The 15 Hottest Women To Check Out On TV This Fall

A perfect reason to get into new shows this Fall!

Every fall TV season has a lot of promise but uncertainty. The fact is, there are two things that can be counted on every year: The “surefire hit” that ends up canceled (sometimes by mid-season) and the show no one said had a chance that turns into a major smash. What can also be counted on is a slew of actresses ready to make their mark big time. TV can be a fun way to burst out as someone who’s been plowing around in various unknown series can suddenly become a huge star. A nobody can come out of the woodwork and burst onto the scene. Or a veteran actress gets another chance at the limelight while someone away from TV for a long time can find the best role around and make a good comeback.

This year’s fall slate promises more of that with several shows highlighting some very nice ladies. Most are for new programs but a few include ladies joining established hits and boosting other series up. Some are true newcomers with little credits on their resume and getting their big break. Others are ladies who are familiar on TV already but always great to see back on it. From drama to comedy to sci-fi, they are all prepared to take off and show their sexy appeal in many ways to turn up the heat in the autumn months. Here are 15 of the hottest ladies to check out on TV this fall and why it’s a joy having a new season upon us.

15 Jennifer Esposito

Brooklyn born, Esposito has long been popular with her reddish-brown hair, great looks and sultry voice. It’s made her a success on television with a role on Spin City that got her attention. Her movie roles include the Oscar-winning Crash that had her in a memorable love scene. TV is her calling, however with roles on shows like Related and Samantha Who? Her biggest was a cop on Blue Bloods, a popular part but while she was recovering from a health scare, she was let go in a rather ugly incident. Esposito recovered for roles on Mistresses and Taxi Brooklyn and it just added to her popularity. Now, she’s latched onto a main role for the mega-hit NCIS as a former agent pulled back to work. While she goes for laid-back outfits, Esposito still looks sensational, a case of a woman who’s gotten hotter with age and should be giving the viewers plenty of heat to enjoy.

14 Maggie Geha

Next to Catwoman, the sexiest villainess in Batman’s rogues gallery would have to be Poison Ivy. The gorgeous redhead who controls plants and has a kiss literally to die for has long been a favorite. Her outfits range from green tights to nothing but leaves and her lush red hair lets her stand out. Her one live-action outing was Uma Thurman’s campy take in Batman and Robin. When Gotham began, it became clear the young Pepper was going to grow up to be Ivy and thus fans figured they wouldn’t get her. However, leave it to the show to come up with a wild excuse: In a recent episode, Ivy was confronted by a man who had the power to age people with a touch and grabbed her before she escaped. Thus, Geha plays the now grown Ivy who’s been changed to go for plant life. It’s a crazy turn but she looks amazing in the role with her red hair and seeing this wicked lady finally getting her shot should up the sexy quota of the series and give Poison some push.

13 Kristen Bell


Since her breakout as Veronica Mars, Bell has been a favorite for audiences. She’s hotter than she seems, proving it in various magazine spreads and various TV roles like the psychotic Elle on Heroes. Bell has found movie fame with hits like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and showed a wicked sexy side on the Showtime series House of Lies. While her biggest role was voicing Anna in Frozen, Bell can be much sexier than her size would indicate. She’s showing that in the new NBC comedy The Good Place, playing Eleanor, a horribly selfish woman who jumps into bed with guys and gets drunk a lot. When she dies, a cosmic clerical error puts her into a heavenly afterlife which she starts to throw into chaos. From getting drunk to her failed attempts to curse (“this is bullshirt”), Bell is a delight and shows her great charm and heat that’s made her among the more popular actresses around.

12 Annabelle Attanasio

This American actress is less known for now but that may change. Various roles in TV shows led to her bigger break out as nurse Dorothy on the first season of Cinemax’s acclaimed The Knick. While the show was set in the early 1900s, Attanasio stood out with her gorgeous looks and often pushed the sex appeal several times with the cable setting. She’s now ready to jump to the bigger time with the new CBS drama Bull. As part of a team who figure out how juries will act, her character is a hacker who finds out everything she can on someone from their credit history to their secret pasts. She has the role nicely with a sharp sardonic attitude and even dressed down in jeans and rumpled shirt, she looks fantastic. Future episodes might show her hotter side and let her join the ranks of sexy TV hackers. Either way, Attanasio is ready for the big time and rise up on a CBS smash.

11 Katie McGrath

The British actress is a standout with her gorgeous looks and lush black hair that make her great as either a heroine or villainess. She played both as Morgana on Merlin, going from an innocent woman to an evil witch and stole the show with her hot performance. She dyed her locks blonde to play Lucy on NBC’s revival of Dracula, her role notable for the character a gay woman in the 19th century and a shame the show was canceled just as her character was turned into a vampire. McGrath took on an American accent to star in the series Slasher as a woman handling a serial killer plaguing her town and showed she could be hotter in just jeans and a t-shirt. Her movie roles include the ill-fated assistant in Jurassic World and the upcoming King Arthur film. This fall, McGrath joins the CW with a recurring role on Supergirl. She plays Lena Luthor, the little sister of Lex, trying to escape her brother’s infamous shadow. McGrath is a great choice for a cold lady who gives off heat and should add some nice presence to a great show.

10 Mandy Moore

Moore broke out as part of the waves of “bubblegum pop princesses” in the late 1990s and looked fitting for that role. However, she’s focused on acting more in The Princess Diaries and other films. Moore won raves for the wild comedy Saved! and various hits like A Walk to Remember. Her biggest hit has been voicing Rapunzel in the Disney smash Tangled as she continues to work various films in. Moore is now turning to TV with one of the fall’s most acclaimed shows, This Is Us. It starts off with her showing a fake belly as a mom of triplets and handling her marriage. The pilot ends with a major twist to throw the show around and Moore seems great handling the role. While seeing her as a mom shows she’s grown up, Moore showcases how hot she remains and should be another great entry to the list of hot TV moms who are way hotter than average.

9 Peyton List

Not to be confused with the Disney actress of the same name, List has been a popular face on the CW for a while. She got her break playing a telepath on the short-lived Tomorrow People that showed some sexiness. She later moved on to play the Golden Glider on The Flash. List also had a recurring role on Mad Men for a few years and even in the ‘60s setting, stood out as well as the sci-fi series Flash Forward. List now gets to headline her own CW show, Frequency, playing a cop who’s able to communicate with her late father in the past via a radio. She warns her dad of his impending death only to face serious consequences for messing with fate. Not only does her boyfriend no longer remember her, but her mother was killed years ago by a serial killer who should be dead. List looks to handle things from loving a man who has no idea who she is to seeing time change around her due to her father’s actions in the past. It’s daunting, but List looks to handle it with her lovely features and adding herself to the long list of CW starlets.

8 Michelle Dockery

With her nice looks, dark hair and lovely manners, it’s no wonder Dockery was a favorite in the British theater scene. She kept it up in various productions for television like Hogfather and various British series. She rose to stardom with her role as Lady Mary in the acclaimed hit Downton Abbey. Her romance with Matthew made the show a massive success with Dockery earning Emmy nominations among her various accolades. For her new role, Dockery is getting as far from that part as she can. In TNT’s Good Behavior, she plays Letty, an American ex-con whose efforts to go straight don’t pan out. Going back to her old habits as a con artist allows Dockery to get wicked in various outfits, and lack thereof, for some sexy scenes. Seeing this formerly staid and proper lady cutting loose should be great and make Dockery a hit on both sides of the pond.

7 Kelly Overton

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Overton has been a steady worker on TV for some time. It’s hard to find a crime procedural drama she hasn’t made an appearance on, from CSI to NCIS and plenty in between. Her biggest was a recurring role on True Blood as a werewolf with a memorable entrance going full nude in a hot sex scene. She was featured on the second season of the TNT drama Legends as a secret agent who got into steamy stuff. Overton is now headlining a series for the first time with the upcoming Syfy series Van Helsing. She plays the title role of the vampire hunter’s descendant who wakes up in a world where vampires have taken over and has to fight them. Overton is already showing nicely in the part with her dark hair and build getting into athletic events and promises to get pushed much more while no doubt finding ways to show her body off. Syfy has a way of finding very sexy ladies for their leads and Overton might finally become a star after stealing the show from others for so long.

6 Tori Anderson

The CW has a real talent for taking little-known actresses and elevating them to hot stars. Two recent examples are Gina Rodriguez and Rachel Bloom, both winning Golden Globes for their comedies on the network. Now, Anderson may follow in their footsteps in the new show No Tomorrow. She plays Evie, a straight-laced quality control assessor who lives her life by the rules. She finds herself falling for a guy who has a wild attitude, living his life to the fullest. She’s attracted, but thrown when she finds out why he lives this way: He’s convinced the world is going to end in nine months. Despite her doubts, Evie goes along with him and Anderson promises to show this gal cutting loose from partying to even streaking as she tries to complete a “bucket list.” Already being hailed as a top comedy, this can promise to make Anderson another CW starlet.

5 Abigail Spencer

She’s long been one of those “Hey, it’s that girl,” faces on TV. After a couple of years on All My Children, Spencer starred in the 2006 Lifetime series Angela’s Eyes as an FBI agent who was a living lie detector. She’s had plenty of TV appearances, notably a multi-episode arc on Suits and a stint on Mad Men. Spencer gained massive acclaim for her turn on the Sundance series Rectify as a woman dealing with her brother freed from jail. Spencer hasn’t shown off too much, but was exposed as part of the infamous 2014 celebrity nude photo hack. Spencer is now ready to star in NBC’s time travel series Timeless, playing a historian going through time. Previews show her taking on various outfits and opening up a lot more as she experiences everything from Nazi Germany to the Civil War. Already attractive, this can boost Spencer’s sexy appeal up and show her a hot lady in any time period.

4 Evan Rachel Wood

Since her break-out on the TV series Once and Again, Wood has impressed with both her beauty and her amazing talent. Her performance in the movie Thirteen won wide praise and elevated her up nicely. She prefers to stick to indie movies for the most part but has been showing up a lot more on television. She played a sexy vampire on True Blood, showing great charm and her body off in various outfits. Wood then starred as Kate Winslet’s twisted daughter on Mildred Pierce which including doffing it all for a memorable nude scene. After several more films, Wood is returning to TV on HBO’s highly anticipated Westworld, playing a rancher’s daughter in the Old West. However, an accident causes her to realize she’s really an android in a futuristic theme park and starts to spread this knowledge to others. Given this is HBO, a good chance of seeing Wood going naked again and that, combined with her great humor and talent promises to make her latest TV series as must-see as Wood herself.

3 Kylie Bunbury

The Canadian-born actress has only been acting for a few years. Her only notable role was the short-lived ABC Family thriller Twisted and the final season of the CBS show Under the Dome. Now, Bunbury is about to star in one of the fall’s most anticipated dramas: Pitch.  The show has her as Ginny Baker, the first woman to play Major League Baseball and has to handle both being a good player and a trailblazer. The show is getting huge buzz and a big push by Fox to look like one of the season’s biggest hits. Not only does Bunbury look great in the uniform but she handles the pressure of her job and clashing with teammates who don’t like her. The idea of her as a female empowerment symbol when she just wants to play ball promises to play on issues of race and sexism in today’s world, sports and otherwise. Overall, the show is getting more attention and looks ready to push Bunbury’s stardom majorly and allow her to become a major player in her own right.

2 Hayley Atwell

The British actress burst onto the scene with her role as Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger and became an instant fan favorite. The role became so big that ABC gave Carter her own TV series which sadly only lasted two seasons. Thankfully, the network is giving Atwell another push with the new drama Conviction. She plays Hayes Morrison, daughter of a former President known for her rather wild ways. Busted for drug use, she cuts a deal to lead a team looking into wrongful conviction cases. Handling an American accent, Atwell looks to cut loose a bit more here. A scene in the pilot has her stripping to her bra in the office and when her co-workers gape, she just shrugs “you’ve seen the pics of me at a nude beach.” Already hot, Atwell looks to be boosted more cutting a sexier figure and make this show must see.

1 Maggie Q

Born in Hawaii, Maggie Quigley (she prefers just the first initial for her last name professionally) got attention with her lovely Asian looks and exotic beauty. Various roles in Hong Kong movies led to success in the U.S. with Mission Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard. In 2010, Maggie starred in the CW’s revival of Nikita, playing the title role of a spy fighting her former evil organization. Whether it was kicking ass in leather or dressing in gorgeous gowns, Quigley helped make the show a hit for four seasons and a good following. She followed it up with the CBS thriller, Stalker, the show only lasting a season but still good for her fans. Maggie now returns to TV in ABC’s highly anticipated drama Designated Survivor. She plays an FBI agent determined to find out who was behind an attack that wiped out Congress and most of the line of succession. It promises some tough scenes and no doubt plenty of action down the line. Even in jeans and jacket, Maggie is hot as hell and should be a great reason to tune in to an already big show.

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The 15 Hottest Women To Check Out On TV This Fall