The 11 Most Epic Jeopardy Fails of All Time

In the ever-saturated world of game shows, there is one that continues to enjoy a lofty perch apart from the rest of the pack. Where shows like Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud provide a quick, hackneyed way for selected contestants to earn an easy buck through games based more on luck and entertainment than valid knowledge, Jeopardy! has always stood apart.

For over 50 years, the Alex Trebek-hosted staple of early prime time has eschewed the shiny and showy frills of other shows to stick to its own fundamentals: three intelligent contestants tasked with quickly buzzing in and replying to difficult clues in the form of a question. Sure, some of that reputation comes from a certain smugness that the show seems to exhibit, be it through a self important intro or the airy, droll nature of Trebek. I mean, the actual title of the show contains an exclamation mark! But the long-running program continues to be legitimized through its knack for offering ample brain nourishment and serving as a haven for trivia buffs.

Although the show, in which prospective contestants must qualify to earn their spot at one of the three podiums, has introduced us to the brilliant minds of Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, not every Jeopardy! contestant has quite been up to snuff. As with any other game show, it has seen its fair share of moments that range from head-scratching to downright laughable. The pressure of the spotlight is enough to get to even the brightest minds, and these 11 fails show that even Jeopardy! isn't immune to some serious 'oops' moments.

12 "What Is A Threesome?"

11 Cross Loss


10 Blitzer Gets Blitzed

9 Music Legend Chris Farley

8 No Love For Canada

7 Donkey Punch

6 Burned By Trebek

5 Not You, Kareem

4 Final Jeopardy Flops

3 Watson Is Stumped

2 Hoe No

Perhaps the last contestant you'd expect to see on a list like this is Ken Jennings, who reeled in nearly $3.2 million thanks to 74 consecutive wins on the show. But even the game's greatest minds have their low moments. And so Jennings, for all of his trivial brilliance, may be best remembered for identifying a long-handled gardening tool that can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker as a "hoe", which was creative albeit incorrect. Still seems to make plenty more sense than the correct term - "rake" - does, though!


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The 11 Most Epic Jeopardy Fails of All Time