The 15 Lamest Supervillains In Comic Book History

Superhero comics have been going strong since the late 30s. The comic book industry is famed for the wide array of kooky, creative characters that have been born from the minds of comic book creators. Marvel and DC have literally thousands of heroes and villains in their rosters. Some are superstars, heading up their own franchises and making millions annually. Of course, they're not all going to be winners. For every Captain America, there's an Asbestos Lady (seriously) and for every Joker or Green Goblin there are some terribly weak comic book villains who could never manage to be seen as anything but laughable to their heroic adversaries.

Of the many and varied villains out there in comic book land, we've compiled a run down of 15 of the very lamest comic book supervillains; some had potential, some were damp squibs and some should probably never have happened.

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15 Rhino

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Rhino has become quite popular despite his inarguable ridiculousness. This Spidey villain was played be a scenery-chewing Paul Giamatti in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but in the comics he’s a dolt in a concrete costume as opposed to a mobster in a giant mechanical suit.

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14 Rocket Racer

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They would probably be scraping the bottom of the barrel if this Spidey villain made it to the big screen. Bright student Robert Farrell makes a hover skateboard and is forced into a life of crime to support his family, but Spider-Man eventually convinced him to change his ways. He later joined the Avengers Academy.

13 Condiment King

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Paul Dini and Bruce Timm may have created the ever-popular Harley Quinn for Batman: The Animated Series, but they also created this laughable Bat-villain simply as a throwaway gag: 'Condiment Man', who uses nasty condiments against his enemies.

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12 Stilt-Man

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Not everything Stan Lee created was a masterpiece. This Daredevil villain is one of the lamer to face “the Man Without Fear.” Despite the pretty lame premise of this villain he has endured, appearing in a few different incarnations throughout the Daredevil series - there was even a 'Lady Stilt Man'. Stilt Man has a reinforced, indestructible suit with extra-long, extendable telescopic legs. And that's about it.

11 Mr. Mxyzptlk

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This imp from the fifth dimension is no physical match for Supes; instead he must use his wits. However, Superman always outwits him and gets him to say his name backwards which casts him back home. His intelligence, then, is clearly an entirely unpowerful superpower - and of course, he ends up looking ridiculous even without the bizarrely camp getup.

10 Clock King

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Clock King has the ability to be on time for everything. Which doesn't help him much at all. In recent years writers have tried to make him cooler as part of the Suicide Squad, but it’s a futile effort.

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9 The Spot

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The Spot's ability to jump through portals is a pretty cool power, but he’s never been a serious match for Spider-Man or Daredevil. It doesn't help that he looks like a Dalmatian in spandex.

8 Egg Fu

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It’s one thing to be a lame supervillain, but it’s quite another to be racist, too. This gigantic egg-shaped villain was a Chinese Communist who spoke in a stereotypical and offensive Chinese accent. But really, we wouldn't expect much else from a character meant to be a foil for Wonder Woman – a heroine who was created as nothing more than a misogynistic bondage fantasy.

7 Batroc the Leaper

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This purple-costumed Frenchman has the ability to jump far - but not even at superhuman distances. He’s simply a guy that can jump slightly further than average. He was given a bad-ass update and was portrayed, by UFC fighter Georges St. Pierre in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as an Algerian pirate.

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6 Crazy Quilt

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This Batman villain can see only bright colors after undergoing and experimental procedure to restore his vision, following a gunshot wound that left him blind. He shoots laser beams and bright lights to attempt to blind his opponents A tragic backstory led to a lame villain.

5 Colonel Gumm

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Another original creation for the 1966 Batman TV show, this villain has an affinity for collecting stamps and alphabet soup. He was revamped in the Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet crossover comic book as General Gumm. This version of the character had a gum-like face because the rights to use the likeness of Colonel Gumm actor Roger C. Carmel were unavailable.

4 Rat King

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The pied piper of rats, this Ninja Turtles villain briefly appeared in the comic but was a recurring villain in the much-loved original Ninja Turtles cartoon, which ran from 1987 to 1996.

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3 Ten-Eyed Man

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Another lame Batman villain, this former Vietnam vet was blinded by an explosion while working as a security guard. His optic nerves were reattached to his fingers allowing him to see from his digits.

2 Egghead

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Played by Vincent Price and an original creation for the 1966 Batman TV show, this dastardly crime lord has a penchant for egg-related puns. Why would they create a lame villain like this and never introduce Batman staples like Two-Face or Poison Ivy in the 1966 Batman show? Holy embarrassing evildoers Batman!

1 Green Gobbler

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While the Green Goblin is one of the best supervillains ever created, the Green Gobbler is a turkey – quite literally. Appearing in the Spider-Man parody Spider-Ham, the Green Gobbler fought Peter Porker side by side with other equally lame villains like Eelectro, Mysteriape, and Ducktor Doom... Ouch.

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