The 13 Hottest Women Adam Levine Hooked Up With

Adam Levine is the king of pop culture lately. Between the hit collaboration with R. City, in "Locked Away", and the steady stream of catchy Maroon 5 songs like Sugar, Maps, and Animals, his voice is constantly on the radio. Then you turn on the TV and he’s there on The Voice. He’s even ventured onto the big screen in the film Begin Again. With his distinctive voice, tattoo sleeve and constantly changing hair, Levine demands attention, especially from the ladies.

Adam Levine is also the king of sleeping with unbelievably hot women. He was married in July of 2014, but his prowess on the dating scene is still legendary. His tally of models in bed is higher than his Maroon 5 number-one-hits and all Voice seasons combined.

The LA based tenor was named People’s 2013 Sexiest Man Alive. He has won three Grammy awards. He drives around in a Ferrari 365 GTC (like Ferris Bueller, but in black.) His net worth is over 50 million. He’s having a pretty nice life. He certainly does seem to have "Moves like Jagger."

But what may be his most admirable quality is his use of unsubtle poetry. Levine loves women, knows he’s a rock star and sends out a crystal clear message. “I tried my best to feed her appetite, keep her coming every night.” That’s from the breakout hit This Love back in 2002. Or later, in Animals: “But we get along when I’m inside you.” Lovely. Just imagine how women reacted to those lyrics. And if they approached him backstage after the show, it’s pretty obvious what would happen. Here’s a list of some of Adam’s finest accomplishments.

13 Behati Prinsloo

12 Angela Bellotte


11 Janine Habeck


10 Anne Vyalitsyna


9 Rebecca Ginos


8 Maria Sharapova

7 Jane Herman


6 Nina Agdal

5 Amanda Setton

4 Cameron Diaz

3 Arielle Vandenberg

2 Jessica Simpson

1 Lindsay Lohan

Do you remember when Lindsay Lohan was the hottest thing in Hollywood? Before the drugs, booze and bad cosmetic surgery, every guy was lining up around the block for a chance with her. Then as arrests and rehab tragedy fell, in 2014, InTouch Magazine released a hand-written list in which Lindsay named all of the famous dudes she banged. 36 in all and Levine was number 30. Not sure if the list was ordered chronologically, or by favourite, or maybe by frequency, but the fact is, nobody wanted to be on that list. Not after her downfall. Adam hasn’t admitted it and maybe never will, but back in those Georgia Rule days, he was a proud, happy man.



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The 13 Hottest Women Adam Levine Hooked Up With