The 14 Sexiest Photos Of Emmy Rossum

Gorgeous starlet Emmy Rossum has been rocking the screen as troubled Fiona Gallagher on Shameless for years and while she is a true beauty, it is hard to see it under the poverty-stricken, too-messed-up-for-words character, who doesn't have time for all that hair and make-up. But, Ms. Rossum is more than just her loud, always in trouble character and underneath that is an extremely beautiful woman with a smoking hot body. She has played some large parts in lesser-known movies and has even released an album. She's won numerous awards for her acting, which she's been doing since she was a child and was offered several deals to record classical albums, as she was a traditional opera singer. These 14 photos will show you why she's one of the hottest and most underrated ladies out there today.

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14 Thirsty

via thesnipenews.com

This is one photo you can't stop looking at, and one of those times you can bet you wished you were a straw. Super sweet with her bouncy curls, and sailor look, Emmy could make a burka look seductive. This photo is one of the more clothed ones of the group, but there is just something about the mystique of it that draws you in and has you screaming "wow, I'd love to see more of this girl!".

13 Good Girl Gone Bad

via wallpoper.com

Part of the love we have for Fiona is her want to be a good girl, intermingled with her need to be a bad girl. Whether she is screwing around with her ex on her husband or screwing a new guy on her ex, she is definitely getting screwed herself. Taking care of her brothers and sisters while also have coke parties or taking Carl's drug money to purchase their house back shows the huge conundrum Fiona is always facing. This photo gives me that feeling of good girl gone bad, like she just can't keep her clothes on. The seductive, come-hither look on her face also draws you right in.

12 Passion Awaits

via hdwallpapersact.com

Emmy has definitely got the gripping her back, while seductively arching her back pose down pat. She truly knows how to work a camera, no matter what she's wearing, whether it is lingerie, jeans and a t-shirt, or nothing at all. The play-up of her moles in this photo is very Cindy Crawford-esque, which only adds to the sexiness. This is Fiona as you've really never seen her.

11 Esquire Shoot

via onelastline.wordpress.com

This photo from the January 2014 issue of Esquire magazine shows the then 20-something year old in all her beautiful glory. Emmy often rocks topless sex scenes on Shameless and this photo of her in nothing but a leather jacked and black panties definitely proves it! Emmy first appeared larger than life in the movie Mystic River, although her first role came at the young age of 14 in a movie called Songcatcher. Acting since she was a child in the theatre, she knew she was bigger than the small stages she was playing.

10 Ripped and Torn

via imgur.com

Another shot from the Esquire shoot, Emmy looks completely devilish in torn fish-net stockings, mussed up hair and a mischievous grin. With such natural beauty, the award-winning actress shows no signs of being afraid of the camera. This photo brings a bit of her Fiona character to life, as you could picture Fiona striking the same pose in the same garb. She was nominated for her first award at the age of 13 for her role in a made-for-tv movie.

9 Lounging


A post shared by Emmy Rossum (@emmy) on

Emmy is a huge player on her Instagram feed and it is on there where you can find her casual and red carpet. She's amassed a huge following and it is easy to see why. One of the latest bikini photos taken of Emmy, shows her relaxing over the Christmas holidays in some far-off gorgeous destination, while she takes in some holiday reading. What's gorgeous about Emmy is that she isn't one of those stuck-up Kim Kardashian types who is looking to flaunt what she's got at every turn. This relaxed photo shows Emmy as she really is - a humble and simple beauty in her polka-dotted bikini.

8 Bedtime

via findpik.com

The hottest photos don't have to be half-nudes, but the most hot ones certainly are. Looking as though she is waiting impatiently for her next lover, a very young Emmy is styled up with large curls and just a sheet to cover her. Those pouty lips, dark smouldering eyes and definitely creamy skin are simply irresistible to all who view this photo. You almost can't stop looking at it.

7 Shameless

While Emmy plays the frazzled Fiona on Shameless, they don't let her sex appeal go to waste in the marketing of the show. Wearing a very daring one-piece shorts set with knee-high platform boots, Emmy's legs rock this shot, which was taken by fellow co-star Steve Howey (Kevin) as she filmed the trailer for season six. This season hasn't finished airing yet, but there are some hilarious and shocking twists and turns for her character that you wouldn't want to miss if you haven't seen the show. How does Emmy get that rocking body, you ask? Emmy is an avid dancer, and thinks exercise is the key to her staying fit, which helps when she does all of these topless shots during the show. She also follows a strict gluten-free diet, which helps her snack cravings because she can't eat the crap that most of us crave.

6 Masquerade

Masquerade balls are the ultimate in sexy and the simple reason - you can't really tell who anyone is and they all look sexy anyway. With Emmy's stunning hazel eyes are shining through her paper face, this photo is one of her sexiest, without even trying to be. The New York born part-Russian Jewish actress was definitely the belle of the ball. Divorced in 2010, Emmy recently got engaged to Sam Esmail, a writer and director.

5 Endless Beauty

via greatestmoviesofalltime.net

Part of Emmy's appeal is her simple, but gorgeous features and her larger than life smile. She's like the girl next door, except totally unattainable. In a simple black tie bikini, this girl playing in the sand, reaching for her toes is both innocent and immensely provocative. You'll want to eat her up in just one bite, because she's as sweet as she is not innocent. She even has a girl-next-door disease with celiac disease wreaking havoc on her insides. This means she can't eat cake, even on her birthday, but she can eat the frosting.

4 True Patriot Love

#tbt last July 4th on the east coast

A post shared by Emmy Rossum (@emmy) on

Some bikini shots are meant to be sexy, posed in that back-arched, breasts forward, pouty-lipped way. This one has absolutely none of those features but is one of Emmy's most gorgeous shots. Pure happiness on the East Coast celebrating her country, she looks stunning in her little red and white bikini and striped towel. She isn't worried about having rock hard abs or giant pushed-up breasts - she is just enjoying herself and that all alone is incredibly sexy! Emmy does quite a bit of travelling, with her Instagram feed showing all of the gorgeous places she visits. France is her most recent, where she toured all over Paris at museums and historical sites.

3 Glam


While bikini shots have their place in the sun when looking at sexy ladies, sometimes showing nothing can be just as sexy. Covered up, but incredibly glam, this shot of Emmy was taken by Brian Bowen Smith for Spirit and Flesh magazine last year. Unlike the other Shameless characters, Fiona isn't seen with a cigarette too often, unless she's under some enormous stress. This shot of her sporting a cig could be found by some to be insanely sexy, as it just matches the not giving a crap characteristic of the photo. Beautiful!

2 Pillow fight

via intothescreen.com

What's not sexy about a group of beautiful ladies dressed in vintage nude lingerie and jewellery in what's seemingly an adult sleepover, hopefully completely with end of the night pillow fight? Emmy took part in this photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine along with other television celebs like Kerry Washington, Emily Van Camp and others and looked as hot as she ever has. Her signature huge smile, showing all her pearly whites and nose crinkle is on display as she playfully poses for this photo. That is one lucky bowl of popcorn.

1 Androgyny

via bowensmith.com

In another photo from her Spirit and Flesh photo shoot, this one is entitled Alter Ego, where the photographer played around with an androgynous cast of celebs, including Emmy Rossum. In a short black wig and a black leather trench coat, only Emmy could look as stunning portraying a completely sexless creature. What's next for Emmy on the big screen is yet to be determined, as it seems she has nothing in the works except to continue playing her awesome character as Fiona. Hopefully she'll keep acting, singing and doing that modelling she does so well. Oh yea, and updating her Instagram feed making most of drool.

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