The 15 Hottest Queens Of Instagram

Instagram has become quite popular in the last couple of years, often supplanting Twitter as a great way to connect with celebrities. Many a lady has used this to enhance their fame, often sharing personal details but also slews of stuff from their movie shoots, tours and just around the place. Some women are pretty notable showing off to go with their fame while others are more famous for online posts than anything else but either way, the ladies of Instagram have been a big deal and getting more popular.

The number of people on Instagram is huge and the celebrity follower numbers are in the millions. There are plenty of hot ladies on Instagram but many have the bigger followings thanks to their posts, both the number of them and the amazing quality of hot pics shown off. Cutting through the best is tough but here they are. The 15 sexiest ladies who rank high among Instagram followers and for good reason as they provide some hot posts and win fans over for some great talk that makes Instagram such a success.

15 Kendall Jenner

14 Rihanna

13 Taylor Swift

12 Vanessa Hudgens

11 Zendaya

10 Miley Cyrus

9 Cara Delevingne

8 Katy Perry

7 Bella Thorne

6 Selena Gomez

5 Beyonce

4 Demi Lovato

3 Jennifer Lopez

2 Ariana Grande

1 Kim Kardashian

The recent uproar on her nude selfie has just proven the fantastic skill Kim has in winning over followers. The woman is an incredibly sexy beauty who knows her stuff and easy to get huge attention with her body. Her posts are constant, gaining her a huge following in the tens of millions and showing herself off nicely. It’s hard to argue with her great success and how she makes her fame and money as Kim K is tops when it comes to ruling the social media landscape and Instagram one of her favorites. She may do nothing of true value but damned if she doesn’t do it very well.

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The 15 Hottest Queens Of Instagram