The 15 Hottest TV Geeks We All Fell In Love With

While definitions of the words "geek" and "attractive are typically considered neither synonymous nor collaborative, in the bizarro world of Hollywood, the opposite is often correct. The land of the gorgeous, one would think being purposely made to look what is considered unattractive to the masses would be off-putting to viewers. Nevertheless, despite being cast in roles that call for the downplaying of their physical appearance while playing up their mental prowess, there is only so much "geeking down" you can do to someone who is absolutely beautiful. In fact, in this age, making someone look more geeky is often the cause of an influx of attention as well as a slew of new admirers.

Moreover, in addition to being "hot" in the physical sense, most television characters that are classified as geeks possess the endearing quality of selflessness in addition to the fact that intelligence is often a sexy trait in and of itself. Furthermore, most nerdy characters have an enigmatic air surrounding them that causes most of us to watch in awe. No matter if you're an open lover of all things nerdy or a closet geek freak, the following is a closer look at 15 of the hottest TV geeks ever to grace your television screen.


15 Liz Lemon - 30 Rock

If you were never a fan of the hit show, 30 Rock, this cute little nerd may cause you to rethink your stance. A highly intelligent, third-wave feminist and writer from New York who is single and hating it (but pretending to love it), Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey) is the main character of the series. A bit of a nerd, Liz is a skilled writer but has very few social skills. Nevertheless, armed with her great looks and satirical sense of humor, she has managed to work her sexy little physique into the hearts of viewers across the globe.

14 Fez - That 70's Show

A caramel complected, Middle Eastern exchange student, Fez (played by Wilmer Valderrama) certainly helped That 70's Show turn on the sex appeal. An unconventional geek of sorts, Fez is essentially the lovable stoner, who just so happens to be highly intelligent, hangs out with a group of mildly to extremely less intelligent stoners, and is full of cultural mystique. In fact, his name alone is simply an acronym for Foreign Exchange Student. As the show goes on, clues about his past and true identity are peppered throughout the show. However, the viewers are never given a full explanation of his background. Although this usually doesn't help him score on the show, we can be sure that women and girls all over the world were watching and swooning in awe.

13 Dwayne Wayne - A Different World

A mathematician who seemed to have no luck with the ladies, Dwayne Wayne (played by Kadeem Hardison) was far from the big man on campus at the fictional Hillman College. Nevertheless, Dwayne's charm, humor, and legendary glasses helped to make him a household name in the real world. Moreover, as the show progressed, he actually ended up dating one of the show's most sought after character, Whitley Gilbert (played by Jasmine Guy). However, storyline aside, it didn't take this chocolate specimen nearly as long to win the over the affection of the female viewers.

12 Sam Winchester - Supernatural

A psychically powered heartthrob, Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki) is a mysterious as he is hot. One of the main protagonists of the show Supernatural, his natural good looks are one of the main appeals of this TV geek. Mentally powerful with profound spiritual abilities, many argue that Sam is the smarter of the brothers on this show. Moreover, in addition to his brains and bulging biceps, the guy actually has a heart which only adds to his appeal. Either way, Mr. Winchester's noble demeanor makes him one of the hottest geeks on TV as rather than revealing in his superpowers, he secretly wishes to be normal like everyone else. Sigh.

11 Jenna Hamilton - Awkward

A troubled teen who is the kindred spirit of every lady and girl who endured many awkward years of schooling, Jenna Hamilton (played by Ashley Rickards) is the epitome of an enticing geek. Caught in a spiral of swirling rumors, jocks, cheerleaders, and cool kids, her many quests to fit it and be accepted typically only make her stand out more. Nevertheless, she is not at all a saint. In an attempt to take a walk on the wild wide, Hamilton has more than removed the veil of innocence that seemed to cloak her when the series begin. Either way, this bizarro, brunette bombshell is of age in real life. No need to feel awkward about it or anything...

10 Bernadette Rostenkowski - Big Bang Theory

An adorable, tiny microbiologist with an equally tiny voice, Bernadette Rostenkowski (played by Melissa Rauch) is the longtime love interest, and now the wife of Big Bang Theory character, Howard Wolowitz (played by Simon Helberg). Extremely intelligent, and clearly gorgeous, many argue the way paid scientist is too good for a scumbag like Howard. However, more perfect for him than most care to acknowledge, Angry Bernie's yelling voice bears a striking resemblance to that of Howard's rowdy and ridiculously abrasive late mother. Either way, there are likely millions of real life nerds who tune in just to fantasize over the pint-sized brainy beauty each and every week.

9 Carlton Banks - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Although he is considerably less cool than his cousin Willy from Philly (played by Will Smith), Carlton Banks (played by Alfonso Ribeiro) is a sight for sore eyes. Despite his corny dance (the Carlton) and often embarrassing antics, Banks is at the top of his class and looks great in a swimsuit. Moreover, although he did not receive nearly as much attention from the ladies as his rebel of a cousin, he did manage to capture the attention of an array of bombshells over the years. Moreover, the guy did have some serious moves on the dance floor for those who actually paid attention.


8 Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars

A high school junior and impressive private investigator, Veronica Mars (played by Kristen Bell) got males all over the world excited about teeny bopper high school mysteries. Cute and intelligent as ever, Mars managed to put a new face to the matter of TV dramas. Interestingly enough, Mars is actually a recovering social butterfly turned unwilling hermit via a series of unfortunate events. Nevertheless, Mars managed to find a new hobby (solving crimes) and armed with her wit, sarcastic humor, and urge for restoring justice, Veronica shows the world that beauty and brains can easily coincide.

7 Ryan Chambers - Dexter

A newbie in the forensic department, Ryan Chambers (played by Brea Grant) brought the heat on the popular series, Dexter. One of the few geeks on the list that actually embraces their innate hotness, Chambers is often shown wearing provocative clothing. Moreover, relatively flirtatious, this fashionista is one of the more refreshing characters in the series and this is largely due to her ever-changing wardrobe. Nevertheless, it is her love for forensic science and eagerness to become involved in the field that makes this vixen one of TV's hottest geeks.

6 Topanga Lawrence - Boy Meets World/ Girl Meets World

One of the top girl crushes of all time, Topanga Lawrence (played by Daniella Fishel) is the long-term love interest of Cory Matthews (played by Ben Savage). Eclectic, creative, and sometimes downright neurotic, Topanga captured the world's attention from the moment she smeared makeup all over her face and danced around Cory in the backyard. Often the voice of reason, a large part of Topanga's appeal is the genuine love and affection she shows to those around her. The one true love of Cory's character, it was almost impossible not to develop some sort affinity for this young beauty. Moreover, still as gorgeous as ever, the couple are still together and appear on a new age reinvention of the series entitled, Girl Meets World.

5 Raj Koothrappali - Big Bang Theory

A lovable, wealthy, metrosexual, astrophysicist of Indian descent, Raj Koothrappali (played by Kunal Nayyar) is equally as complex as his surname. A former sufferer of selective mutism in the presence of attractive women, the main reason Raj seems to strike out with the ladies is often due to his inability to speak to them. In fact, as the show progresses, it is discovered that, with the help of alcohol, he is actually able to speak to women (and is actually a bit of a jerk at times). This eventually leads to the end of his selective mutism problems, but only served to pronounce his other social issues. Nevertheless, if he could learn to shut up and look pretty, we're guessing the ladies would be lined up around the corner to get a piece of this caramel dipped creation.

4 Kimberly Reese - A Different World

A gorgeous medical student with a future as bright as her smile, the underrated Kimberly Reese (played by Charnele Brown) was more well known for her intelligence rather than her incredible beauty. Certainly not considered one of the school's vixens as was the case with characters such as Whitley Gilbert or Denise Huxtable, Reese was often the subject of negative stereotypes and even had some issues with colorism. Nevertheless, she certainly captured her share of hearts over the course of the series. Especially, one, in particular, Mrs. Wayne, (Dwayne Wayne's mother who was played by Patti LaBelle) who would always revel in her beauty and compliment her pretty white teeth. If Mrs. Wayne had her way, Reese's last name would have eventually become Wayne rather than Whitley's.

3 Hiro Nakamura - Heroes

A brilliant scientist with the ability to affect the space-time continuum, Hiro Nakamura is likely not the first person who comes to mind when pondering on the subject of TV's hottest geeks. Played by Masi Oka, Hiro is a level 3 programmer who resides in Tokyo and one day just so happens to discover his amazing ability to bend space and time. A lover of both superheroes and sci-fi, although this protagonist could easily use his powers for his own benefit, he chooses to reserve them for the greater good of humanity. A trait that is sorely lacking in most humans in this age, Nakamura's hotness is largely tied to his huge heart and innately empathetic nature.

2 Seth Cohen - The OC

A half-Jewish teenager who resides in the OC, Seth Cohen was the first crush for many millennials around the world. With an affinity for comic books, sci-fi, and anime, it seems that the appeal of this character was inadvertent rather than intended. Moreover, being that he takes on the role of the "nice guy" (who, of course, always finish last) viewers were forced to witness a slowly budding romance between him and Summer Roberts (played by Rachel Bilson), who took way too long to see him for the hunk that he was. This only added to the cult of Seth as even after winning her affection, many asserted that he was actually the one out of her league.

1 Darlene Merriman - Head of the Class


What could be hotter than a young Robin Givens playing the role of a highly intelligent (but still shallow and money grubbing) teenage genius? Not much! For this reason, Darlene Merriman tops our list of TV's hottest geeks. A dimple-faced vixen who is seriously competitive and not at all shy about her views and opinions, playing the role of Darlene seemed to set Givens up for her life both on and off screen. Hot to trot and out of our collective league, Darlene represented beauty and brains in a manner in which is confident (and even a bit cocky) making her the king (or queen) of hot TV geeks!

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