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The 15 Hottest Queens Of Instagram

The 15 Hottest Queens Of Instagram

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Instagram has become quite popular in the last couple of years, often supplanting Twitter as a great way to connect with celebrities. Many a lady has used this to enhance their fame, often sharing personal details but also slews of stuff from their movie shoots, tours and just around the place. Some women are pretty notable showing off to go with their fame while others are more famous for online posts than anything else but either way, the ladies of Instagram have been a big deal and getting more popular.

The number of people on Instagram is huge and the celebrity follower numbers are in the millions. There are plenty of hot ladies on Instagram but many have the bigger followings thanks to their posts, both the number of them and the amazing quality of hot pics shown off. Cutting through the best is tough but here they are. The 15 sexiest ladies who rank high among Instagram followers and for good reason as they provide some hot posts and win fans over for some great talk that makes Instagram such a success.

15. Kendall Jenner


Like her sisters, Kendall learned to play the media game well with her reality show appearances and now pushing herself majorly onward via her posts. Thinner than Kim and Khloe, she still looks great with her curves, showing off a lot in bikinis and underwear and a brighter outlook than others of her family. She seems a bit more comfortable with friends and videos hanging out but as with the rest of her clan, Kendall is a looker who knows how to flaunt what she’s got and her Instagram page is another step in her family’s massive empire.

14. Rihanna


The top level singer/actress is one of those women who could look sexy as hell in a bag and her page is packed with slews of magazine shoots, covers, videos from her concerts and backstage, some of which can be quite racy. When she’s on vacation, it’s great to see her showing off in bikinis but just in simple outfits, the woman smolders with sexual energy that comes through on her page and makes her one of the best of the current ladies to always be following on Instagram.

13. Taylor Swift


From a simple country girl to worldwide domination, Swift’s journey has been amazing as the knockout singer is using her Instagram page to connect to her legions of fans. From hanging out with her friends and members of her Squad to her concerts and other turns, Swift is terrific showing off, including a recent island trip that had her in bikinis. Her videos are fun as well while Swift retains the “girl next door” vibe that’s made her a global superstar and yet scorching hot when she tries. Whatever the case, Swift is a true social media queen on top of all her other accolades and still likeable enough to enjoy.

12. Vanessa Hudgens


She got herself in some hot water by defacing rocks at a national park but you still can’t take your eyes off of Hudgens. From the Disney Channel to mainstream work, Hudgens is always sexy with her dark hair and pursed lips, showing off in makeup and just the shot of her lying in bed fully clothed can fire you up. Her videos are good as are her hanging around with sister Stella and BFF Ashley Tisdale among others. She also got major props for going through the Grease Live event just a day after her father’s death to win more acclaim. No matter what, Hudgens’ heat is undeniable and why her page is so popular.

11. Zendaya


The current Disney star is rising well with her great looks and amazing style, always tops on the red carpet at various events. With looks reminiscent of a young Beyonce and a great body, she adds in fun videos of hanging out with friends and a lovely smile but when she sexes herself up, it’s a truly amazing sight. The woman is really taking off with her public appearances and her page showcases her skill at media work that should serve her well in the future.

10. Miley Cyrus


It’s still remarkable to see this once squeaky-clean Disney starlet turned into one of the biggest exhibitionist starlets on the planet. It’s no surprise Cyrus packs a lot on her page from racy selfies to videos of her doing yoga, championing vegans and even mocking the comparisons between herself and Justin Bieber. You never know when she’s going to show off in almost nothing in between her concerts and funny shoots and that hot tongue always on display to remind you why Cyrus dominates the conversation whenever she takes part in something sexy.

9. Cara Delevingne


The model is turning to the acting lifestyle as the Enchantress in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie and so her page has plenty of hot selfies. Her videos are fun to see with hanging out with fellow supermodels to just being with dogs or kids and always having a good time. Yet she’s the kind of gal who will take a selfie with her mouth stuffed with food and kicking her feet up at the White House. She’s great on the red carpet but sexier just being more at home with herself and you can’t wait to see her profile raised more.

8. Katy Perry


The always offbeat singing star enjoys a good time and shows it on her page from her political rallies to outfits that showcase that stunning chest. She does a lot with her beloved dog and some inspirational messages but still great pics including dressed up for skiing and some funny smiles. The lady is a knockout and never ceases to intrigue while her page shows her as a more down-to-earth type with a goofy side that just makes her sexier.

7. Bella Thorne


At only 18, Thorne is already an expert in using Instagram to boost her profile. Millions enjoy her selfies of great outfits, including several at the gym and in bikinis to show off an amazingly developed body. The former Disney starlet is starting to win more movie roles and her page is just upping her fame level immensely. This feisty redhead seems ready to jump to the big leagues and win even more followers to her side to prove how redheads really are the hottest women.

6. Selena Gomez


It’s easy to see why she’s the most followed celebrity on Instagram. The Disney star has now taken off as actress and singer yet still a down to Earth quality that wins you over. Her page is packed with hanging out with friends, having a good time on the road, really just a normal girl in many ways. But when she glams up, she shows off a stunningly sexy body and charisma that is tops among the hottest women alive and no wonder why she’s amassed so many followers. Whether it’s her in something hot or just hanging out in pajamas, Gomez still casts a fantastic sexy spell.

5. Beyonce


Anything the pop starlet does is automatically hot as hell and that works for her page. A lot of photos of her daughter show up but you also get slews of pics from her magazine shoots and concerts, including several showing her Super Bowl performance. No matter how hard she tries, the woman cannot fail to look anything less than stunning and thus must rank high on the list of hottest ladies to take a selfie.

4. Demi Lovato


Emerging from her personal issues with a much better outlook on life, Lovato is taking off nicely as a singer and actress and her page is packed with amazing stuff. You get to see her doing plenty of pics from her tours and shoots, looking amazing even when in glasses with a sexy pout and often messages of inspiration. She’s gotten sexier and embracing it with some skimpy shoots and proving you can bounce back from anything in great style which Lovato shows off in spades.

3. Jennifer Lopez


It’s amazing this woman is 46 as she still looks as hot as when she broke onto the scene, if not more so. Between American Idol and Shades of Blue, Lopez keeps herself in shape and what a shape it is. That famous rear end is still sensational, she loves showing off in fantastic dresses but even just out on a jog looks hotter than women half her age. Singer, actress and just overall living sexpot, JLo’s Instagram page never fails to entertain and show how ageless she is and still a gal to enjoy.

2. Ariana Grande


You can talk about her attitude and accusations of being a diva but there is no denying the stunning voice and equally amazing body of the former Nick star. Blossoming as a major singing star, Grande’s Instagram page is packed with great pics from her concerts, the beach, showing off in costumes and more. She gets flack for stuff like the donut bit but those pursed lips form an amazing picture that Grande never stops taking and how she’s a rising star.

1. Kim Kardashian


The recent uproar on her nude selfie has just proven the fantastic skill Kim has in winning over followers. The woman is an incredibly sexy beauty who knows her stuff and easy to get huge attention with her body. Her posts are constant, gaining her a huge following in the tens of millions and showing herself off nicely. It’s hard to argue with her great success and how she makes her fame and money as Kim K is tops when it comes to ruling the social media landscape and Instagram one of her favorites. She may do nothing of true value but damned if she doesn’t do it very well.

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