The 15 Hottest Pics Of Kelly Brook

Remember that terrible movie where a bunch of prehistoric piranha fish attack ‘innocent’ spring breakers? Well, you probably didn’t notice a hidden gem among those teens. Nah… you definitely noticed her. Her name is Kelly Brook and you’ll remember her as the one in that tiny red bikini who got ‘motorboated’. Although, the movie was a complete flop, the one good thing about it was the visual stimulation KB provided.

Now, it isn’t fair to recognize Kelly strictly for her appearance in ‘the movie that shall not be named’ (or doesn’t deserve to be, rather). The UK born model/actress has had many contracts in the spotlight, ranging from lingerie ads, swimsuits, Playboy magazine appearances, to some roles on TV and in movies.

That’s enough background; let’s get to the point of this list. KB is hot. She’s got that classic hourglass figure that every woman covets, and every man hopes to have by his side. She has a big, beautiful smile that she isn’t afraid to show, giving her a certain humble and fun appearance (and who doesn’t like fun and humble?). She’s even made it on the ‘FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World’ list at least five times (did you know they poll millions of people to compile it?). Anyway, of all her photo ops, a favorite and MUST-SEE is her annual calendar. Yes, she has calendars. Without further ado, here are Kelly Brook’s sexiest calendar moments (ordered chronologically from 2013 to 2016). You’re welcome.

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15 2013 Calendar – February

via elmuticine.com

All of you 90’s babies are getting flashbacks of Baywatch with this one, aren’t you? KB definitely did them justice with this outfit (and that pose!). All that’s left is a .GIF of her running down the beach and she’d have you guys in the palm of her hand. Sigh, you men can admire the sexiest of one piece swimsuits while the women will instantly catch those Louboutin’s she’s got on (and then find something about her to criticize to mask our envy).

14 2013 Calendar – March

via marciokenobi.wordpress.com

Here’s another swimsuit pic worth a place on this list; this time, we go with a two-piece. She looks like she belongs on a Californian boardwalk with a pair of rollerblades. Did anyone catch that hip tattoo? How about the spike bracelet and leopard print lining on her jacket? Miss Brook is certainly showing us a bit of her wild side with this one, and we aren’t complaining.

13 2013 Calendar – August

via marciokenobi.wordpress.com

August is a great month. It’s hot, it’s summer, and you’re relaxed and well into your ‘summer mode’. August 2013, however, is great for another reason. KB is absolutely steamy in this month’s calendar photo. If she was ‘wild’ in the March photo, then she’s straight up bad a** in this one; mixing black lace, spikes, thigh high black leather boots, AND a motorcycle all into one image. You can bet if she came down the street like this, people would turn their heads for more than just the roar of the bike!

12 2014 Calendar – January

via amazon.com

Well, this is one way to take a shower. HA! Just kidding… What isn’t a joke, though, is this wet look KB is sporting, and talk about a seductive smirk! We can definitely agree that January is not as cold and dreary when you’ve got this to look at. With her tiny button up crop top and string bikini bottom, this picture is anything but dull.

11 2014 Calendar – February

KB brings us in to 2014 with a pinup feel to her calendar; not for every month, but it definitely is a recurring theme in many of them. Look at that beautiful fur blanket – wait, you mean that’s not what you’re looking at? Right, Kelly has great legs. Not to mention that tease of a pose, showing you just a profile view of the curve in her lower back.

10 2014 Calendar – April

via calendarprintable.blogspot.com

Here’s another pinup inspired photo for 2014. Hairdo: check. Corset lingerie: check. Curves: check. Legs: check. ‘Come hither’ look: check. Yep, everything checks out. The soft pink in her bustier matched with her red lips and nails is sexy yet classy. Notice how tasteful this picture is; showing off just enough cleavage to get you interested, along with those great legs once again. KB knows how to give us a sexy blast from the past in the classiest of ways.

9 2014 Calendar – July

via calendarprintable.blogspot.com

Ah, July. This picture is anything but classy. July is just too hot a month to worry about stuff like that. KB throws class out of the window and goes straight for the kill with this one. A thin white cover-up, with nothing underneath, clinging to her body as water trickles down her curves. As cliché as this image may be, who cares? It’s about as sexy as sexy can get, and it more than deserves a spot on this list. Here’s to July 2014!

8 2015 Calendar – January

via babeoftheday.net

Fast forward to January 2015 where we have KB in her famous bikini bottom, topless and covered in a mesh wrap (is that moss on it? Let’s just ignore that). This one accentuates one of her best assets, her ‘healthy’ bust. Bet you didn’t notice how important her awesome pose is in this one, though. You’ve got to love her legs (no, we won’t stop mentioning her legs), but that lift knee-bend thing she does just emphasizes her hourglass figure even more; she makes it look effortless and you can’t help but stare.

7 2015 Calendar – June

via hawtcelebs.com

This June piece is seriously forgiving for Kelly. Let’s start at the top, she has just enough skin showing to catch a glimpse of her perfect chest, then she pulls another tease pose by tugging on those bra strings. Let’s move down to her bottom half. The line detailing on her panties and stockings is so alluring, it adds just the right amount of edge to the classic lace on her bra. Another win for KB, this one’s a keeper.

6 2015 Calendar – October

via hawtcelebs.com

There’s something very sexy about the ‘over the shoulder’ pose. It’s seen everywhere in Hollywood and KB masters it in the October 2015 photo. The reason this pose is so popular is probably because it gives the viewer a peek at both the back, and the front of the model. You get the best of both worlds, who can argue with that? To add to this already sultry image are the straps hanging off of Kelly’s shoulders. Another tease for her audience, KB knows how to play with sex appeal every time a camera is pointed at her.

5 2015 Calendar – December

via calendarprintable.blogspot.com

One word for December’s 2015 entry: gla-mo-rous! There must have been some kind of inspiration drawn from a pop diva for this one because it looks like something straight out of Beyoncé’s closet. Not that anyone’s complaining, who wouldn’t want to channel Queen B? Kelly’s got the big hair, the hourglass figure, and the attitude. This picture wouldn’t be a KB calendar picture, though, without showing off her ‘bust’ asset.

4 2016 Calendar – January

via celebuzz.com

Enter the most recent of Kelly Brook’s calendar moments: 2016. Though everyone loves KB’s voluptuous chest the most, she has quite the nice derriere as well. Take a look at this January 2016 photo and try and say otherwise. Did you know this woman is 37 years old? She looks absolutely fantastic and her 2016 calendar is just as colorful and sexy as her earlier ones.

3 2016 Calendar – May

via thesun.co.uk

Shot in the desert, KB’s 2016 calendar is hot in every aspect; hot set, hot color scheme, and of course, hot outfits. This month incorporated all of those, except the ‘hot outfit’ part– there was none of that. This close-up features an unclothed Kelly Brook with nothing but a white sheet to cover up. With her messy hair and mischievous gaze, KB scores 110% with this month’s pic.

2 2016 Calendar – September

via thesun.co.uk

For those of you who didn’t get enough of May’s scene, Kelly graciously provides us with another taste in the September 2016 photo. This time, we get lots of skin and even more leg. As sexy as her bare leg is, credit needs to be given to whoever thought of sweeping her hair to the front, exposing the nape of her neck and, thus, further enhancing the curvy lines from her neck down to her leg.

1 2016 Calendar – December

via sawfirst.com

To close our journey through Kelly Brook’s best calendar months is December 2016. KB leaves her fans with a final teaser pic wearing only a bright pink shirt, unbuttoned to just above her navel, paired with bright yellow heels, and finished with sexy beach waves. Fine, the beach waves aren’t what’s sexy about this picture. Open shirt, open legs, sexy pout, Kelly knows how to leave her audience wanting more, and she did just that. Guess you’ll just have to wait for next year!

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