The 15 Hottest No-Talent Actresses in Hollywood

What do you like most in a movie? Most audiences appreciate movies and TV programs that will captivate them, engage them from the very first to the last scene, have outstanding visuals and effects, evoke a perfect blend of emotions, and of course, feature actors and actresses that will bring the characters to life in the best possible way. A wonderful script can be transformed into a mind-blowing production if the producers and directors work with talented actors, but even the best script in the world can result in a terrible performance if the actors have no talent at all.

However, it is possible for movie and casting directors to hire some actors for reasons other than the talent that they have, because there are some characters who would sell a production more than others. When it comes to choosing actresses, it is almost impossible for the directors to turn a blind eye on just how beautiful the characters they want should be, because audiences are more likely to watch movies with famous and extremely beautiful women.

Some women have made it in Hollywood just because of how beautiful they are, which if you think about it is not a bad thing. Producers will always strive to have as many people as possible watch their productions because the viewership is directly proportional to the amount of money they will make. Therefore, producers will often not mind sacrificing talent for beauty, which is probably the case with some of the women here below.

It is, however, important to note that most of the actresses on this list do have some acting talent; it is just that their beauty outweighs their talent. Who do you think should be added on this list, and who do you think does not belong here?

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15 January Jones 

14 Jessica Alba 

13 Kristen Stewart 

People know Kristen Stewart more as Bella, a character in the worldwide hit The Twilight Saga. Kristen was born on April 9, 1990, in a family with a father who is a TV producer and a stage manager, and a mother who is a scriptwriter and film director. Kristen has a very successful acting career, since she was listed as the highest-earning actress in 2010, when she earned $28.5 million, and was Forbes' highest paid actress in 2012, earning approximately $34.5 million that year. Kristen is also one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, owing to the fact that she is the face of Chanel and Balenciaga, two of the world's leading fashion brands. Over the years, Kristen has been criticized for her acting both from professional critics and movie lovers, criticisms that make it clear that her talent in acting might be somewhat lacking.

12 Kirsten Dunst 

11 Mila Kunis 

10 Kate Beckinsale 

9 Malin Akerman 

8 Paula Patton 

7 Rachel Bilson 

6 Olivia Wilde 

5 Bo Derek 

4 Megan Fox 

3 Kate Bosworth 

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Catherine Ann Bosworth, better known as Kate Bosworth is undeniably one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, and watching her on screen is always a delight. Kate, who was born on January 2, 1983, is both an actress and a model, further evidence that when people look at her, they love what they see. Kate has had a wonderful acting career, with some of her most popular films being The Horse Whisperer, Blue Crush, Beyond the Sea, and Superman Returns. However, as much as we love seeing Kate on screen, it is very likely that it is her beauty and not her acting talent that gets her all those roles. Since Kate has many more years left in her acting career, she might just surprise us one day with an outstanding performance that will win her an Oscar.

2 Paris Hilton 

1 Kim Kardashian 

It is hard to come across anyone today who has never heard of Kim Kardashian. The interesting thing is that there is nothing that we can say Kim is really good at, except undergoing plastic surgeries, posting nude photos of herself online, and having a very successful reality show. Kim Kardashian has no acting talent, but people will watch her reality shows whenever they air. However, there is no denying that Kim Kardashian is a very hot woman, largely because she spends a lot of time and money trying to look perfect, as well as to give her fans and haters something to talk about. Kim deserves the top spot on this list, because it is amazing how successful she is despite her wanting talent.

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