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The 12 Hottest Celebrities Named Jennifer

The 12 Hottest Celebrities Named Jennifer


Shakespeare had us all wondering “What’s in a name?” Well,  apparently a lot if your name happens to be Jennifer. There is just something special about Jennifer. If you don’t know who I’m referring to, that was my intention. That is because there a million famous celebrities named Jennifer. And they are all blessed enough to be smoking hot and successful. So if you are scared of the anxiety you could have with a hot daughter, then I would steer away from naming the girl Jennifer. That name comes with a lot of responsibility and attention.

From actors, to singers, to comedians, and models there are so many famous celebs named Jennifer that it’s almost too many to keep track of. But luckily for you, I have done just that so you don’t have to. I have gone through all of the Hollywood Jennifers and I have even hypothesized changing my name to Jennifer just so I can garner a little more sex appeal — Did you get that? “Garner” as in Jennifer Garner.

It’s hard to pick a favorite Jennifer because aside from being beautiful, pretty much all of the famous people named Jennifer are also incredibly likable. Even though they are a talented and super hot, there is just no chance that I can hate on any of the famous Jennifers. They really all have it going on and if I wasn’t so caught up worshiping them, I would be extremely jealous. Okay, so maybe I am just a teeny tiny bit jealous, but I mean come on. Look at these Jennifers! One Jennifer is hotter than the next. It’s just unreal and unfair to the rest of us.

12. Jennifer Lawrence


Me saying that Jennifer Lawrence is hot is far from news. Everyone with eyes can see this, except her apparently. She is so self deprecating and adorable, even when she’s tripping on the red carpet. But she isn’t a one note. Sure she’s cute when she’s making fun of herself, but she is also very intelligent and not afraid to speak her mind and be a strong woman which is attractive. Oh and she’s a hot blonde with big boobs and small waist, something that never hurts.

11. Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is one of those stars who just knows how to take care of herself. Everything she does is in the right amount. Her nose job made a big world of difference, but was subtle enough and well timed not to make major waves in the media. She is perfectly spray tanned. She has just the right amount of blonde in her hair. And then on top of that she is on point with her diet and fitness game. The woman is only getting hotter as time goes on and it makes me incredibly jealous. She knows exactly what to do to present her best self to people.

10. Jennie Garth


Yeah, I know that Jennie Garth does not go by “Jennifer,” but that is her given name so that definitely counts. America has loved Jennie Garth ever since she stole our hearts as bad girl gone good Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210. Since then, she has been steadily acting, and apparently not aging at all because the blonde beauty still looks pretty much the same. I feel like Jennie Garth is one of those women who is just always going to be attractive no matter how old she is.

9. Jennifer Nettles


Country superstar Jennifer Nettles is one of those women who embodies that “girl next door” kind of hotness. Don’t get me wrong, she is clearly a fierce woman, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t still be considered a country cutie. Plus, Jennifer Nettles is a very accomplished person and that is always attractive. She is a skilled singer, songwriter, musician, and actress. This Jennifer does it all and always looks amazing in the process.

8. Jennifer Connelly


Jennifer Connelly is not a tabloid fixture, but you definitely know who she is. You probably recognize her from A Beautiful Mind or Requiem for a Dream. She’s one of those Jennifers who cares more about being an artist than a celebrity so that’s why you might have a little bit of trouble trying to place her, but she is an Academy Award winner. Aside from her acting accomplishments, Jennifer Connelly is extremely charitable and very beautiful. The dark haired beauty is the the Jennifer for you, if you prefer a Jennifer with both credibility and a private life.

7. Jennifer Jason Leigh


Jennifer Jason Leigh is your favorite Jennifer if you’re into cult classics. Jennifer Jason Leigh first came on the scene in the iconic movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High and continued her icon status in the crazy film Single White Female. Jennifer Jason Leigh has that cool sex appeal going on. She’s another one of those Jennifers who isn’t caught up in the celebrity lifestyle and doesn’t seem to care too much about hair and makeup, but she still looks hot without even trying.

6. Jennifer Morrison


If you are a fan of House or a viewer of Once Upon A Time, then you are familiar with Jennifer Morrison.  Clearly, she has the ability to take on some diverse roles and on top of that she looks like a princess, which makes sense considering that she plays Snow White’s daughter on Once Upon A Time. She really does look perfect and cute all the time though. It’s unfair.

5. Jenny McCarthy

shutterstock_140052709 (1)

Once again, I know that Jenny McCarthy does not actually go by Jennifer, but I’m still counting this on the basis of hotness alone. Jenny McCarthy is that rare breed of women who is both super sexy and super funny. Yeah, she has it all going on: the blonde hair, the big boobs, the toned body, but there is a lot more to her than how she looks. Jenny McCarthy is the kind of person who is not afraid to speak her mind on serious issues and that coupled with her humor and sex appeal make a very attractive Jennifer.

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt


I will always have a soft spot for Jennifer Love Hewitt and I will always hold her in the same esteem that every teenage boy in the nineties has. No matter how you feel about Jennifer Love Hewitt as an actress or as a celebrity, you have to admit that she is still smoking hot. Rumor has it that John Mayer wrote “Your Body Is A Wonderland” about Jennifer Love Hewitt and I can completely understand why.

3. Jennifer Hudson


I am still so shocked by the evolution of Jennifer Hudson. She went from getting the boot on American Idol to becoming an Oscar winner for the movie Dreamgirls and stealing Beyonce‘s shine. Then on top of that, she shed a ton of weight and hired a new stylist. This girl is looking out of this world hot for the past few years and in my opinion she does not get enough credit. On the bright side, she does get a lot of praise for her artistic talents, but still, I’m sure that she wouldn’t mind hearing about how good she looks every once in awhile.

2. Jennifer Garner


Jennifer Garner is one of those Jennifers who is low key hot. Everyone acknowledges that she is beautiful and has a fit body, but she does not lead with her sex appeal so it gets lost in the background. Jennifer Garner takes great care of her body and maintains that same natural look that she’s had all along. She’s one of those ladies who never wears makeup unless she’s making a red carpet appearance, but whether she’s dressed up or dressed down she still looks amazing.

1. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate Jennifer. In all honesty, it seems like Jennifer Lopez is aging in reverse. I don’t know what she’s doing, but I want to emulate her routine. The woman looks perfect at all times. She knows how to be sexy twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Her body is unreal and she has no qualms about showing it off and I would do the same thing if I looked like that. And aside from her aesthetics, JLo brings pretty much everything to the table. She can sing, act, dance, and pretty much do anything she sets her mind to. She’s a powerful woman who isn’t afraid to embrace her sexuality and she is the epitome of being a hot Jennifer.

All of these Jennifers have it going on in unique ways, but they all have that Jennifer essence that makes them hot and unattainable for us normal folk.

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