The 15 Hottest Girls Cristiano Ronaldo Is Rumored To Have Been With

Okay, Cristiano Ronaldo is without question a fantastic soccer player. He’s one of the few in the sport who is recognizable to the general public by just one name (joining the ranks of people like David Beckham) and he’s won countless awards, including winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or three times. However, one of the reasons Ronaldo is so popular has absolutely nothing to do with his ability on the soccer field – it’s because he’s gorgeous, and as a result, has absolutely no trouble snagging any woman he wants. I mean, not that professional athletes generally struggle too much when it comes to the ladies.

Ronaldo’s dating roster is like an international Hot 100 list, filled with bombshells from nations around the world. While he’s been known to settle down in certain cases, such as when he was with supermodel Irina Shayk, as a whole he tends to play the field. Add that to the fact that he generally likes to keep his personal life out of the spotlight and you’ve got the perfect environment for speculation. There are a few women who Ronaldo can’t deny being with, because he’s made their relationship public, but there are a whole lot of women who Ronaldo allegedly hooked up with – and here are 15 of the hottest.

15 Imogen Thomas


While North Americans might not know who exactly this star is, Brits will recognize her as one of the stars of Big Brother. Based on what everyone knows about many reality television stars who are looking to find any way possible to extend their 15 minutes of fame, it seems plausible that Thomas and Ronaldo may have hooked up, as a Portuguese tabloid suggested a few years ago. And, if anyone doubted the possibility of the soccer star and former Miss Wales getting together, they’d just need to take a look at Imogen Thomas’ dating roster. While Ronaldo absolutely loves dating models, Thomas seems equally passionate about dating soccer players, so they’re right up one another’s alley. As of late, Thomas has taken a bit of a step back from her footballer days, and she’s become a mother to two girls. Perhaps the duo will run into one another at a famous child’s birthday party one day.

14 Mia Judaken


Mia Judaken is a Portuguese socialite who hasn’t quite managed to attain the level of fame that other Los Angeles socialites such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have over the years. However, she did allegedly catch the eye of a certain fellow Portuguese mega hunk by the name of Ronaldo. Back in around 2008, rumors were flying that Judaken and Ronaldo had a brief relationship – and being linked to that kind of an A-List name is exactly what someone looking for fame in L.A. would want, right? Well, apparently not – Judaken didn’t exactly jump at the chance to get publicity for her fling, and later even denied that any relationship took place between herself and the soccer star. Since then, she’s maintained an extremely low profile… quite frankly, no one really knows what she’s up to. One thing is for sure, though – she’s definitely gorgeous. Although would you expect anything less from the notorious ladies’ man himself?

13 Niki Ghazian


Back in her swimwear modeling days, Niki Ghazian earned the nickname “Persian Barbie,” and it’s easy to see why – she’s got the perfect mix of blonde bombshell and exotic looks. She certainly caught the eye of Cristiano Ronaldo – at least that’s what she claims. Back in 2008, the Iranian-born, Los Angeles-raised hottie said that she met Ronaldo at a club and, after he evaded Paris Hilton’s claws, ended up hooking up with him. It’s kind of a ‘he said she said’ situation, with Ronaldo not doing anything to confirm the brief hook-up. So what’s Persian Barbie doing now? Well, she was a lingerie football player for awhile, and now, at least according to her Instagram profile, she’s an attorney at law… although she certainly posts a lot more scantily clad selfies than most legal professionals. Good news for Ghazian – if Ronaldo ever decides to come after her for slander after her claims regarding their hook-up, she probably knows how to protect herself.

12 Alyona Haynes


Ronaldo frequently denies or refuses to comment on alleged hook-ups with international models, so it only makes sense that he’d obviously deny a potential hook-up with someone who was married. Back in 2008, rumors were flying that Ronaldo got together with Ukrainian model Alyona Haynes – at a time when she was married to her husband, a millionaire who was way older than she was. How exactly did the public find out about this alleged scandal if Alyona certainly wasn’t going to reveal cheating on her husband, and Ronaldo certainly wasn’t going to reveal any relationship? Well, apparently Mr. Haynes found some text messages that the two had exchanged on Alyona’s phone, which he said appeared to have been written by a child. Hey, you can’t blame the guy for throwing shade at the Portuguese hottie – it’s bad enough if your wife cheats on you, but to do it with Ronaldo?

11 Tyese Cunningham


2007 was almost a decade ago, but this story is one you won’t want to miss. Ronaldo’s name has been tangled with countless international actresses and models as the world speculates on who his next hook-up will be, and who his latest hook-up was, but few have been as over-the-top as the allegations involving Tyese Cunningham. Cunningham, a British escort, didn’t just claim she had hooked up with Ronaldo – she claimed that Ronaldo was part of an orgy involving herself and two other soccer players. And she wasn’t exactly singing his praises – she commented that the athletes didn’t even bother to talk or romance her or even care about her feelings… almost as if they were paying her in the alleged situation. Cunningham’s loose lips got her fired from her escort agency, but she’ll always be known as one of the girls who maybe may have hooked up with Ronaldo.

10 Gemma Storey


While Cristiano Ronaldo has had his fair share of hook-ups with supermodels and even fellow athletes, it seems that when he comes to a sexy woman, he doesn’t really care what her occupation is – even if that occupation is porn star. Way back in 2007, Ronaldo allegedly participated in a poolside orgy with Gemma Storey, who makes her living as an adult film star, and a few of her adult associates, who all charged the soccer star nearly 3,000 British pounds for their services. Given how often Ronaldo’s international hookups seem to go to the tabloids the minute they manage to catch the football star’s attention, it makes sense that he’d want someone who could be paid to be discrete – but apparently he’s picking the wrong kind of escorts, because they’re all spilling the details the minute they can! Money can buy a gorgeous girl for an evening, but apparently it can’t quite buy discretion.

9 Paris Hilton

Nowadays, Paris Hilton maintains a fairly low profile, but in the 2000s, she was frequently on the front page of every tabloid there was. She was spotted in her crazy 00’s pink outfits, carrying around her pocket-sized pets, and drawling catch phrase like “that’s hot!” on her various reality television shows. And, she was also known for making her rounds at all the hottest Hollywood clubs, where it’s all about being seen and being photographed with other hot celebrities. Apparently, shortly after Hilton broke up with then boyfriend Doug Reinhardt in 2009, she stumbled across Ronaldo at a Hollywood club. Apparently, Hilton figured that the best way to get over her Reinhardt was to hook-up with someone even hotter – Ronaldo. Neither have said much about this alleged hook-up, but we have no trouble believing it. While her sister Nicky is married now, Paris continues to play the field in Hollywood as she embarks on various business endeavours.

8 Alice Goodwin


Alice Goodwin is basically the dictionary definition of a buxom British bombshell. She may not be a household name, but if you come across a shot of her with her curves on full display, we bet you’d have trouble looking away. And, it seems she’s got a bit of a taste for professional athletes – soccer players in particular. Currently, she’s married to soccer player Jermaine Pennant, but back in 2009 when she was just a gorgeous single glamour model showing off her curves to the world, she allegedly hooked up with Ronaldo. I mean, can you blame the guy? Goodwin has been featured in the pages of countless men’s magazines in Britain, including Zoo Weekly, Nuts and Maxim. She’s definitely not shy about showing off her curves, whether that be in a magazine photoshoot or just on Instagram. Let’s hope that her husband Jermaine Pennant never confronts Ronaldo about this alleged romp back in the day!

7 Merche Romero


There’s no doubt that, while Ronaldo has been tied to gorgeous women from all around the world, including Britain and the United States, he seems to have a bit of a soft spot for exotic beauties from Latin nations – perhaps something to do with his Portuguese heritage and his time spent playing in Spain? Well, back in 2006, he was spotted on the beach with Portuguese television presenter Merche Romero – who is a stone cold fox. Ronaldo, in his typical way, refused to acknowledge that there was any kind of relationship going on, and just let Romero join the ranks of his alleged hook-ups. That’s when you know you’re a true playboy – while pretty much every other guy would be shouting from the rooftops if he managed to snag a woman as gorgeous as Romero, Ronaldo prefers to keep it all on the down low. Romero, however, had no trouble claiming they were in a relationship, even going as far as announcing when the relationship supposedly ended.

6 Karina Ferro


While there are a few professional athletes out there who stay with their original sweethearts even once they hit the big leagues, such as LeBron James, the majority end up… well… trading their first wife or girlfriend in for a different model once they catapult to superstardom. Ronaldo is allegedly part of the latter camp. Before he became a household name, Ronaldo was allegedly in a serious relationship with fellow Portugese babe Karina Ferro. Eventually, when he was travelling all around the world as a professional athlete with an endless buffet of international bombshells available to him, he cut Ferro loose. That’s right – even before he was famous, Ronaldo was managing to snag incredibly gorgeous women. The world-renowned soccer star status just added to his already insane game. However, you don’t need to feel too sorry for Ferro – according to her Instagram account, she’s a big world traveller who is constantly jet-setting on her own.

5 Luciana Abreu


While he’s played all around the world, it seems that when it comes to his women, Ronaldo often feels a little bit homesick and wants a quick hook-up with someone from his native nation, Portugal. Back in 2007, Luciana Abreu caught Ronaldo’s eye. Abreu was a contestant on a season of Portuguese Pop Idol, and was rumored to be hooking up with Ronaldo – she came to a few of his practices to watch him show off his skills, and allegedly the two had a few hook-ups, but eventually Ronaldo moved on. Unlike many of his former hook-ups, Abreu didn’t immediately run to the tabloids and spill every single detail of every moment she spent with Ronaldo, so this one remains mere speculation – but she seems exactly his type, and we’re betting Ronaldo doesn’t just invite female friends to watch him at practice all the time. Or, he might – but they probably wouldn’t stay just friends for long.

4 Maria Sharapova

Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova is facing her fair share of controversy lately, but here’s one you may not have heard – apparently nearly a decade ago, Sharapova might have also had a bit of a thing with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Now, professional athletes getting together isn’t exactly out of the ordinary – what happens in the Olympic Village every year proves that perfectly. However, these are two that we have a tough time imagining with one another. Neither Sharapova nor Ronaldo ever spoke of the relationship to the paparazzi, and neither confirmed it, but they’re both media savvy enough not to draw attention to what was likely just a brief hook-up, not a serious relationship. While the tall blonde Sharapova is a far cry from his typical curvy brunettes, she’s still absolutely gorgeous, so we have no trouble believing it may have happened way back when. We’re betting they never played tennis together, though – Ronaldo’s ego probably couldn’t stand the beating!

3 Gabriela Endringer


Pretty much all of Ronaldo’s hook ups have amazing bodies, but they tend to be more soft, curvy, womanly types of bodies. They’re toned, sure, but they’re generally not exactly muscular – that is, apart from Gabriela Endringer. Endringer has graced the cover of men’s magazines such as FHM, something that many of Ronaldo’s past hook-ups have done, but she also works as a fitness instructor – so as you might imagine, after all those hours in the gym, Endringer has an absolutely rock solid physique. In fact, she could probably keep up with Ronaldo during his intense workouts training for the soccer season. In typical Ronaldo fashion, the two stopped hanging out together once photographs of them surfaced in the tabloids – after all, the playboy can’t be tied to anyone for too long! While this relationship didn’t exactly last long-term, we kind of wish we could see Endringer challenge the soccer star to a push-up contest or something similar – we have a feeling the girl could hold her own.

2 Letizia Filippi


For the average guy, managing to snag a supermodel is an almost Herculean task, something that would earn you the admiration of all your buddies. When you’re Ronaldo, though, finding a model to spend time with is child’s play – it’s juggling multiple models that really takes finesse, as he quickly found out. Back in 2008 (a busy year for Ronaldo’s romantic life), Ronaldo was dating Spanish model Nereida Gallardo. However, his Casanova ways got the better of him and he apparently got together with Italian model Letizia Filippi at the same time he was with Gallardo. I mean, the man’s love life reads like a crazy, over the top romance novel. Two international models, clamoring for his attention? It’s almost too crazy to believe. It’s mostly just speculation that Filippi and Ronaldo were a bit of an item, albeit briefly, but come on – do you have any trouble believing it?

1 Kim Kardashian

Nowadays, Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West are such a package deal that it can be easy to forget who exactly they were with before they were with one another. And Kim Kardashian has certainly had some scandal in her romantic past, from her sex tape to her blink-and-you’ll-miss-it wedding to Kris Humphries. However, amongst all the relationships of hers that were front page of every tabloid, there’s one not many people hear about – Cristiano Ronaldo. Apparently, back in the day after breaking up with then boyfriend Reggie Bush, Kardashian ran into the soccer star when she was on vacation in Madrid. He welcomed her to his corner of the world and the two were spotted enjoying themselves in a night club and even sharing a meal together – and speculation has existed about the pair ever since. Just two fellow celebrities enjoying one another’s company? Precursor to a hook-up? Who really knows.

Sources: Complex, TimesofIndia

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The 15 Hottest Girls Cristiano Ronaldo Is Rumored To Have Been With