The 15 Hottest Celebs Who NEED To Become Glamour Models

It has kind of become the norm to see extremely good-looking women on the silver and big screens. Even in music videos and at concerts, the celebs that we have come to love must also look downright sexy all the time. And don’t even get us started on social media; it is a treasure trove of hotness and it proves a lot of fitness inspiration for people all across the globe. While we are sure that everyone has their favorite hot female celeb, we are going to give you just a few examples right here.

Now, we know that a lot of actresses and singers end up dabbling a bit in modelling. Doing magazine cover shoots or upping the sexy factor for their album art is the name of the game in order to snag more fans. With Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, and who knows what else, there are ample opportunities for celebrities to show the world exactly what they’ve got.

We've included women who have gotten us hot under the collar just by existing. From young starlets with the promise to develop into even sexier and more talented celebs, to seasoned pros who have been steaming up the paparazzi for years, and you are SO going to love this list.


15 Katharine McPhee

Man, the last time we saw Katharine McPhee was when she performed on the American Idol series finale in April. The summer has come, and now we can spot Katharine in all of her gorgeous beauty. She has a thin and svelte physique in all the right places, and her feminine assets come out right where and when they should. In short, we pretty much think is like a Roman ideal of the love goddess. If only we could go on vacation with Katharine, or at least be a lucky traveler who was on the beach at the same time as her! In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy listening to her sing while drooling over her luscious figure.

14 Gabrielle Union


It is so great to see a woman like Gabrielle Union owning who she is and undeniably telling the haters to shove it! She has been a beauty ambassador for a major makeup company, and she is a huge role model in the black female community. People need more inspirational girls like Gabrielle to show them that embracing yourself for who you truly are makes all the difference. If she would switch gears from showing off makeup and move instead to showing off swimsuits, then we are sure that she’d be able to branch out into a whole new career.

13 Kristin Chenoweth

The 47-year-old actress may not be as young as some of the other ladies on our list, but she is one of the hottest women we could think of. She could definitely pull of a career as a bikini model, whether she is lounging on the beaches of Mexico or just splaying out on the Jersey Shore...she’s just that gorgeous. It almost seems unfair that just one individual could be so good at acting in theatre, television, and film, while also looking drop dead gorgeous at the same time. If you ask us, it’s just not fair! We aren’t hating though, because Kristin Chenoweth is one of the coolest gals around. Whether we’re listening to one of her hit singles or watching her work her magic as a TV presenter, she exudes charm, elegance, and class.

12 Gwen Stefani


Okay, can we just say that Gwen Stefani never ages? For real though, she looks almost the same as she did when she was singing in No Doubt. We absolutely adore Gwen, and she is a hottie with a body, even as she nears the half-century mark. Can you believe that she’s been around for that long? Plus, her career has been a whirlwind adventure in how to totally kick ass as one of the most fun and vibrant females in music. She also had a very successful solo career, and she served as a judge on the hit NBC show The Voice. Even though she split from her longtime hubby Gavin Rossdale, Gwen rebounded nicely and started up a romance with Blake Shelton.

11 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is still shining brightly with a great Hollywood career that includes acting roles, public appearances, and loads of humanitarian work. In short, Eva Longoria is who every woman wants to be when she grows up. Eva is flaunting her awesome 41-year-old figure and is even a happy newlywed, after recently marrying Jose Baston. Yep, this woman can get any man she wants, so Baston should consider himself a very lucky guy. Any man who can spend some time with Eva Longoria is a fortunate man, indeed. And what about her career? Eva has won several awards, including a Teen Choice Award, two Screen Actor Guild Awards, two ALMA Awards, and a People’s Choice Award. Now excuse us, but we’d like to add another honor: hottest 40-something in a bikini award! If only such an award existed, we’re sure that Eva would be a repeat recipient!

10 Rihanna


Never one to shy away from her sexy allure, Rihanna is one of the hottest singers out there. She has been a sassy siren for years now, and she has managed to solidify herself as an international sex symbol. Plus, she is a babe from Barbados, so how could she not just be the perfect figure to slip into a beautiful bikini? We also love that RiRi is always snapping seductive photos of herself and posting them to her Instagram. The tempting pics will leave you wanting more, and we just think that Rihanna should expand her resume a bit more and become a bikini model. Her style transformation has been anything but boring; starting as a “good girl” with hits like “Pon de Replay” and then moving on to more seductive stuff like “Please Don’t Stop The Music.”

9 Britney Spears

Britney Spears recently began showing off her super svelte figure and giving us juicy teasers of her killer beach body. Even as a mother, Britney has managed to take time for herself and really improve. We think she is a total role model and we would love to see her incorporate some modelling work into her schedule. That would be divine. Besides, she could snag a modelling gig in no time. We’re talking about the teen idol of the early 2000’s, the “Baby...One More Time” star who made schoolgirl chic a sexy thing! This is the woman who danced at the MTV Video Music Awards with a live python! She can do anything.


8 Ellie Goulding


The 29-year-old British singer has become a super hot celeb in recent years and we think that she would make a wonderful bikini model on top of her already stellar music career. Ellie recently shared that she suffers from panic attacks and anxiety, but she has nothing to fear when flaunting her fabulous figure. She’s a beautiful woman, inside and out. We love that she is open and honest about mental health, and we have seen her style transformation from a sassy girl in “Lights” to a sexy diva in “Burn.” We aren’t sure when she became one of the hottest 20-somethings in Hollywood, but it happened, and we couldn’t be happier.

7 Jessica Alba

We have been admiring and drooling over actress Jessica Alba for years now. The 35-year-old celeb is still looking as hot as ever, and we are pretty much convinced that she is one of those women who just gets more gorgeous as she gets older. What luck! Anyway, Jessica is already a fashion icon in Hollywood and people are always trying to copy her red carpet looks or figure out her diet and exercise secrets. Maybe if she became a bikini model we could learn more about how this actress keeps her bod looking tight and toned. Pretty please? We hope that’s okay with Jessica, because she recently said that she hated being referred to as a sex symbol when she was in her 20s. Is that some insecurity seeping through?

6 Lea Michele


She acts, she sings, and she can really rock a bikini. Is there anything that Lea Michele can’t do? Honestly, if she were to just decide tomorrow that she was going to pursue a career as a swimsuit model, we are pretty sure that no one would argue against that. The 29-year-old actor recently posted a throwback pic on Instagram from the first season of Glee. Can you believe it has been 7 years?! We wholeheartedly propose that Lea Michele take the next stage of her life to work on a modelling career, because people could stare at her all day.

5 Demi Lovato


Already the pro of the bikini selfie, Demi Lovato is such a fantastic choice for a swimsuit model because she is such an inspiration. Overcoming an eating disorder and coming to terms with her bipolar disorder, Demi is one true fighter. On top of all that, she is genuinely talented and can sing and dance her way straight into your heart. We also love that Demi just owns who she is and that she isn’t afraid to flaunt what she’s got. If you ask us, it seems only natural for Demi to delve into the modelling world and take it by storm just like she did with her music career. However, she needs to cool it with getting in other people’s business; Demi seems to be really good at meddling and sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong!

4 Bella Thorne


This Disney Channel starlet turned super hot teen icon seems to always be strutting around in sexy fashions. It just seems like the next step for actress Bella Thorne to hit the runway, the catwalk, or a professional photo shoot and sign that modelling contract already! Sure, Bella already does some modelling work here and there, but she is mostly an actress. We are in love with the idea of Bella going for a double-threat career and becoming a full-fledged swimsuit model. Plus, she is so young and she has so much potential and future success ahead of her. We hope someone in her circle is reading this! Apparently, this young woman is already being spotted by sexy publications like Maxim and Galore.

3 Selena Gomez

Whether she is stripping down for the cover of her latest album or performing on the stage in a sexy sparkle of sequins, we cannot find an example of Selena Gomez looking anything less than hot. Seriously. Even while battling lupus or a bunch of girly drama the 23-year-old actress and singer just always seems to keep her poise. She is an inspiration for women and girls all over the world, and we have seen her in bikini photos so many times that we must say she is one of the best bets for an actress-model crossover! Selena is such an inspiring celebrity; one that speaks out on the real issues affecting our world and everyone in it. From gun violence and body image, to the role of female actresses and terminal illnesses, we think that Selena is already a flourishing heroine for the ages.

2 Blake Lively


Actress (and new mother) Blake Lively recently stepped out on the red carpet and showed us what an amazing figure she really does have. She was dressed in a full-length ball gown, but we were still able to see that she had all of the curves, contours, and elegance of a super-fine woman. Of course, Blake doesn’t only look good when she is wearing designer clothing; she has an enviable bikini body as well. It is the perfect combination of a sweet and serene face and a va-va-voom curvaceous tush. Have you see this actress’ behind? Goodness gracious, it got hot in here. Looks like we need to cool off by watching Blake’s latest film, The Shallows. Okay, so the movie looks pretty lame, and more like a Jaws spin-off with a mediocre script. But it has Blake Lively in a bikini for almost the entire two hours, so that’s good enough for us.

1 Khloe Kardashian

Are you tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian’s butt? We are too. Even Kendall and Kylie Jenner are getting a whole lot of press, and we want to just take a moment to give another sister a piece of the pie. Khloe Kardashian has become one super-hot lady. In the past she was tagged as the less wild and crazy sister who was pretty but couldn’t compare to Kim. Well, look out world! Khloe is now a superstar in her own right and she has the confidence and the body to prove it. Constantly showing off her hard work with selfies on Instagram, Khloe can rock a two-piece flawlessly. She’s still decrying the rumors that her booty is artificial, but Khloe claims that she got her bum through pure hard work. We just hope that she doesn’t lose too much weight, because then she’ll be looking skeletal, and that’s not very Kardashian.

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