The 15 Hottest Rock Star Exes

There’s something about rock stars that appeals to women. The fame is a key thing, of course, but there’s also the “bad boy” appeal for many of them, the way a rocker can be pretty hot in bed and an alluring pull to get you going. We’ve seen it so many times over the years, women pulled to the rock side of things and rather enjoying it. Some have been long-term relationships, even marriage, that have lasted for years. Others burned fast and then burned out but it’s still notable how these rockers can win over some very sexy women, sometimes far hotter than the rockers themselves.

There have been so many that it’s hard to count, from girlfriends to wives, a few rockers themselves but a lot of actresses and models. Rappers get their large number too but we’re focusing on real rockers for this one and that gives you a pretty expansive list. They include some older but still smoking ladies alongside some young starlets but all have in common how they are some stunning ladies who once went to the rocker side and emerged still incredibly sexy. Here are the 15 hottest rocker exes and a reminder of the benefits that line of work have in winning ladies over.


15 Dita Von Teese

The model has been a standout for her stunning full figure and bringing burlesque back to prominence, mixing a 1940s glamour vibe with a modern sex appeal. It’s thus not a surprise she’s been linked to several rockers, starting with Social Distortion’s Mike Ness. Of course, her most famous has been her marriage to the bizarre Marilyn Manson which began in 2005. They were divorced in 2007 with Von Teese saying she couldn’t handle Manson’s wild lifestyle and partying and he wouldn’t listen to her. She continues her modeling work and still amazing to watch no matter her dating history.

14 Zooey Deschanel


The adorkable actress has forged a resume of funny roles in movies and her hit TV New Girl  that often has her character with rather strange musical tastes. In 2009, she married Death Cab For Cutie lead Ben Gibbard, the two seemingly getting along well. But in 2011, they divorced with Zooey citing irreconcilable differences and reports of some cheating. Deschanel has bounced back and continues to wow with her quiet sexy turns that make her a lady who can rock you well.

13 Evan Rachel Wood

The unique actress has always gone by her own style and that pertains to her relationships. She and Marilyn Manson had a long relationship with Manson inspired by Wood for the song “Heart-Shaped Glasses.” She were engaged but split up, reuniting but split up for good in 2010. With Wood revealing her bisexuality and her unique tastes in sexual means, she and Manson make a lot of sense and one wonders if she can go to a bad boy (or girl) in music sometime soon.

12 Elle Macpherson


“The Body” is regarded as one of the hottest and most glamorous supermodels in history so it’s no shock she’s been linked to several musicians. She dated Billy Joel back in 1980 before he met Christie Brinkley and is believed to be the inspiration for “Uptown Girl.” Elle also went out with Bryan Adams for nearly two years, an odd pairing but it seemed to click although they would break up. Macpherson had moved to other relationships but still notable how a woman so drop dead sexy could get her rock on.

11 Valerie Bertinelli

The child TV star grew up nicely by 1981 when she married Eddie Van Halen which produced son Wolfgang and seemed a unique pairing of the down-to-earth beauty and the wild rock star. They divorced in 2007 with Bertinelli revealing that she was concerned over Van Halen’s coke addiction and refusal to stop smoking even after getting tongue cancer. The actress got a new boost to her career with the hit sitcom Hot in Cleveland that took a couple of shots at her Van Halen phase and shows that you don’t have to be wild to be a long-time rocker’s love.

10 Stephanie Seymour


The supermodel was a standout in the late 1980s with her various spreads, gorgeous beauty with lush hair and a killer body. In 1991, she began dating Axl Rose, appearing in the music videos “November Rain” and “Don’t Cry” and keeping tabloids busy with their various exploits. They broke up in 1993 with Rose accusing Seymour of cheating on him and then suing her for stealing jewels with Seymour countersuing for assault. Seymour moved on for a marriage to billionaire Peter Brant that’s produced a few kids and seems a lot happier but still known for a rather wild period with Rose.

9 Athena Lee


As the younger sister of Tommy Lee, it’s no shock Athena has gone for rock stars a lot in her relationships. She was married to bandmate Scott Atkins for a time and after their divorce went with Scorpions drummer James Kottak. The union lasted several years with three children before they divorced in 1999. For the last few years, Lee has been part of the Fuse series Ex-Wives of Rock, sharing insight to how this world works and still looking quite sexy as an expert in this unique lifestyle.


8 Christie Brinkley


Just turning 62, the supermodel looks even amazing as ever. From 1985 to 1994, she was married to Billy Joel, the union producing a daughter and looked amazing together at various red carpet events. Brinkley has had numerous relationships since, including a few more marriages and currently appears to be dating John Mellencamp. Still looking gorgeous and fit, the model can easily win any guy over so no surprise a few rock stars have fallen for her stunning looks.

7 Jennifer Lopez

In many cases, Lopez is the rocker for exes like Ben Affleck and first husband Ojani Nona. Her relationship with Sean Combs is famous for clashes with the law and other incidents. After her relationship with Affleck, she hooked up with Marc Anthony, the two married in 2004 and producing twins. They divorced in 2012 with word of him possibly cheating on Lopez (which makes him a complete idiot). Now in an on and off relationship with dancer Casper Smart, JLo proves that being a rock star yourself can also make you one hell of a hot ex.

6 Kate Hudson


Hudson was thrust to stardom with her Oscar-nominated turn as a groupie in the modern classic Almost Famous so it’s no surprise she’d be tied to a rocker in real life. In 2000, she married Chris Robinson, frontman for the Black Crowes. They divorced in 2007 after producing a son. In 2011, Hudson started dating Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, engaged in April and even buying a house in London. The union produced a son as well but Hudson ended their engagement in 2014. While currently single, it may not be a surprise if Hudson ends up with another musician as there’s something about rock the woman can’t resist.

5 Pamela Anderson

You can certainly see why the tabloids in the 1990s loved Anderson so much. The Playboy and Baywatch star was a stunning blonde but also famous for her wild relationships. She married Tommy Lee in 1995 after knowing him just four days and the sex tape of their honeymoon would set the Internet on fire. They divorced in 1998, reunited and split in 2001, reconciled again and split for good in 2008. She carried on with Kid Rock, marrying him in 2006 but divorced after only five months. Anderson has spoken of some wild incidents with both men and adding to her legacy as one of the sexiest bombshells of her time.

4 Demi Lovato


Lovato was your classic Disney Channel starlet, attractive but not outgoing, pushed into a pop music career and dating fellow Disney alumn Joe Jonas. It all changed in 2010 when Lovato checked herself into rehab to handle issues of drugs along with depression. Since then, the singer has emerged stronger than ever with acclaimed albums and a hotter attitude to show off more. She and Jonas broke up with Lovato now dating Wilmer Valderrama and showing she’s far more the rocker and hot person than Jonas was.

3 Emmy Rossum

After time as an actress in various movies, Rossum got major attention for her starring role in the Showtime series Shameless that has her going all out in wild sexy scenes to show her hotness. After her marriage to music executive Justin Siegel ended in 2009, Rossum was soon dating Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, showing up at concerts and on tour in a variety of nice outfits. They broke up in 2010 with Rossum moving on to other relationships and continue to show off nicely as a gal who’s a hell of a lot sexier than her beauty might imply.

2 Rose McGowan


Marilyn Manson is quite easily one of the most bizarre figures music has ever known. Between his music, his stage act, his makeup and outfits, the guy just creeps you out. Yet he somehow managed to get Rose McGowan onto his side for a while. This included the infamous 1998 MTV VMA red carpet where McGowan showed up in what appeared to be little more than a sheer sheet and a few threads of a “dress.” It got major attention as they continued to date for a couple more years before McGowan called it off on “lifestyle differences.” The actress has continued great work on Charmed and other TV shows and still a looker (even after a car accident required some facial surgery) but that wild relationship (and amazing dress) are what’s best remembered.

1 Heather Locklear

The blonde bombshell is a familiar face to TV viewers with credits of T.J. Hooker, Dynasty, Melrose Place, Spin City and more. She’s tops for not one but two relationships with notable rockers. First, she was married to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee from 1986 to 1993. Only a year after their divorce, Locklear married Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Samboara, the two producing a daughter and their relationship lasting until 2006. Still a fabulous looker with a killer set of legs, Locklear has proven that no matter the decade, she’s a lady who knows how to rock a world well.

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