The 15 Absolute Hottest Cosplays Of 2016

Cosplay is the tradition of dressing up as a fan favorite character while attending a convention designed to advertise video and computer games, along with other things like comic books, anime and movies. It is seen by the community as a fun way to connect with others who share the same passion while indulging in their nerdy side as well. Contrary to popular belief, cosplaying isn’t as geared towards the afro-ginger, acne covered, glasses wearing geek that’s probably popping into your head upon first impression. Rather, many attractive and redeemably nerdy individuals have managed to capitalize on the phenomenon.

What was originally only considered to be a hobby has now become a reasonable pay cheque and notability - for some, that is. For others, the hobby is still just a fun pastime that's earned them some Facebook likes. Whether you’re familiar with the cosplay community or not, here’s an introduction of 15 of the hottest cosplays produced in 2016. Don’t forget to comment and share who your favourite is!

15 Jinx Kittie Cosplay - Katarina 

Via Deviant Art

14 Lindsay Elyse - Zero Suit Samus

Via Reddit

13 Leeanna Vamp - X23


12 Tahnee Harrison - Suicide Squad Harley Quinn 

Via Imgur

11 Nathan Deluca - Doom Guy


10 Vampybitme - Nico Robin


9 Lisa Lou Who - Injustice 2 Harley Quinn

Via Facebook

8 Miyuki Cosplay - Overwatch D.Va

Via AdventuresInPoorTaste

7 OddKittenKay - Kidagakash Nedakh Cosplay

Via Reddit

6 Heather Leet - Ewok

Via Pinterest

5 Jessica Nigri - Nidalee

Via Reddit

4 Brosephdavid - Suicide Squad Joker

Via Mulpics

3 Jessica Nigri - DeathWing

Via Cosplay Kotako

2 Anna Faith - Mary Jane Spider-Man


1 Luna Lanie - Vampirella


Often dubbed the younger Jessica Nigri, Luna Lanie is an up-and-coming cosplayer who has earned a notable fan base in just two years. Lanie has some killer curves and definitely doesn’t mind showing them off in various sexy video game, comic book, and anime characters. Most recently, Lanie created a version of the ultra sexual Vampirella. The costume’s construction doesn’t seem too difficult, but there’s no doubt this is a hot cosplay! Lanie’s curves are on full display as she dress as the 1960s superhero. Luna Lanie attends conventions and creates Patreon content for fans to keep her in the social arena.

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The 15 Absolute Hottest Cosplays Of 2016