then you've probably also had that moment at work the next day when you try to talk and your tongue is still passed out from the night before. Incoherent words spill out when you try to communicate and you say "penis" instead of WENUS, that kind of thing. We've all been there and judging from these tongue-tied Friends blooper clips, it looks like the cast of Friends have probably had their fair share of too much partying the night before work too (Or maybe it's the fact that they have to memorize so many lines), whatever the case may be, it's still fun to watch.

7 The One With All The Baby Blooper Cuteness

Working with kids and animals is a tough task in Hollywood since both can be unpredictable and don't always want to do what you need them to do. But funny and cute is successful as hell which is why, despite the difficulties, studio execs will happily write in babies and pets into the script. On Friends, we've had Marcel the Monkey, the Chick and the Duck, Ben and Emma because babies and animals are like the sprinkles and chocolate sauce to a TV sitcom ice cream. Add that winning combination with a show like Friends and you've got yourself a tasty sundae of bloopers. I realize that's an awful metaphor but that's just because I'm hungry. So while I go grab an ice cream sandwich, press play and savor the baby blooper cuteness that is Emma. So strong is her cuteness that it turns high profile, professional actresses, like Jennifer Aniston into a complete pile of mush.

6 The One Where Monica Screws Up

Maybe this particular Friends scene was done really late at night, maybe Courtney Cox had already been on set well past eight hours, maybe she had a long happy hour night the day before or maybe it was simply just an off day. Regardless of the circumstances, when they filmed this Friends scene (the episode when they went to Barbados), it's clear that, as Matthew Perry puts it, "it's going to be a long night." Not only is it clear that Ping pong doesn't come naturally for Courtney but you can tell she's totally frazzled with all her screw ups which makes the huge frizzy wig she's wearing look even funnier than it already looks. ("It's the humidity!") You really start to know that Courtney Cox is going off the rails when she starts speaking in tongues at the end of the clip. (That, of course, Matthew Perry imitates perfectly).

5 The One With All The Monica And Chandler Chemistry

Everyone ships Monica and Chandler on Friends, which is why when laid back sarcastic Chandler hooked up with ultra-competitive, Type A Monica in London, it was kind of a big deal for all the viewers. It was a surprisingly natural pairing and it seemed like Monica and Chandler should have always been together (unlike the cringe-worthy Rachel/Joey hook-up that happened a few years later). The chemistry between Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry is so sweet that when there were unsubstantiated rumors a year ago that they were embarking on a real-life relationship, the internet squealed with delight. Sadly, it wasn't true but that doesn't mean we can't always hope. Why the Friends producers missed the boat on having a Friends spin-off with Monica and Chandler is beyond me. Sorry Joey, your spin-off was kind of sucky and we have a feeling that "The Bings!" would have scored major ratings because, Monica and Chandler 4 Eva!

4 The One Where Phoebe Acts Like Phoebe

One of the reasons why the characters on Friends start to feel like they're real-life people (and our real life friends) is because probably, over time, the Friends writers based some of their uniquely hilarious characteristics from the real-life actors that were portraying them. We've mentioned how Matthew Perry is basically Chandler, but if you look at some of these bloopers, it also looks like Courtney Cox shows a very Monica-like reaction of annoyance when the other cast members keep messing up. They've even used the cast's real life relationships as add-ons to the show (Joshua and Brad Pitt were both with Jennifer Aniston at the time they made a guest appearance on the show.) When you watch this montage of bloopers from Lisa Kudrow, you can't help but think that Lisa Kudrow is exactly like Phoebe Buffay or vice versa, especially when she messes up. Lisa's very unique and contagious laughter slash hilarious howl makes it even harder to tell where Lisa stops and Phoebe Buffay begins.

3 The One Where All The Guys Mess Up

For being a sitcom, Friends had an awful lot of classic game show moments. Who can forget the episode when Monica and Rachel competed with Joey and Chandler for the apartment with a question answer game that Ross made up. (Don't blame the questions!) And of course, there's the episode when Joey auditions to be a game show host for a confusing game called "Bamboozled." Show of hands who wishes Bamboozled was a real game show? Or even just a board game? Can we get Milton Bradley on this? I really want to pull a Wicked Wango card and see what happens when I spin the Wheel of Mayhem to go up the Ladder of Chance where I go past the Mud Hut, through the Rainbow Ring to get to the Golden Monkey, yank his tail and boom - get into in Paradise Pond! It's a shame it's never going to happen but let's face it, the game would only be fun if you could get to play it with Ross, Chandler and Joey.

2 The One With Chandler's Sex Face

Ross as "Spudnick" and Chandler as the Velveteen Rabbit (kind of), blessed our lives when the Friends Halloween episode, The One With The Halloween Party, first aired on November 1st, 2001.  Not only did we get to see Ross inadvertently dress as doody and Chandler as a fluffy pink bunny, but we also saw them trying to impress Monica and Ross' girlfriend, Mona, by having an arm wrestling contest that ended up being a pretty even match. Personally, we had our money on Ross doody winning the match. He may just be a paleontologist but Mr. Geller had some pretty impressive arms on him. (See season six, episode, 19 when Ross dances around in a tank top with Elizabeth on MTV.) The best part of this scene; however, is Monica pointing out that Chandler was doing his awkward "sex face." And as if one sex face wasn't enough, this blooper serves us with even more Chandler sex faces that are all pretty hilarious.

1 The One With Fat Monica Dancing

Okay, so technically this isn't a blooper or a gag reel. It's not even a clip that didn't meet the final cut but we had to include it because if there was one character who should have gotten their own spin-off show, it was Fat Monica. She showed up in a few flashback episodes and a "what-if" episode but it still wasn't enough. Fat Monica was adorable, she wasn't nearly as anal-retentive as skinny Monica and best of all, she had the penchant to dance around (and eat) like no one's watching. The final cut of this scene had Fat Monica dancing to some random song but the first version that didn't make the cut really had her dancing to "Shake  Your Groove Thing," by Peaches and Herb, making the whole thing more magical than it already was. Everyone needs more Fat Monica adorableness in their lives, so here's the original take in all its Fat Monica glory. You're welcome.

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