The 15 Most Hated Real Housewives

Imagine watching the Real Housewives on Bravo with only likeable characters? It would mostly be a total snooze which is why we’re thankful for the ladies who bring the most drama. They also happen to be the least popular ones of the show but for some reason, we can’t get enough of them.

The series is most known for the drama and although sometimes the problems they deal with can come off as childish for grown women, that’s what’s entertaining about it. Without those crazy housewives in particular, it wouldn’t be so “real.” So even though we usually can’t stand them and wish the producers could kick them out of the show, they are what make the show.

However, being an unlikable housewife does carry a lot of baggage such as internet trolls and tons of tabloid rumors. In a way, they asked for it. But at the end of the day, all of this hating on Twitter and other social media channels are a part of the success of the series in all realness. It’s just another stunt these producers plot ahead of time.

Sometimes though, the show is better off without some of these housewives. For example, Brandi Glanville from Beverly Hills or Daniel Staub from New Jersey. They did bring a lot of juicy episodes into the series but so far, the shows seem to be doing better off without them.

So check out the list below counting down 15 most hated housewives from the Bravo series and see what they were all about.

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15 Gretchen Rossi-Orange County

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Gretchen Rossi made her first appearance on The Real Housewives of Orange County in season four. The blondie was not so welcomed by the rest of the cast which eventually  lead to a lot of arguments and fights amongst the ladies. Most notable rivalry was between her and Tamra Judge, who was always (and still is) outspoken about her feelings. Rossi didn’t seem to like that about Judge and they never became real, good friends. There were times where the two tried having a solid friendship but they were just not meant to be. Along with Judge, Rossi also had an ongoing feud with OC vet, Vicki Gunvalson and off and on fights with Alexis Bellino and Heather Dubrow. Her relationship with Slade Smiley and her career were the usual reasons why she was always budding heads with her cast members. Today, she is focused on being an entrepreneur and her relationship with her husband.

14 Sheree Whitfield-Atlanta

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Sheree Whitfield appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and wasn’t very liked by a few of the cast members, particularly NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak. Nobody will ever forget when the reality TV personality pulled Zolciak’s wig. That’s basically the moment she is most known for. When she came back last season for RHOA, viewers couldn’t wait for the drama that was bound to happen. Even though sometimes the viewers can tolerate the housewives with the most drama, it was a different story for Whitfield. Ever since she literally pulled that move, the audience couldn’t help but dislike her for such obnoxious behavior. As a result, she’s been an off and on character on the Bravo series. Besides bringing in the drama, Whitfield is a single mother to three while being committed to a fitness lifestyle as well as always priding herself for her fashion sense.

13 Jill Zarin-New York

Rumor has it that Jill Zarin was left bitter for not being on the show anymore. She was an original cast member of The Real Housewives of New York and one of Bethenny’s good friends. However, just like reality TV shows ruin couples, this time it ruined the friendship of these two housewives. This cause some of the audience to side with Bethenny because they simple couldn’t support Jill. However, she did mention to Page Six about the show and that it was best for her to leave. “There are some things about it I miss — there's a lot of things I can't personally handle," the reality TV personality told the publication at Z100's Jingle Ball. "It's not healthy for me." Along with that, she also hinted how Bethenny is the one in control of the series. “I heard that one of the girls doesn't want me back on the show, and that's the way it is…she's in charge,” the 52-year-old explained. But she did point out to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she would like to make up with Bethenny because she simply misses her.

12 Alexis Bellino-Orange County

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Alexis Bellino made her debut on The Real Housewives of Orange County and not a lot of people were fans and nor were her cast mates. She was yet another one who thought highly of herself even though she would consistently deny that that was the truth. She was mostly bashed by her OC cast mate, Tamra Judge, and eventually became rivalries with a newer member, Heather Dubrow. Judge insisted that Bellino was jealous of Dubrow’s lifestyle. The OC reality TV personality was also criticized on her religious views and career choices. She was often questioned for being honest about her job as a news reporter and other TV gigs. It eventually got to the cast members, resulting Bellino departure from the show. She was a part of the series for a few seasons only until it was time for her to leave. We haven’t seen her back on since then.

11 Kim Zolsiac-Orange County

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This blonde was a cast member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, starring alongside NeNe Leakes and other housewives. This series seems to be one of the most popular Housewives series and it’s mostly because of the sense of humor that’s carried throughout the show plus, of course, it’s entertaining drama. NeNe is not alone when it comes to not being a fan of Kim Zolciak. The two have always had an up and down friendship and it always became clearer during the reunions. She eventually departed and now has her own show, Don’t Be Tardy, and has since showed us a different side of her. However, the haters just keep on hating and continue to bash her on social media, especially when it comes to her parenting ways. Along with the trolling, rumors have also stuck around. With all the drama continuing to surround her, Zolciak has found a way to cope with all the nonsense and not let it get to her. The only way to truly find out how strong she’s really become is if she returns to RHOA.

10 Lauri Peterson-Orange County

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Lauri Peterson appeared on the very first season of Orange County and then made her way back on one of the recent seasons. However, the audience didn’t like what they saw. She basically came in with the intentions of hurting Vicki. There was something off about her just showing up out of nowhere so the viewers weren’t having it at all. At first, she claimed she left the show to help her troubled son, Josh Waring, get back on track but an insider told RaderOnline that it was completely false. The insider went on to say that she didn’t want anything to do with her son because she was so disappointed with his behavior. Apparently, no one was siding with Peterson even though she was going through a lot of problems. The fact that she came back on the show to start a crazy rumor about Vicki and a threesome makes us not want to have any compassion for the OC reality personality. Perhaps there’s something more to this housewife that makes her unlikable to the rest of the cast members.

9 Kelly Dodd-Orange County

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As the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County this season, Kelly Dodd has already made a reputation for herself. The OC housewife certainly stands out from the rest of the cast with her personality and language. So far, we have watched her lash out at almost all the cast members except Vicki. We can’t forget about how she called Tamra a dumb f*ck, Shannon a c*nt, and imitating Heather all on the same episode. At this point, she has a mix of fans and haters and it’s all due to her different personality. The stay-at-home mom is very outspoken and carries a younger vibe to her. It kind of brings a fresher look to the OC series but with her temperament, we’re not sure what else to expect from the mother of one. It’s probably still too soon to tell but we wouldn’t be surprised if some of the housewives, especially Heather and Shannon, would like her to not return for the next season.

8 Bethenny Frankel-New York

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Bethenny Frankel is another one who stood out from the rest of the bunch because of her entrepreneur ways. Although not very much a fan-favorite, Frankel is a success story compared to the rest of the housewives. After departing from The Real Housewives of New York for a while, she went on to pursue projects of her own. She founded the cocktail brand, Skinny Girl, as well as hosted her own daytime talk show, Bethenny. She is also a successful author with four self-help books. It seems like things were going well for the housewife without being on the show until she got into some relationship problems with her ex-husband Jason Hoppy. The two officially divorced in 2016. She then came back on the show making the viewers even more interested to watch the season. Rumors about the entrepreneur began to spread saying she thought she was better than everyone else but she was coming back because she was suffering financially. Whatever the truth is, Frankel stood up for herself several times but eventually found her way back in with the ladies of the show.

7 Danielle Staub-New Jersey

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Back in the beginning of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, there was Teresa Giudice, who is still around, and then there was Danielle Staub. Who could forget the epic brawl between those two in just season two of that series? It looks like Giudice totally won the battle, considering she’s still on the show on top of just coming out of prison. When it came to Staub, there was absolutely nobody on her side except perhaps her two daughters. She was always all over the place, places where she did not belong but she invited herself to. The viewers could not stand the brunette and her b*tchy ways that it evidently caused the trolls to come out and eventually making her leave the show. We believe it was the best decision; although, who knows what kind of drama this series of the Housewives would be getting into if she was still around.

6 Tamra Judge-Orange County

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Tamra Judge has come a long way since being the most hated housewife of the Bravo series. If you compare the old housewife back then to the one we watch now, you would think they're just twin sisters with opposite personalities. But the truth of the matter is Judge has grown up throughout the series, tagging along with Vicki as one of the oldest members of that particular series. She really shouldn’t be on this list considering she’s a different person now but let’s just include her and her old ways. Remember when she threw tequila at Jeana Keough in the beginning of the series? Ever since, she was known as this evil witch whom the cast members felt uncomfortable around. However, things changed for the reality TV personality when she went through marriage troubles along with finding herself. Today, you can watch her as this more patient and kind personality on the show who does own up to all the drama she caused back then which makes her a lot more likable than before.

5 NeNe Leakes-Atlanta

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It’s usually the ones with the most personality who have a mix of haters and fans. The perfect example is probably NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This housewife is most known for bragging about her success and always thinking she is at the top of everyone else. Who can fly with that? Exactly why some of her cast mates and the viewers didn’t like her all that much. However, there was always something that the audience did like and that was her outspokenness, most notably during the reunion shows. She never held back and claimed to be "real" all the time but the housewives would think otherwise and sometimes look at her as a hypocrite. As a result, she eventually departed from the show and went on to pursue other projects such as a fashion line and hosting gigs on E!’s Fashion Police. She is also the only housewife to divorce her husband and remarry him again.

4 Vicki Gunvalson-Orange County

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Yet another Orange County housewife makes it to the list. This time it’s the oldest housewife of the entire series, meaning the one who’s been a cast member for the longest. Plus she loves to brag about it. Vicki Gunvalson has started it all. From women entrepreneurship to the drama to the luxurious lifestyle, Gunvalson has sparked the Bravo series into what it is today. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s likable or a fan-favorite. In fact, the last few seasons she’s become more disliked because of the whole drama surrounding her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, and their lie about him having cancer. From the moment it came out, the rest of the housewives smelled something fishy about it and the audience was on their side. This season, Gunvalson decided to stay for the season and face the ladies of the OC with the truth coming out about Brook’s fake cancer. At this point, the cast is still waiting for a real apology from her but at this rate, it might take longer than one season.

3 Kenya Moore-Atlanta

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Another Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member making it to the list. Kenya Moore is undeniably the most disliked cast member of the Atlanta series. Not only by the viewers but also by her cast mates. She’s just another housewife personality who seems to juggle the truth and never make up her mind. She’s had the most beef with Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams. The fans couldn’t stand Moore when she claimed about Williams attacking her. It just seemed like she was exaggerating once again and playing victim. Not only is she hated for her unnecessary arguments but she also comes off as arrogant by always looking at herself like she’s the best. Looks like NeNe Leakes isn’t alone on this one for this series. If you think the Housewives are conceited in general, then we can guarantee you won’t be a fan of Kenya Moore, considering her standoff-ish ways.

2 Teresa Giudice-New Jersey

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Just because Danielle Staub made it to the list doesn’t let Teresa off the hook. The Real Housewives of New Jersey reality star has gained a reputation ever since she flipped the table on Staub. Then fast-forward, she denied about her legal troubles to her cast mates which included some of her closest friends and family. Throughout the series, Teresa Giudice has had a reputation of lying and always twisting the truth. The rest of the housewives couldn’t stand the dishonesty always coming from Teresa. Although that’s what makes the show entertaining to watch, it can get tiring when they don’t want to just admit the truth when the whole world knows about it already. However, today she is back with her family after spending months at a prison for multiple fraud charges. The cast seems to tolerate her more but there are still bits of her that have stayed and continue to spark controversy.

1 Brandi Glanville-Beverly Hills

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The audience and the cast members of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills could come into an agreement when it comes to not liking Brandi Glanville. Everyone from the show knew what the 43-year-old was all about so they were always careful about getting too close to her. She has built a reputation for herself for sure and not in a good way. Glanville was just a different character and it looked as if the rest of the housewives didn’t know how to handle her different personality. From slapping Lisa’s face to throwing wine, the blonde definitely left quite an impression when she left. It was uncertain if she was going to appear on the next season of Beverly Hills but in the end, it was official the reality TV personality wasn't going to return. We’re pretty sure the cast was crossing their fingers and they ended up getting what they wanted. Glanville officially left the show but went on to pursue another reality TV show on E! called Famously Single where she continues to stir up the dramaHowever, it could be possible for the outrageous housewife to join the ladies again. That would undeniably make an interesting season.

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