The 15 Hottest Vanity Fair Photo Shoots Of All Time

Since 1983, Vanity Fair has been among the more notable magazines out there. The articles are top-notch, delving into politics, history, current events and more with some great insight and truly amazing research. They cover fashion and celebrity pretty well with cover stories on the elite of Hollywood, both past and present. What’s most notable is how their pictorials are among the absolute best out there. The magazine utilizes major photographers, most notably Annie Leibovitz and provide some of Hollywood’s best stars with some very revealing spreads. That’s bigger for their annual “Hollywood issue” timed with the Oscars that gives rising stars a good chance for more exposure.

And “exposure” can be the key word. The magazine got in hot water for a shoot with a then 15-year old Miley Cyrus showing off bare shoulders (that's laughable considering how much Cyrus has stripped down since). Several of their spreads have open nudity, helped by fewer restrictions than most publications and can be amazingly erotic. Even those that don’t go full out still boast some fantastic sexy looks thanks to the ladies involved. Of course, when they do doff it in many ways, it looks utterly fantastic. Great covers have abounded over the years such as the 1995 Hollywood Issue featuring several starlets (Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman and others) in their underwear. To pick the best is tough but here are the sexiest of the bunch, the 15 Vanity Fair spreads that gave ladies a terrific spotlight for their sexiness on fully display.

15 Charlize Theron


It’s rare that a shoot threatens to cause bodily harm but such is the case with this 2007 Terry Richardson set, for their annual “Hollywood Issue.” Richardson had the idea of Charlize Theron standing in just a swimsuit and heels in the middle of a street. The very sight of Theron in just jeans and a t-shirt is capable of stopping traffic but putting her in the middle of the road at night in that outfit is screaming for drivers to be distracted. Somehow, it was pulled off with no hassle but the way Theron carries herself with cool confidence just makes the shots even hotter and how she’s one of the sexiest Oscar winners ever.

14 Jennifer Lopez


Tracking down Jennifer Lopez’s hottest VF spread can be a daunting task. She’s been showcased numerous times from her breakout in the late 90s to her success as actress and singer, in everything from their Hollywood issue to solo cover stories. You can always count on J-Lo to bring the sexy big time with her work and she succeeds in various shots. Perhaps her best was in 2013, a frank interview about the end of her marriage which included a shot of Lopez in nothing but a fur coat with those smoldering eyes gazing out and hair flowing. It showcased her amazing body but also her strength that makes a fine package and combines to be the hotness that is J-Lo on full display.

13 Julianne Marguiles, Claire Danes, Sofia Vergara and Michelle Dockery


Usually, Vanity Fair focuses on movies but in 2012, they decided to give television its own spotlight with a major issue. Various spreads gathered casts and stars together (including a notable spread later in the list) and the stars shown as a big deal. The cover alone was quite eye catching as Julianne Margulies (The Good Wife), Claire Danes (Homeland), Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) and Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) shared a bed together. While decked in jewels, it was indicated all four were naked under the covers and that was an image worth buying the magazine all by itself. The wicked smiles by all four just made it hotter and proved these TV ladies could outdo the movie ones any day of the week.

12 Rihanna

Known from the start for her sultry body and singing, Rihanna added to it in 2015 with a VF article following her on a shoot in Cuba. From touring the neighborhoods to talking of her past, it was a frank discussion but of course more eye-opening for its shots of the singer in very little clothing at various clubs and places. A notable spread was face-down on her bed nude but for heels to show off the body she’s flaunted so much in her concerts and videos. As hot as the Cuban sun, Rihanna’s spread ranked among the hottest VF has done in a while.

11 TV Starlets 2012

VF has a knack for gathering multiple stars together for major shoots. Usually, it’s for their Hollywood issue but this 2012 spread showcased how the ladies of TV can be even hotter. The number of ladies brought together in one go was something: Grace Park, Kerry Washington, Emily Deschanel, Emily Van Camp, Emmy Rossum, Archie Panjabi and Kat Dennings, seven women each a total knockout for their various series. Just having all of them together was hot enough but sharing a living room and donning lingerie (Dennings being a knockout in her stockings and garters) just made it all the better. One can only imagine the pillow fight breaking out later as this was one TV binge watch party anyone would love to join up with.

10 Sienna Miller


While Sienna Miller had attention in a few movies, she was most famous in 2004 for her relationship with actor Jude Law. That ended when word came of Law cheating on her with their nanny, Miller naturally leaving and had the public supportive of her. In 2006, she decided to give Law a taste of what he was missing with a great VF spread, lounging on a deck chair in only white panties, a cigarette in hand and breasts fully on display. It was daring but fit and served as a reminder of both Miller’s hotness and Law’s idiocy to make this among the more notable nude spreads of the magazine’s history.

9 Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston has done a few VF spreads to showcase her rise from Friends to major movie star, one of the more famous in 2006 when she gave a frank interview on her breakup with Brad Pitt. That the cover featured her in just a men’s shirt made it all the better and her past spreads have included such shots as a hot red outfit and various dresses. Yet the best would have to be 2001 when Aniston was photographed at a waterfall with only a slip, soaked through to allow one to see her body underneath. A daring later spread had her in just black panties, covering her chest but still showcasing that for a funny gal, Aniston has a body that won’t quit and adding to her popularity.

8 Demi Lovato


Rising as a Disney starlet, actress and singer, Lovato seemed to have a career ahead as a dependable lady. That all changed in 2010 when she had to check herself into rehab over issues of depression and drugs. Lovato has emerged far stronger, a bigger star and acting as a role model to teens facing those same issues. To prove how she was getting true to herself, she did a fantastic spread in VF earlier in 2015 sans makeup and talking of how she felt so much better being herself. It was notable in that much of it was in the nude and Lovato having no shame showcasing her ample rear in a great shot. Instead of exploitive, the spread was terrific in showing Lovato as a stronger woman and the sex appeal balanced to showcase her rise in fame well.

7 Alexandra Daddario

After roles in kids’ movies like Percy Jackson, Daddario made one of the biggest jumps to adulthood imaginable. In what many cite as the highlight of the first season of True Detective, Daddario gives Woody Harrelson a lap dance while pulling up her shirt to reveal her incredible chest on full display. It naturally got her huge attention and Daddario showed her willingness to show off in a VF piece that had her in a pool, totally naked except for heels to show off her rear which was just as nice and large. Combined, this boosted Daddario to the heights of busty new talents and how her willingness to doff it all was as admirable as her sexy body.

6 Jennifer Lawrence


Already an Oscar-winning mega-star, Jennifer Lawrence got a bit more exposure than she wanted in 2014 when she was the center piece of the infamous nude celebrity photo leak. After dozens of photos of herself naked set the Internet on fire, Lawrence stayed mostly quiet but in 2015, finally broke her silence with a VF interview ripping the invasion of her privacy and how it felt as a woman handling it all. But Lawrence also showed a bold grasp of her newfound sex appeal as she posed in the opening photo completely naked with a snake covering much of her body. It was daring and sending a message of her accepting this with another photo of herself nude in a pool. Like so much in her life, Lawrence took this moment and turned it into something bold and brave to add to her fantastic appeal while also proving herself one of the hottest stars alive.

5 Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet has never had any shame in her body. That’s obvious by how she’s gone nude in practically every other movie she’s ever made. Still, her spread for VF in 2008 was notable for being pretty outgoing. The cover featured Winslet nude with only a coat covering her, gazing out with those lovely eyes and very striking. The interior spread was even hotter with Winslet spread out on her front with hose and heels, a fur coat barely covering her bare rear. Her interview was frank on her career and women in film but the fact that Winslet was willing to show off that great body made it all the better.

4 Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie has been a popular face (and body) for VF for years, tracking her from her “wild child” days to Oscar-winning star and then director and humanitarian. Her spreads have showcased her incredible sex appeal, those sultry eyes and lips, the way she can turn on a viewer with a gaze and rocking a variety of dresses quite well. So many of Jolie’s VF spreads have been great but the topper may be 2006, a Leibowitz special of her face down in a bathtub, showcasing her back tattoos and that fabulous rear end. Her hot look made it even more smoking and showed that while she may have adapted to motherhood and humanitarian work, It’s her sheer scorching sex appeal that makes Jolie must-watch.

3 Cindy Crawford


Already a top supermodel, Cindy Crawford was rising up in 1993 hosting her own MTV show and doing numerous commercials and a few acting gigs to boot. She had done some shoot for Playboy in the past, but still notable for her great beauty, fantastic body and that mole adding to her sex appeal. For a 1993 VF issue, Leibowitz did a great image of Crawford standing in a jungle like Eve, a snake curling around her body and an apple in one hand. The smirk she offered just made it all the better and the fact Crawford looks hot as hell 26 years later makes this black and white offering colorful in is hotness.

2 Scarlett Johansson & Kiera Knightley

Every March, the magazine does a “Hollywood Special” issue timed with the Oscars, usually showcasing a cover of numerous stars. For 2006, they did something different as Tom Ford was shown on the cover alongside Scarlett Johansson and Kiera Knightley, both actresses completely nude. Supposedly, Jennifer Lopez was to take part but had to bow out at the last minute but this was still quite sensational. Knightley had her legs folded to cover most of her body while Johansson lay on her front to show off her very toned rear end. It wasn’t that provocative but worked thanks to both actresses’ stunning sexual presence and fantastic to see them doff it all in fine style.

1 Demi Moore


It’s one of the most famous and iconic covers of all time and what its subject is more famous for than any of her movies. In 1991, Demi Moore was rising up a bit with Ghost and other hit films and her hot body often shown off. Yet it was striking when the cover for this issue featured Moore completely naked, arms covering her chest and her pregnant belly on full display. It was amazing and got massive attention and talk on the rights of women and their body with Moore praised by many for being so bold.

Moore followed it up two years later with another spread for the magazine where she appeared to be wearing a black and red tux suit. However, upon further inspection, it turned out Moore was actually naked and covered in paint. It was a striking move for the time as Moore looked amazingly hot once more. While her movie career may not have been huge, Moore’s incredible sexiness was on full display and with no shame in these spreads to remain hot two decades later.

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The 15 Hottest Vanity Fair Photo Shoots Of All Time