The 15 Dirtiest & Grossest Celebrities That Have Ever Existed In Hollywood

If you think that celebrities are always super put-together and sparkling with cleanliness, then this is going to be a huge wake-up call for you! It turns out that your average person off the street is cleaner than most celebs. We were so surprised to find that many famous people have some seriously disgusting habits and they tend to be disheveled and gross when the cameras turn off. Maybe those unflattering paparazzi photos are not a far cry from the truth after all!

Our list includes both men and women, so don’t think that being gross and dirty is a gendered thing. You may have thought that those sexy actors and actresses were always a sight to behold, but it turns out that when they are just chilling at home or running errands, they have a complete disregard for personal hygiene and common courtesy. Remember people, if you can smell your own stink, then just imagine how you smell to other people! We often can’t realize the full extent of our body odor, but other people sure can. Tell that to these celebrities, because they seem to be living in a dream world where they can just skip showers for days and wear the same outfit until it practically falls off.

We don’t want to freak you out or make you sick, but this list is going to make you question some of your celebrity crushes.

15 Jessica Simpson


Let’s start off our list with a celebrity of questionable intelligence: Jessica Simpson. No, she doesn’t smell like Chicken of the Sea tuna (or is it actually chicken?) Rather, she has really gnarly breath because she doesn’t brush her teeth on a regular basis. In fact, in a typical week, Jessica brushes her teeth maybe two or three times. That is utterly disgusting. Jessica was called out for this dirty behavior when she appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. Ellen questioned the singer about her hygiene habits and Jessica admitted that she does not like to brush her teeth so she skips it most days. She doesn’t like how “slippery” it makes her teeth feel. Instead, she opts for some mouthwash and just rubbing on her teeth with a washcloth or rag. We thought only toddlers tried to do this to replace tooth-brushing responsibilities. Knowing that Jessica does it makes us sad.

14 Brad Pitt

He is one of the sexiest men in the world, and he is a beloved actor and international public figure. And yet, Brad Pitt finds himself on our list of dirty and gross celebrities. How does something like this happen? Well, Brad Pitt is actually kind of gross. Instead of showering, he prefers to just give himself a quick cleanse by rubbing baby wipes all over his body. In fact, that technique was suggested to him from a co-star who was working on set with Brad Pitt. The other guy noticed that Brad was really stinky, and since he couldn’t just take a shower right then and there, the dude gave him some baby wipes. Now Brad chooses to use the baby wipes in lieu of a proper shower. That could sound kinky, but when you consider he probably stinks and has dirty debris left over on his body, you realize it’s super-duper gross.

13 Johnny Depp


Ah, Johnny Depp. He has made his living by being a total weirdo, and there are people who love it and others who hate it. Surely it has been enough to carry his acting career a long way and now the 53-year-old is a world-renown and highly-awarded celebrity. He is also battling a nasty divorce with Amber Heard, but that’s for another article. Here we’re going to discuss why Johnny Depp really needs to change his personal hygiene habits. Like some other celebrities, Johnny Depp refuses to shower, and he will be adamant about staying in his clothes until his body odor is highly offensive. He says that he just doesn’t like showers. What is he, five? There comes a time in a man’s life when he needs to realize that daily showers are a way of life, and deodorant can be your friend. Actually, this happens when people turn 12. Grow up, Depp!

12 Cameron Diaz

Throughout the years we have realized that actress Cameron Diaz plays according to her own rules. And hey, that’s fine for the most part; we love that she is a strong, fierce, and independent woman. Oh, and she’s super hot and a great example of how a woman in her 40s can still compete with the 20-somethings. Yet, sometimes Cameron’s tendencies to be “different” lead to some nasty habits, and one of them just sounds extremely inefficient and wasteful. First of all, Cameron doesn’t wear deodorant, but that’s kind of normal among celebrities (for some odd reason.) To make matters worse, she wears the same clothes for days at a time. After that, she just throws them away. Well, wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to throw clothes away after soiling them with our bad body odor. How about you buy a washer and dryer and do what everyone else does: change clothes.

11 Colin Farrell


Irish actor Colin Farrell is definitely a cutie, and he is heading into his 40s looking great. Or at least, he looks great when we see him on the red carpet or in glossy magazines. In reality, Colin is a heavy smoker and we all know that people who frequently smoke tend to smell really REALLY bad. And so it is with Colin! Plus, he is yet another one of those celebs who prefers to keep his personal hygiene to a minimum. So you can imagine how this guy probably smells in real life. Gross! Why do so many celebrities choose to bypass showers and deodorant? Seriously, we don’t understand it. Bradley Cooper will go days without changing his clothes, and Zac Efron won’t even shower after working out. What gives, dudes? We can’t even blame this on a weird Irish thing because Bradley and Zac aren’t from Ireland.

10 Jennifer Aniston

In case you haven’t noticed, Jennifer Aniston has been ageing beautifully and she is perhaps the most well-known celebrity who touts the all-natural lifestyle. She is the face of Smart Water, Aveeno, and Living Proof. She eats clean, she works out, and she looks seriously radiant. Yet...the 47-year-old seems to suffer from really stinky breath. People who have worked with Jen say that her breath is so bad and she may even have halitosis. Apparently she thrives off of coffee and the lack of teeth-brushing causes her breath to be really gnarly. We’ve all been in that position: the doomed coffee breath. You down cup after cup of coffee so that you can stay awake at work and then when you speak face to face with someone, you can see the expression of disgust on their face. Jen, just keep some breath mints or gum on hand to take care of that!

9 Orlando Bloom

Man, we were so sad to hear that Orlando Bloom is a gross celebrity, because he is such a sexy actor. In Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings, we saw a clean and put-together actor with superior skills and expertise. But, it turns out that in REAL life, he is a far cry from Will Turner or Legolas. Apparently he will go days without showering or changing his clothes. He’ll just sleep in them and go about his day when he wakes up in the morning. He also skips on brushing his teeth and he loves to share his bed with his dog (who has a tendency to drool a lot.) Is it really any wonder why Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr broke up with him? Let’s hope that Katy Perry has helped him to change his dirty habits, or else she may be breaking up with him soon.

8 Kesha


So we all have seen Kesha perform in her music videos, and it’s safe to say that most of her career is one big joke (and she knows this.) Yet there are just some things that we need to take personally, such as our personal hygiene habits. Back in the spring of 2013, Kesha made some serious news when she appeared on MTV and took a swig of her own urine. Why did she do this? It was part of a segment of her MTV reality show My Crazy Beautiful Life (Kesha had a reality show?) Anyway, we don’t know if this was scripted or if she just did it off the cuff, but later on Kesha explained that she didn’t think it was a “big deal,” it was just something that she decided to try. Well, you all can count us out on that. Nowadays there is no reason to drink your own urine because if you’re reading this, odds are you have no lack of water.

7 Matthew McConaughey

We know that Matthew McConaughey has solidified himself as that boyish good-looking actor who will always be able to get film roles. Yet when you dig a little deeper, you may realize that he is not that dreamy after all - and he smells! He hasn’t used a stick of deodorant in two decades. Yes, 20 years without using deodorant on his armpits. One of his co-stars had to actually hand-deliver a stick of deodorant to McConaughey because he was making the set reek like his body odor. Apparently, McConaughey is totally confident with his body odor and he doesn’t think it smells bad, he thinks chicks dig the all-natural scent. Let us just say that women do not appreciate a guy who doesn’t take the time to make sure he smells acceptable. Body odor is a natural thing, yes, but that doesn’t mean you should just let it fester. Disgusting!

6 Joan Rivers


Heh, this one seems kind of mean because Joan Rivers was already a really nasty old lady. Too many cosmetic procedures and a wonky attitude made Joan Rivers a woman that people didn’t want to like. She was constantly the butt of jokes, and yet she would joke about other people all the time. And while we want to be respectful now that she is no longer with us (she passed away in September 2014,) we must say that she was a bit of a sloppy person. Apparently Joan Rivers didn’t use deodorant (we don’t know why) but she would fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and vodka and spray that on her clothes instead. So it was a strange sort of alcohol perfume, which sounds disgusting. We already knew that Joan Rivers was drinking a lot and probably had that old lady kind of smell, but how is spraying hard liquor on you supposed to make you smell good?

5 Snooki


All right, so Snooki is a D-list celebrity and is not exactly part of the Hollywood elite. For some reason, she has managed to stick around, unlike most of the other cast mates of MTV’s Jersey Shore. We watched Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi make a complete and utter fool of herself on national television and give New Jersey an even worse name. Sorry, New Jersey residents. Nowadays, Snooki is starring in her own television show alongside her hubby, Jionni LaValle. Together they flip houses on the Jersey Shore and broadcast it on the show Nicole and Jionni’s Shore Flip. Now, Snooki’s home doesn’t seem to be particularly gross, but her skin care routine will make your skin crawl. She reportedly uses cat litter as an exfoliant (apparently it is some kind of skin are practice they use in Asia). We don’t know if this actually works, but we don’t want to try and find out.

4 Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been through a lot, and we understand that she needs a break. With her mental breakdown and the descent and reawakening of her career, we’re sure that there has been a lot of stress in her life. And nowadays she is actually making a great comeback and looking really good! Yet it seems that some habits are hard to break, and Britney has some pretty nasty habits. In fact, the maids and housekeepers at this celeb’s home have some really scary horror stories about their work. Apparently Brit doesn’t shower for days at a time, she bypasses the use of deodorant, and she doesn’t pick up after herself. That means if you open a drawer or cabinet, or look under her bed, you might find half-eaten plates of food, take-out cartons, and maybe even a scavenging critter. We have no interest in visiting her home anytime soon!

3 Megan Fox


Megan Fox is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, and even though her acting doesn’t go much further than playing characters who run around in short skirts, she is still a favorite actress for many people. Megan is also one of the hottest celebrity wives on the planet; can you believe that she has three kids?! We really need to know what her secret is, but we doubt that she would tell us. That’s probably because she is hiding another dirty little secret: she is a total mess! She doesn’t flush the toilet, which is a huge no-no, especially when you’re living with four other people. She also refuses to clean the house and will leave things strewn across the floor. Lazy slob! We feel sorry for any housekeepers or maids that she hires. Hopefully she pays them accordingly, because her house sounds like a pigsty. Nothing sexy about that.

2 Robert Pattinson

Now Robert Pattinson may be a sexy actor that a lot of girls had their eyes on. After all, there were many Team Edward people out there back when the Twilight saga was a big deal. And then we watched as he and actress Kristen Stewart broke up. If you are still crushing on Robert Pattinson, then let us tell you a bit about his personal hygiene habits - or lack thereof. He doesn’t shower or even change his clothes until the stench emanating off of them OFFENDS. He has actually said that he won’t bother to change his clothes until the smell is so bad that he can smell his own stink. Well, here’s a life pro tip for you all: if you can smell your own body odor, then it is one hundred times worse for those around you. And given the fact that he smokes, can you imagine the odor?

1 Marilyn Monroe


Oh yes, Marilyn Monroe. She was an international sex symbol and she is still one of the hottest women to have graced the presence of Hollywood. Her iconic curves and blonde hair made her a household name, and the dream of many boys and men. Well, once you hear about how nasty she was, you will quickly change your mind about those Marilyn Monroe fantasies. Apparently she had an affinity for farting a lot and stinking up the set. Can you imagine being with a gorgeous woman like Marilyn Monroe and then smelling a gnarly fart? Not only that, but she also had a tendency to eat in bed and leave snacks tucked into her mattress for later. We understand that you might want a midnight snack every once in awhile, but leaving the food in your bed is just plain gross. You wants to roll around in crumbs or smell dried-up food in their bed? Not to mention the welcome invitation for mice and roaches.

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