The 15 Hottest Female TV Characters Of 2015

With the year ending, there’s a lot of “in review” stuff going around. Television in 2015 saw some big stuff like the endings of Mad Men and Parks and Recreation; the surprising fizzle of True Detective season two; Empire stunning everyone by becoming a monster hit; and Netflix continue to change the game with some fantastic binge-watching series. It’s led to some terrific series that have boosted TV to must-watch levels and given us plenty to enjoy.

That includes a lot of ladies. Sure, we had the old reliables like Julianna Margulies, the ladies of the CW and more but this year brought a truly fantastic bevy of new women who gave us compelling characters who just happened to be sexy as hell. From super-heroes to monsters, secret agents to rockers, the ladies on TV this year provided slews of hot moments and pushed their shows to great prominence. Here are the 15 hottest female characters on television this year and why we love the medium so much.

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15 Tyene Sand, Game of Thrones

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She and her two sisters are nicknamed “the Sand Snakes” and live up to that every way they can. Rosabelli Laurenti Sellers portrays Tyene, the most outgoing of the trio who seek revenge for the death of their father. Usually clad in a golden dress that shows off her arms, she wields a spear with excellent aim and seems downright giddy when she’s in a fight, often comparing it to sex and it’s clear she’s tops in each. A highlight was her tempting a fellow prisoner, showing off her bare breasts and then revealing she’s poisoned the guy with a kiss. Seductive and cunning, she can strike without warning and seems to get off a bit on death. That personality fits the dark world of this show and how a sexy snake is a dangerous person to trust.

14 Ani Bezzerides, True Detective

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The second season of HBO’s drama was a massive letdown for its many fans and critics alike. However, Rachel McAdams provided a much needed highlight as Ani, a truly troubled cop who apparently has slept with half of her fellow detectives. Troubled, hard-drinking, a gambler and cool to her friends, McAdams still shows the sexy side to Ani, not totally naked in scenes but clearly showing off well and her partners note her fixation on smoking. That drive serves her well as the dangerous case continues and a revelation of her being a mom is welcome to humanize her more. The series may have hit a major slump but at least Ani made it watchable to be the true highlight of a rough year.

13 Madalena, Galavant

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The genius of ABC’s musical comedy is that both hero Galavant and evil King Richard are fighting to win the love of Madalena…unaware that not only does the woman not care for either but she’s the most ruthless and power-hungry person around. Mallory Jensen is a riot as this woman who’s perfectly okay going from peasant to queen, rocking these gorgeous gowns and carrying on affairs with other men while getting biting lines and great songs. She ratchets it up as the season goes along including a song sung to her mirror and literally backstabbing her way to more power, true sexy heat among the comedy. The show is played for laughs but the transformation of Madalena from innocent to wicked queen is terrific and Jensen brings the hotness to olden times.

12 Sun Bak, Sense8

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Trying to explain this Netflix success by the Wachowskis is nearly impossible yet you can’t deny Sun is a key reason to watch. Played by Doona Bae, Sun is the daughter of a powerful Seoul banker who agrees to take the fall for her brother’s embezzlement. Already a rising kickboxing star, she picks up more skills in prison and soon is kicking ass all over, including around the world thanks to the wild way she can find herself in someone else’s life. With her impassive features and short dark hair, Sun may not say too much but speaks louder with her moves which are amazing to watch and whether she’s showering or slamming a guy down, as long as she’s on screen, this show is more than right to watch.

11 Stella Carlin, Orange is the New Black

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Fans of the Netflix series may argue about the character herself being a selfish bitch and pulling main character Piper onto a dark path. But there’s no denying how Ruby Rose brought the sexy into the part. Walking around often completely naked to show off her nice breasts and bevy of tattoos, Stella isn’t afraid of manipulating others to get ahead and fits into the prison lifestyle quite nicely. She may not be popular but she is sexy as hell and Ruby truly shines in this part.


10 Liv Moore, iZombie

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It’s pretty impressive to look this good when you’re dead. On the CW hit, Rose McIver is Liv, a med student turned zombie who mixes brain-eating with crime solving. Liv is already strangely appealing with her white complexion and hair actually looking glamorous and even her laid back dress style can’t kill her body’s power. It gets better when she takes on the attributes of the brains she eats and thus everything from a gung-ho cop to a crime fighter, frat boy and more. That’s allowed for outfits from a super-hero costume to nice dress to nothing but police tape and showing how stunning she can be. You don’t want to get her mad but being dead has given Liv a new passion for life and adds to her lovely aura that makes this show work.

9 Kara Zor-El, Supergirl

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At first, Melissa Benoist seemed an offbeat choice for the iconic DC heroine but she’s proven her doubters wrong. As Kara, she’s truly adorkable in her regular job, looking great even in glasses and loose dresses. As the Maiden of Steel, she fills out the uniform wonderfully, taking flight and no fear against enemies twice her size. Benoist can be amazingly hot when she tries (check out her topless scene in Homeland) and proves it as this heroine in a show that keeps getting better and is truly a star about to take flight.

8 Chanel Oberlin, Scream Queens

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She’s rich, spoiled, selfish, racist, elitist, narcissistic, insulting and quite possibly psychotic. And she’s also the best part of Fox’s wild parody of slasher films. Emma Roberts is fantastic as Chanel, the queen of this sorority who’s less afraid of the killer on campus and more by being forced to take on girls she thinks don’t belong. Clad in terrific expensive dresses and marching along, Chanel has terrific biting lines, sardonic takes on life and her outright insane proceedings are a highlight of any episode. Roberts is gorgeous no matter what (even in jail) and while you may not like her personality, you have to love Chanel’s sexiness as being a hot bitch is what she does best and does it very well.

7 Peggy Carter, Agent Carter

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After highlighting the first Captain America movie, Hayley Atwell brought her character to her own TV show and did a fine job with it. Looked down on by her male cohorts despite the fact she’s more capable than any of them, Peggy takes up her own secret missions, risking her life and looking amazing in these 1940’s dresses and skirts. When she glams up (a stunning nightclub dress), it shows her amazing curves off and as the season continues, Peggy rises up more and wins respect to add to her love from viewers. With a new season heading to Los Angeles, Atwell is ready to ramp up the heat and how you never underestimate the sexiness behind a cool English face.

6 Alex Parrish, Quantico

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Already a star in her native India, Priyanka Chopra is well cast as Alex, a newcomer to the FBI academy whose opening scene involves having sex in a car with a guy she meets on the flight…and then finding out he’s a fellow trainee. The bits at the Academy are good including Alex in a fun dress, swimsuit and little else while carrying on that affair. The segments set in the present, where Alex is on the run after being framed for a terrorist attack, show the strength of the character and not afraid to do what it takes to clear her name. The show is one of the fall’s biggest hits and looks to explore the characters even more, giving Alex more time to show off plenty of sex appeal and proof once more of how India provides the world with some of the most beautiful women alive.

5 The Countess, American Horror Story

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With all respect to Jessica Lange, no one else could have played the lead in this year’s installment of the popular horror series. This is a role tailor-made for Lady Gaga and she proves it with her first scene as she and a male lover seduce a couple into bed, rolling about naked in a wild encounter…and then killing them and drinking their blood. As this centuries-old vampire, Gaga is cool so much of the time in wild outfits but can be amazingly sexy showing off in nothing but pasties, seducing men and women alike and loving the power she controls. Gaga is just amazing in it all, a highlight of the season and how, no matter her oddities, you can’t deny how sexy she is and truly a woman worth dying to be with.

4 Gigi, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

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The true star of FX’s raunchy comedy, Elizabeth Gilles plays this woman who reunites with her faded rock star dad (Dennis Leary) as she proves musical talent runs in the family. Gilles is gorgeous in every scene in leather skirts, tops and dresses that highlight her body, especially her very ample chest. A master of the sardonic put-down, she has dreams of being a star but recognizes the realities of the music business and trying to keep the egos of her dad’s band in line. Gilles brings the hotness in stuff like a bikini selfie and tattoos and even singing and truly puts the “Sex” and “Rock” into this show.

3 Cookie Lyons, Empire

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From the moment she saunters into a boardroom in a fedora and fur coat, Taraji P. Henson owns the Fox phenomenon. As Cookie, she’s ticked about spending the last decade in jail and how to get what she thinks is hers. That involves wearing the most fantastic outfits imaginable, all showing her terrific body off (the infamous moment of flashing a lingerie set at the family and proclaiming “This is an ass”) and Henson recites every hysterical line wonderfully. Even if the show itself is rough, you can’t take your eyes off anything Cookie does and Henson gives us a woman who’s not afraid of how she comes off as long as she gets her way and no one can match her when it comes to smoking heat on this show.

2 Jessica Jones

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The acclaimed Marvel Netflix series has Krysten Ritter in the title role of a woman with super-strength and ability to jump a building but her efforts to be a hero had her broken by the twisted mind-controlling Kilgrave. Now a sardonic private eye, Jessica has deadpan snarking down to an art form as she handles cases but still wants to help people out. Ritter sells her heat with her drinking and especially her relationship with the equally super-strong Luke Cage that literally trashes any room they’re in. Thanks to Ritter, Jessica becomes a woman just sexier with her fighting to redeem herself and making this one of the best comic book TV shows out there.

1 Jane Doe, Blindspot

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It’s one of the best openings of a new TV show ever. In a deserted Times Square, a bag opens and out comes a gorgeous young brunette whose naked body is covered in tattoos. That kicks off NBC’s smash hit as Jaimie Alexander plays the amnesiac Jane who tries to figure out who did this to her and what her past is. She’s hot as hell of course but can be tough as nails with surprising fight skills and clearly a soldier past of some sort. Her relationship with protector Kurt is well done, not romance but both trusting each other and whether it’s stark naked getting her body scanned or in a designer dress, Jane highlights every scene she’s in wonderfully. It’s no surprise the show is a hit and Alexander carries it well as far more than just a hot body…but what a body it is.

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