The 13 Hottest Women Adam Levine Hooked Up With

Adam Levine is the king of pop culture lately. Between the hit collaboration with R. City, in "Locked Away", and the steady stream of catchy Maroon 5 songs like Sugar, Maps, and Animals, his voice is constantly on the radio. Then you turn on the TV and he’s there on The Voice. He’s even ventured onto the big screen in the film Begin Again. With his distinctive voice, tattoo sleeve and constantly changing hair, Levine demands attention, especially from the ladies.

Adam Levine is also the king of sleeping with unbelievably hot women. He was married in July of 2014, but his prowess on the dating scene is still legendary. His tally of models in bed is higher than his Maroon 5 number-one-hits and all Voice seasons combined.

The LA based tenor was named People’s 2013 Sexiest Man Alive. He has won three Grammy awards. He drives around in a Ferrari 365 GTC (like Ferris Bueller, but in black.) His net worth is over 50 million. He’s having a pretty nice life. He certainly does seem to have "Moves like Jagger."

But what may be his most admirable quality is his use of unsubtle poetry. Levine loves women, knows he’s a rock star and sends out a crystal clear message. “I tried my best to feed her appetite, keep her coming every night.” That’s from the breakout hit This Love back in 2002. Or later, in Animals: “But we get along when I’m inside you.” Lovely. Just imagine how women reacted to those lyrics. And if they approached him backstage after the show, it’s pretty obvious what would happen. Here’s a list of some of Adam’s finest accomplishments.


13 Behati Prinsloo

Adam’s beautiful wife Behati Prinsloo came a long way to get to Los Angeles. The Victoria Secret model hails from Grootfontein, a town of less than 24,000 people in Namibia. Question: Do you know where Namibia is? Did you even know it was a real country? Formerly part of the German Republic, Namibia is located on the southwestern shore of Africa. More important question: Does everyone there look like Behati? If so it may be time to renew the passport. Despite possible cultural differences, Adam and Behati seem to be getting along splendidly, and there are reports that they are trying to have a baby. Practice makes perfect.

12 Angela Bellotte


Little is known about this gorgeous brown-eyed brunette, besides the fact that she dated Adam from 2009 to 2010. Angela has worked as a model for Samsung and various other products over the years, but hasn’t had any huge success so far. She looks very elegant however and did a black-and-white topless shot wearing a lei, which is definitely worth a Google. Angela also had a bit part in the Vince Vaughn fertilization comedy, Delivery Man. She’s billed as, Girl with Short Skirt. That must have been a tough audition. She was also seen in the TV show Franklin and Bash, billed accurately as Hottie.

11 Janine Habeck


Back in 2008, good old Adam found himself a beautiful Playboy Bunny to play with. Janine’s lovely assets earned her a spot as Miss February in 2004, and playmate of the year, in her home country of Germany. Yes there is a German Playboy. Probably a pretty good read too. Then in March 2006, she was featured as the American mag’s playmate of the month. The classiest magazine ever officially lists her at 36-26-36, and features her prominently in the cyber club. Habeck has described Hugh Hefner as, “The perfect gentleman.” Janine also appeared in the movie, The Pool Boys. The bikini might come off in her scene. Just guessing.

10 Anne Vyalitsyna


Adam dated this smoking hot Russian model from 2010 to 2012. Anne Vyalitsyna (Anna V as she is called in the business), has been a staple in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, gracing its pages for 10 consecutive years. She starred in the steamy Maroon 5 video for Never Gonna Leave This Bed. She has been featured on numerous magazine covers and even landed the Vogue Russia cover together with Adam at her side. Lately Anne V is doing well, long since moved on from Levine. She has a child with a top VP at Yahoo.

9 Rebecca Ginos


Things started off grand for this 2006 to 2009 courtship. Adam told Howard Stern in 2007 that the couple met on her 21st birthday and did the deed on the very first date. Levine also stated humbly that the petite blonde cocktail waitress was, “The hottest girl in the entire f-ing universe.” Rebecca waitressed at Teddy’s, a chic Hollywood Blvd club with its entrance flanked with bouncers and velvet rope. Little is known of Ginos since her spilt from Levine. After her celebrity romance fizzled, she seems to have slipped back into the flashbulb-free life of anonymity.

8 Maria Sharapova


Every sports fan recognizes this blonde tennis star, Maria Sharapova, who took the road blazed by Anna Kournikova to Russian tennis hottie town. However, Maria is by far the more accomplished athlete. She is still an active player, ranked 3rd behind the Williams sisters, and is the only Russian woman to win the career Grand Slam, including victories at Wimbledon, and the Australian, US, and French Opens. Levine and Maria dated very briefly in 2005, and some rumours state that they never consummated the relationship. However, with Adam’s reputation, that seems highly unlikely. They met at her 18th birthday party.

7 Jane Herman


With the Tinkerbelle haircut and the expressive, intelligent gaze, Jane Herman is a totally different kind of hot. She is a former Vogue editor, and currently serves as hotshot director of concept for Gap. She was Adam’s first love. They dated in high school for four years, from 1997 to 2001. Maroon 5’s debut studio album, Songs About Jane, is all about her. Now, she may not be the ditsy buxom playmate, or the exotic Victoria Secret Angel, but she did have that something that drove Levine wild, and inspired him to write songs that would catapult his career into the stratosphere.


6 Nina Agdal


Ah yes, here’s another wonderful Victoria Secret model that hails from a distant land. Nina, who Adam dated back in 2013, hails from Denmark, and at 23 is 13 years Adam’s junior. Speaking of Junior, Nina was also on a Carl’s Jr, commercial in 2013, just like Paris Hilton, Kate Upton, Kim K, and Charlotte McKinney. Nina also graced the cover of the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2014. Is that the complete hot girl trifecta, or what? Carl’s Jr, V-Secret, and the SI cover? What else is left to accomplish after that?

5 Amanda Setton

In 2013, Adam was rumored to have been with Amanda Setton, a character actress that you may recognize from various television roles. She played on Gossip Girl, as well as Blue Bloods, The Mindy Project, and the short-ran Robin Williams sitcom Crazy Ones. Amanda is a New Yorker, born and raised, which is also where she attended Ithaca College. There she majored in theatre and took part in the school’s Actor’s Workshop. But she doesn’t take herself or her craft too seriously. She was cast in the awful Diaz/Kutcher comedy What Happens in Vegas, and billed as "Hot Woman".

4 Cameron Diaz


Well, if everyone else is doing it, it must be okay, right? Maybe that’s what Adam was thinking when he dated blonde actress Cameron Diaz in 2010. Everybody knows this actress, and not always for good reasons. With the exception of Gangs of New York and There’s Something About Mary, her movies are poorly done, bland, and unoriginal. Mostly rom-coms with neither good jokes nor spicy romances. Like Adam, this celebrity has been linked to a lot of partners, and has finally found love with one of those Good Charlotte twins. Good for her! She deserves happiness.

3 Arielle Vandenberg

Here we have an American actress that Adam allegedly dated for a few months back in 2009. In some photos she looks reminiscent of Jessica Biel. Her career hasn’t really had any major successes, but she has landed small parts in shows like How I Met Your Mother, Bones and CSI: Miami. She has also done numerous commercials for Mercedes, and is well known in the world of Vine, with nearly 2 million followers. Arielle has also been romantically linked to Canadian comedy star Will Arnett and also Chris Masterson, the eldest brother from Malcolm in the Middle.

2 Jessica Simpson


There are two reports of romps with pretty blonde celeb Jessica Simpson: one in 2004 and again in 2006. With voluptuous curves and bubbly personality, Levine just had to go back for more. Simpson started out as a singer, but quickly moved on to find fame on reality TV. Then she dabbled with film, as sultry Daisy in the Dukes of Hazzard. But what really put butter on her bread is her clothing line. The Jessica Simpson Collection is the first celebrity clothing line to reach one billion dollars in sales. Years after her time with Levine, the starlet has settled down with a family of her own.

1 Lindsay Lohan

Do you remember when Lindsay Lohan was the hottest thing in Hollywood? Before the drugs, booze and bad cosmetic surgery, every guy was lining up around the block for a chance with her. Then as arrests and rehab tragedy fell, in 2014, InTouch Magazine released a hand-written list in which Lindsay named all of the famous dudes she banged. 36 in all and Levine was number 30. Not sure if the list was ordered chronologically, or by favourite, or maybe by frequency, but the fact is, nobody wanted to be on that list. Not after her downfall. Adam hasn’t admitted it and maybe never will, but back in those Georgia Rule days, he was a proud, happy man.



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