The 15 Hottest Celebs Who NEED To Become Glamour Models

It has kind of become the norm to see extremely good-looking women on the silver and big screens. Even in music videos and at concerts, the celebs that we have come to love must also look downright sexy all the time. And don’t even get us started on social media; it is a treasure trove of hotness and it proves a lot of fitness inspiration for people all across the globe. While we are sure that everyone has their favorite hot female celeb, we are going to give you just a few examples right here.

Now, we know that a lot of actresses and singers end up dabbling a bit in modelling. Doing magazine cover shoots or upping the sexy factor for their album art is the name of the game in order to snag more fans. With Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, and who knows what else, there are ample opportunities for celebrities to show the world exactly what they’ve got.

We've included women who have gotten us hot under the collar just by existing. From young starlets with the promise to develop into even sexier and more talented celebs, to seasoned pros who have been steaming up the paparazzi for years, and you are SO going to love this list.

15 Katharine McPhee

14 Gabrielle Union

13 Kristin Chenoweth

12 Gwen Stefani

11 Eva Longoria

10 Rihanna

9 Britney Spears

8 Ellie Goulding

7 Jessica Alba

6 Lea Michele

5 Demi Lovato


4 Bella Thorne

3 Selena Gomez

2 Blake Lively

1 Khloe Kardashian

Are you tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian’s butt? We are too. Even Kendall and Kylie Jenner are getting a whole lot of press, and we want to just take a moment to give another sister a piece of the pie. Khloe Kardashian has become one super-hot lady. In the past she was tagged as the less wild and crazy sister who was pretty but couldn’t compare to Kim. Well, look out world! Khloe is now a superstar in her own right and she has the confidence and the body to prove it. Constantly showing off her hard work with selfies on Instagram, Khloe can rock a two-piece flawlessly. She’s still decrying the rumors that her booty is artificial, but Khloe claims that she got her bum through pure hard work. We just hope that she doesn’t lose too much weight, because then she’ll be looking skeletal, and that’s not very Kardashian.

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The 15 Hottest Celebs Who NEED To Become Glamour Models