The 12 Hottest American Idol Contestants

Over the years the reality singing competition series American Idol has seen its fair share of contestants. Some of them have been amazing singers, and others have made us cringe. Some have auditioned in funny or unusual costumes to become noticed, while others have gained attention for their jaw dropping beauty.

Even though what the American Idol contestants looks like is not supposed to play a factor, the truth is it sometimes does. Some people just want the hot girl to win or move on so they can see her the next week. If you want your reality singing competition to be all about what someone sounds like and not what they look like, we now have The Voice for that.

With the 15th and final season of American Idol fast approaching, it is time to take a look back at some of the hottest female contestants in the reality TV show’s history. Perhaps someone from the final season will be able to earn a spot on this list if they aren’t talented enough to become the final American Idol.

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12 Ashley Hartman

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Ashley Hartman competed on season two of American Idol in 2003. The judges recommended that she get into modeling and acting and she took their advice to heart. Ashley got a modeling contract and snagged a recurring role on the Fox TV series The O.C. She hosted the TV series Victoria Secret TV in 2008 and The Grammy’s Style Studio from 2009 to 2010. Hartman starred in the 2006 movie Abominable and posed for Maxim magazine. She seems to have given up on her singing career and has utilized her good looks. Ashley has most recently focused on being a fashion blogger and a mother.

11 Kellie Pickler

10 Mikalah Gordon

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Gordon finished 11th on season four of American Idol in 2005. Before performing on the hit reality show, Mikalah sang at the White House as part of the Helen Joy Young Entertainers. She signed a deal with Warner Bros. and guest starred on Fran Drescher’s sitcom Living with Fran. Gordon later became a correspondent for The Tyra Banks Show and co-hosted American Idol Extra for two seasons. She later competed on CMT’s Gone Country in 2008. Gordon currently sings and performs standup comedy in the Los Angeles area. She also appeared in an episode of the TV series The Unit in 2007.

9 Katrina Darrell

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Darrell was better known as “Bikini Girl” on season eight of American Idol. Although Katrina did not make it very far, she is better remembered for her bikini showdown with judge Kara DioGuardi on the season finale. Bikini Girl has gone on to appear in roles in film, TV, and theater. She worked as a Celebrity Reporter for the E! Channel and her Idol audition aired during the Super Bowl as a tease for the upcoming season. Darrell starred in the 2015 film All Saints Eve. She once worked at Hooters and is now the CEO of BG Bikinis.

8 Amy Jean Davis

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Davis is a model from Indiana who competed on season seven of American Idol. She has gone on to be an associate producer for the 2014 web series Two Guys One Truck and appeared in the 2011 film Balls to the Wall and the 2015 short Happiest Birthday. Davis claims that Patti Griffin is her musical influence and started singing at an early age despite having no formal training. Amy is half Japanese and is a professional model and former waitress who is 5’11”. Her single “I Got You” was released in 2014. Davis is now a bookkeeper and animal rights advocate.

7 Brittany Kerr

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Even though she did not make it very far in season eleven of American Idol, Brittany Kerr still gained notoriety and so many people looked her up online that her management company’s website was forced to shut down temporarily due to a surge in traffic. Kerr danced for the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats dance team and took place in the Victoria’s Secret model search in 2010. She made headlines for being romantically involved with country singer Jason Aldean while he was still married in 2012. Brittany ended up marrying Aldean in 2015 and will be remembered for her short run on the reality series.

6 Carrie Underwood

5 Katharine McPhee

4 Haley Scarnato

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Haley finished eighth on season six of American Idol. As a kid she was a gymnast until she dislocated both of her shoulders and took up singing. While Scarnato has not gone on to do much, she was the subject of a story told by actor David Duchovny on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Duchovny took the fact that his son claimed Scarnato had a “really good voice” to indicate that he was straight, claiming that she had a mediocre voice but good looks. Haley was set to release her debut album in 2008, but plans were scrapped after she left her management company.

3 Pia Toscano

2 Camile Velasco

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Velasco was born in the Philippines and is half Filipino, one-quarter Spanish, and one-quarter Irish. She finished ninth on the third season of American Idol. She received many gifts and letters after being voted off, and has become known for engaging with her fans. Velasco released the EP Dub Stop in 2014 and hosted a YouTube series on CamileTV. Camile’s single “Guava Jelly” was produced by Stephen Marley and won the Hawaii Music Awards’ Single of the Year in 2009. Her musical styles include reggae, hip hop, and soul, and the singer now performs under the name Eli Mac.

1 Kimberly Caldwell

Kimberly Caldwell seemed to be a favorite in the second season of American Idol. That was until she took a backseat to the showdown between Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. Even though Caldwell finished seventh, she used her talent and stunning looks to appear in Maxim magazine and to host various television shows for the TV Guide Network. She released her only album, Without Regret, in 2011. Kimberly dated American Idol winner David Cook, but ended up marrying soccer player Jordan Harvey in 2014. Kimberly Caldwell was destined to be the hottest American Idol contestant when she sang in beauty pageants starting at age five.


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