The 14 Hottest TV Lawyers

Shakespeare famously said “let’s kill all the lawyers.” He might have changed his mind, however, if he’d known how television would give us some very hot ladies of the law. Their rise was a bit slow as too many legal dramas were dominated by men, females just their secretaries but the rise of better women roles in the last few decades has allowed women to shine well on TV and even headline a few shows themselves. The legal profession is made for hot women, whether prosecuting or defending and TV has given them plenty of material to play with from the many women of the Law & Order franchise to various other shows.

Some are all business, putting the law first, always out to either get the guilty party behind bars or get the client out of a jam. Others are a bit looser, handling less intense cases and more in the bedroom. What they have in common is that as hot as they can be out of the courtroom, they can be even better when they’re pressing a witness or trying to get a judge to agree with their plans. Here are the 14 sexiest female lawyers on television and give new term to “legal briefs” in many cases.

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14 Jessica Pearson - Suits

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A favorite of Joss Whedon fans from Angel to Firefly, Gina Torres is hotter than ever in her role in this USA network hit. As the managing partner of a major law firm, she has to handle everything from her top lawyer being an egotistical troublemaker whose partner isn’t even a real lawyer to a hostile takeover from a former friend. Through it all, Jessica is clipped and strong, taking no crap from anyone and always laying down the law herself. She has shown heat with her own affair with a new attorney but is sexier when she’s showing how she’s top dog around the firm and one lady you never want to mess with.

13 Alex Cabot - Law & Order: SVU

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Appearing in the second season of the hit drama, Cabot seemed a bit off for the world of SVU with her supermodel looks, blonde hair and affinity for expensive suits. But she showcased a great drive and spine of her own, willing to do what it took to make sure these scumbags got what they deserved and not afraid to break the rules if she had to. She appeared to be killed but really going into witness protection, returning to her job and as hard-nosed as ever. She brought a much needed beauty to SVU and plenty of heat to make the show more watchable.

12 Tara Wilson - Boston Legal

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First showing up in the final season of The Practice, Tara was an instant hit thanks to Rhona Mitra as the British woman was sexy as hell with dark hair and lush accent. She was thus made part of the cast of the spin-off Boston Legal and becoming a real lawyer in the process to show her stuff in court. She got hotter as her run went along with various affairs and no problem showing her body off and Mitra’s performance was key to loving this sexy gal and how she helped spark this to one of the best legal shows ever.

11 Ellen Parsons - Damages

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The star of FX’s drama was Glenn Close in her Emmy-winning turn as cold, conniving, ruthless attorney Patty Hewes. However, Rose Byrne was just as important as Ellen, the innocent taken under Patty’s wing and soon thrust into one season after another of horrific danger. With a great American accent, Byrne showed off in power suits and could really get hot hooking up with a variety of men and growing more under Patty’s influence to become harder and yet still true to herself. Her final fate was surprisingly hopeful and showed Byrne as the much-needed bright light amid the series to provide some really sexy stuff.

10 Alden Tuller - Justice

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This short-lived Fox series had an interesting approach from the variety of jump cuts to how the final scene showed the audience the truth behind the case the firm was defending. Rebecca Mader played Alden, who took the idea their clients were always guilty and nicely manipulates things such as wearing a wedding ring despite not being married so people trust her. With her lovely red curls, British accent and affinity for suits that show off her legs, Mader was the key reason to watch this fun series and while she could be cold, more than warming up the screen when she was on and doing justice to the role of the sexy lawyer.

9 Erin Reagan - Blue Bloods

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The only girl in a family of boys who choose to be cops, Erin grew up loving the law and would become a District Attorney. Bridget Moynahan has shown Erin as determined in the court, able to defend herself against an attacker and still doing her best raising a teenage daughter. Her sexy side has been on full display from dark hair and power suits to taking a shower with her ex-husband and sees no problem in enjoying herself as much as she can. You get the feeling this is a former “wild child” grown up but still that toughness to her that makes her hotter and now and then a scene truly “blue” by network standards.

8 Ling Woo - Ally McBeal

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In the role that made her a star, Lucy Liu joined the quirky legal dramedy as Ling, a woman so mean that when she entered a room, the soundtrack would play the Wicked Witch’s theme music. A groundbreaker for Asian women, Ling soon proved her own legal chops even as she marched along with a variety of hot outfits and her voice comes out in a sexy growl. While there were signs she had a good heart deep down, fans much preferred her nasty and snapping at people’s mishaps as personal inconveniences. She became a judge later on in the show but didn’t soften and her matter of fact attitude towards sex got her even more popular and one of the best reasons to watch this show and no wonder Liu rose so high afterward.

7 Connie Rubirosa - Law & Order

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Coming in late in the long run of the iconic franchise, Connie took your breath away with her near perfect beauty. Played by Alana de la Garza, the former kindergarten teacher joined the D.A.’s office and rose fast, no surprise with her incredible beauty and short black hair, her face impassive but impressive and her smooth voice adding to her heat. While in dark suits, she could stand out better than a model, smart and on her toes and even able to take it to her own bosses at times. She was added to the Los Angeles-based spin-off in a vain attempt to save it and seemed to blossom under the California sun. With her Latina background, Connie showcased true heat in the last few years of L&O and makes you miss that franchise more.

6 Kate Reed - Fairly Legal

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Sadly running only two seasons, this USA drama starred Sarah Shahi as Kate, forced to work for her stepmother (who’s practically the same age) at her late father’s law firm, taking on cases as a mediator. Kate is a fantastic lady with a sardonic sense of humor and shows no shame in showing off her hot body in hook-ups with her D.A. boyfriend as she attempts to win cases. She has issues of her ego getting in the way and clashes with her stepmother but her smarts and drive push her on as she figures things out. No matter what, Shahi’s incredible heat makes you watch and this woman more than fair but truly sexy as hell to mediate anything.

5 Abbie Carmichael - Law & Order

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Before she became TV cop Jane Rizzoli, Angie Harmon broke out with her role as Abbie, a Texas-born ADA who spent four seasons on the hit series. With her long black hair and drawl, she could set you at ease with a sultry side and a suit fit around her better than any bikini could. She also made appearances on the spin-off SVU to enhance Abbie’s profile, not showing off as much outside the court as you’d like but seeing her lounging in an office with long legs propped up and cutting a bit loose was terrific and thanks to Harmon, Abbie smoldered better than most any other ADA in the show’s long history.

4 Lilah Morgan - Angel

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When people say Wolfram & Hart are lawyers from Hell, it’s meant literally. The law firm that handles demonic forces and evil in Los Angeles, the firm is set to spread evil across the world and doesn’t care what forces they unleash to do it. Lilah is among their best, a smooth and capable attorney who’s also a stone-cold bitch and loving it, not above decapitating her own boss to get ahead and working her power suit wonderfully. She showed off a truly sexy side with her wild and dark affair with Wesley and yet a spirit that somehow wins you over and makes her end a bit sad. Still, this is a woman who makes being evil so much fun and you wouldn’t mind letting her take your case.

3 Taylor Weathersby - Eli Stone

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Any character played by Natasha Henstridge is automatically up for this list. On ABC’s short-lived series, Taylor is the fiancée of the title character who breaks up with him when he starts receiving prophetic visions and joins her father’s law firm. She still cares for Eli even as she begins a relationship with a new guy and Henstridge is tops showing off her terrific sexy body in nice suits and skirts, dressed down after work and fantastic doing a summation. The show didn’t last long but Henstridge made it very watchable as a true sexy vision of what a hot lawyer could be.

2 Lt. Colonel Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie - JAG

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It’s no surprise that JAG became a true hit when Catherine Bell joined in the second season as Sarah Mackenzie, a Marine lawyer who took up cases (defense and prosecution) of military-themed crimes. The woman filled out a military uniform beautifully, short black hair framing a gorgeous face and when she dressed down a bit (like a bikini at a beach), it was terrific with her nice chest and wonderful form. With a nice sense of humor, she had a dark side (her battle with drinking) but could also kick ass with a nickname of “Ninja Girl,” showing she was terrific in both the courtroom and the battlefield. Through the show’s run, Mac was one lawyer you’d want on your side and hate to be against but could never stop watching no matter what.

1 Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife

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Julianna Margulies has won two Emmys for her performance on the CBS hit and it’s easy to see why. At first, Alicia is thrown when her husband is tossed in jail for using state funds to back his cheating with other women and Alicia is determined to move on without him. Getting back to her old legal career, she soon takes up jobs at a firm that involve some high profile stuff while also doing her best to maintain her independence. In a litany of fantastic suits, Margulies was always gorgeous but got hotter when she took up an affair with a co-worker and showed a body that’s hotter now than it ever has been. She continues now, still hooking up with her husband but insisting that “sex is much better when no love attached” and shows she means it. The show continues to succeed and it’s easy to see why as Alicia isn’t just good when it comes to being sexy, she’s great.

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