The 15 Hottest PGA Tour WAGs Of 2015

If you’ve ever watched a PGA Tour tournament, then you may have noticed that some of the golfers’ wives and girlfriends are absolutely beautiful.

What is it about professional golfers that beautiful women find so appealing? Is it the hat tan lines? The tucked in golf shirts? The fact that they’ve perfected the art of hitting a small white ball into a hole hundreds of yards away? Or is it the millions of dollars in prizes and endorsements?

Whatever it is, this list of the 15 hottest PGA wives and girlfriends should be enough to get you out to the driving range to work on your long game. Because who knows, if you can somehow manage to get your handicap down to a zero, you might be able to score a ten like these guys did.

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15 Suzanne Stonebarger

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Ricky Barnes is far from the greatest golfer in the world. In fact, he only has one professional win, and aside from a second place finish at the US Open, he’s never come close to winning a major championship. Even though he may not be able to brag about his golf success, he can at least brag about his wife. Suzanne Stonebarger is a professional beach volleyball player who’s so pretty that her and her partner (who both posed for Playboy, by the way) are known as “Team Gorgeous.”

14 Kandi Mahan

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Hunter Mahan is one of the top golfers in the world. He has a total of nine professional wins, including six in the PGA. His best finish at a major championship came in 2013 when he placed fifth at the US Open. But perhaps his best accomplishment came off the golf course, when he married Kandi Harris, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and Dallas Mavericks dancer.

Showing his devotion to his wife, Mahan pulled out of the Canadian Open in 2013 while in the lead because his wife had gone into labor.

13 Jillian Stacey

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Keegan Bradley made a name for himself on the PGA Tour early on by becoming one of the few people to win in their major championship debut.

Bradley’s girlfriend is Jillian Stacey, who has a substantial social media following thanks to her stunning good looks. Like Nick Watney and Sergio Garcia, Stacey once caddied for Bradley (he wouldn’t be as lucky as the other two, however, as he finished 22nd at the tournament; maybe her good looks distracted him).

12 Amber Watney 

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Nick Watney is a former top ten golfer with five PGA tour wins. His biggest win came in 2011 when he took home the $1.4 million purse at the WGC-Cadillac Championship. But perhaps the most memorable moment of his career was at the CIMB Classic in Malaysia. After Watney’s caddie fell ill, his wife, the beautiful Amber Watney, whose father is a veteran caddie, picked up his heavy golf bag and caddied for him (and he eventually won!), making her not only one of the hottest WAGs in golf, but also one of the hottest (short-lived) caddies.

11 Alexis Randock

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Aside from being one of the best young golfers in the sport (he finished in the top five of all the major tournaments in 2014), Rickie Fowler is well known for his colorful clothing, his flat-brimmed hat, and his Bieberesque hair. But what he should be most well known for is his girlfriend, Alexis Randock. Fans were floored when they saw Randock, a bikini model, greet Fowler after his Player’s Championships win. Wearing a frilly yellow shirt and tiny shorts that revealed her log, tan legs, people quickly forgot about the impressive round that Fowler had just played.

10 Sybi Kuchar 

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Matt Kuchar’s name can often be seen at the top of the leaderboard at PGA tour events. He’s got several PGA wins and multiple top-ten finishes at major championships. Greeting him after each victory is his wife, Sybi Kuchar, an absolute stunner. Matt and Sybi met in college, where she too was an athlete (tennis), and they married in 2003. The Kuchars are a very charitable couple, and Sybi in particular is heavily involved in helping out special needs children.

9 Diane Antonopoulos

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Although he’s never won a major championship, Luke Donald is one of the most consistent golfers in the sport. His ability to regularly place near the top of the leaderboard (five top ten finishes at majors) even earned him the number one world ranking for a brief period of time. Who knows, maybe it was that same knack for consistency that led his wife, Diane Antonopoulos, to fall in love with him. Donald and Antonopoulos met in college, and they’ve been married since 2007.

8 Lindsey Vonn

via westword.com

Although he hasn’t been able to recapture his former glory (he hasn’t won a major championship since 2008), Tiger Woods, with 79 PGA Tour wins and 14 majors, all before the age of 40, is still recognized by many as the greatest golfer of all time. A big reason for his drastic decline in play had to do with his disastrous public breakup with his wife, Elin Nordegren, wherein it was revealed that he had partaken in extramarital relations with several women.

A few years after the divorce, Woods rebounded with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, who won the gold medal in downhill in 2010. After over two years of dating, Woods and Vonn broke up this year.

7 Annie Verret 

via golfbabes.club

Texas native Jordan Spieth is the talk of the golf world these days. At just 22 years old, he’s already one of the best golfers in the PGA. He’s coming off a stellar 2015 season that saw him win the Masters Tournament and the US Open and place second in the PGA Championship.

Golf fans’ collective envy spilled over when they saw his girlfriend, the gorgeous Annie Verret. If that’s not enough to make you covet Spieth’s life, then consider the fact that he was also asked out on a date by Miss Texas while attending a Rangers game with his girlfriend.

6 Katharina Boehm

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Even though he’s only 35 years old, it feels as though Sergio Garcia has been around forever. Despite not being able to take home a major championship (four second place finishes, however), he’s been a mainstay at the top of the world rankings throughout his long career. But who needs majors when you’ve got a beautiful girlfriend. As of 2015, Garcia is reportedly dating 24-year-old Katharina Boehm, who was once an exceptional golfer herself. Not to be outdone by Nick Watney’s wife, Boehm once caddied for Garcia at the Thailand Championship, which he would go on to win (maybe more golfers should have their wives or girlfriends caddy for them--Tiger could have had a woman for each club!).

5 Amanda Boyd

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Jason Dufner is a hero to all the average looking guys out there. Despite not being the most handsome person in the world (and that’s putting it generously), he somehow managed to marry a beautiful woman like Amanda Boyd. There is hope! All you have to do is become one of the best golfers in the world. He won the PGA Championship in 2013 and twice came in fourth at the US Open.

Unfortunately, Dufner and Boyd are no longer together, as rumors went around that Tiger Woods had had an affair with her.

4 Kristin Stape 

via slide.sports.sina.com.cn

Born in Northern Ireland, Graeme McDowell is currently one of the best golfers in the world. He won the 2010 US Open and placed in the top twelve in the other three major championships. But all that pales in comparison to the beauty of his wife. Kristin Stape, who McDowell met in 2010 after hiring her as an interior designer for his home, is a Florida native.

3 Ellie Day

via golf.clickon.co

Along with Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy, Jason Day represents the new face of the PGA. Just 28 years old and he’s already had serious success in major events, including a win at the last PGA Championship. His streak of top finishes was enough to earn him the number one ranking in the world in September.

As Day’s popularity has increased, so has his wife’s. The world first took notice of Ellie Day in 2011, when her husband made a run at the Masters. Even though Day would lose to Adam Scott, most would agreed that Jason, with Ellie by his side as they walked the 18th hole, was the true winner.

Ellie was in the news once again this week. Unfortunately it wasn’t for her beauty but because she was taken out on a stretcher following a collision with LeBron James at a Cleveland Cavalier games.

2  2. Amy Mickelson

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Outside of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson might just be the biggest name in golf today. He has 48 PGA Tour wins (good enough for 9th all time), and he’s won every major (including the Masters Tournament three times) except for the US Open, which he’s finished second in six times.

Phil’s wife, Amy, is a former Phoenix Suns cheerleader. He supported her as she valiantly battled breast cancer back in 2009.

1 Paulina Gretzky

via boompopmedia.com

If you follow the sport of golf at all (or if you follow hockey at all) then you’ve no doubt heard of the number one beauty on this list, Paulina Gretzky. Paulina is the daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, and she is the girlfriend of top PGA golfer Dustin Johnson. Gretzky caught the eye of the public a few years ago after posting some pretty, well, eye-catching photos on social media, wherein she can be seen wearing tiny bikinis and showing off her creepy #99 tattoo (creepy because it’s her father’s famous jersey number, and it’s located dangerously close to her nether regions). With over 400,000 instagram followers, Gretzky might just be more famous than her boyfriend.

Dustin Johnson flirted with greatness throughout 2015, but he ultimately came up short in major championships, finishing second in the Masters Tournament and the US Open. Johnson and Gretzky had their first child in January.


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