The 10 Weirdest Shows On TLC

Reality TV has definitely taken a turn for weird. Reality television is no longer only about finding the best singer in America or following rich teens as they shop, but it has discovered a dark and twisted side.

The Learning Channel, better known as TLC, is a popular and beloved television station known for entertaining reality series like Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings, Cake Boss and What Not to Wear. Even though these shows are fairly unconventional, they are seemingly normal compared to the rest of TLC's lineup of shows.

TLC really has a weird roster of programs and it seems as though every season they get even weirder, outdoing themselves from the season before. Some of their shows' content is truly mind boggling, disturbing, entertaining and incomprehensible, all the components needed for great television. These television shows definitely make you think about good, old fashion family fun, and then make you wonder how entertainment got taken so far.

Ironically, TLC's "reality" shows are probably the best thing to watch if you want to escape reality and enter a world of complete delirium. The 10 shows on this list are the most unbelievable, eccentric and incredibly entertaining shows on television. From speaking to dead people to partying at a funeral, this television network has something to please everyone’s guilty pleasures.

Although these shows are not for everyone, you can’t deny how incredibly intriguing some of them are. Episodes are available on the TLC website so you can start watching these exceedingly compelling shows as soon as you're done reading this insightful article!

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10 Long Island Medium

Via barkbark.com

Long Island Medium follows a typical, Long Island mother named Theresa Caputo on her daily errands and private work sessions. Although Teresa may seem like your average big haired, long acrylic nailed Italian woman, the show is really centered around her unique gift. Teresa is able to speak to the dead - crazy I know.

This show is both unbelievable and believable all at once. Although there is a lot of skepticism around the show, many believe Theresa’s gift. Her children speak about what it's like having a mother who speaks to the deceased. Personally, I don’t believe her to be smart enough to pull off such an elaborate scam…but it's up to you to be the judge.

9 19 Kids and Counting

Via usmagazine.com

When the series began in 2008, it was called 17 Kids and Counting - the key word here is AND COUNTING. This American reality show is about the Duggar family, consisting of parents Jim Bob and Michelle and their 19 kids - 9 girls and 10 boys. The most incredible part is not that they have 19 kids, it’s that they came up with 19 names that begin with the letter J.

Since the show began, not only has the family added two new children, but some of those children are married with their own children - the oldest of the 19 a father of 3. Let's see if he beats his parents' score of 19, remember they are still counting.

8 Sister Wives

Via hlntv.com

Sister Wives is a unique show that follows a man named Kody Brown, his four wives and their sixteen combined children as they attempt to lead a “normal” life.

This show is so intriguing because it is so out of the norm. The show, which began in 2010, started because the family claimed to want to raise public awareness of polygamy. Polygamist families must fight against prejudice and judgment, however creating a television series following a polygamist family may not have been the best idea.

Brown believes his polygamist relationships are legal because he is technically (and legally) only married to one woman - the other unions are merely spiritual arrangements -and since the series has aired, the Brown family is being investigated, with possible prosecution in their future.

7 90 Day Fiancé

Via tlc.com

90 Day Fiancé is exactly what it sounds like. Marriage can be a problem for immigrants who fall in love with Americans. For Americans who fall in love with people whose sole purpose is to become an American citizen, marriage is an even bigger problem.

Using a 90-day fiancé visa (K-1 visa), two men and four women travel to America to live overseas with their significant others for the first time. The couples must either get married after 90 days or go back where they came from. These foreigners have to overcome a lot, including culture shocks, language barriers and the obvious skeptical friends and family members.

Not only is this show exceptionally unique, there is a lot at stake for these couples if they don’t get married - they must give their "loved one" a kiss goodbye and watch them fly away.

6 Sex Sent Me to the ER

Via nypost.com

Sex sent me to the ER shows traumatic and hilarious accidents caused by sex. This American television show premiered in 2013. Actors re-enact these real life incidents that were caused by couples having sex. Some of these intriguing stories include a woman who suffered from a two-hour orgasm and a man who broke his penis while having sex with his girlfriend and his wife. If you think your sex life has problems, this show will make you feel a lot better about it.

This insightful look into the most unimaginable and embarrassing hospital visits ever is more entertaining than you can ever imagine. This show is one you must watch at least once.

5 My Teen is Pregnant & So Am I

Via theetherdesign.com

Okay, so the title pretty much says it all! This television hit profiles the emotional and difficult journey for four mothers and daughters. These families are turned upside down when they find out that both the teenage daughter of the family and the mother of the house are expecting a child at the same time…can it get any weirder?

This show, which originally aired as a one-hour special was quickly transformed into a television show due to its high demand. This emotionally charged show takes viewers on an unbelievable journey giving insight into this unique and incomprehensible situation.

4 Extreme Cheapskates

Via familyreviewguide.com

Everyone has that one friend who is cheap, however the people in this show make your friend look like the biggest spender in the world. This show, which first aired in 2012, gives viewers an inside look into the lives of the cheapest people in America.

What do they do that makes them so cheap? Some episodes include brilliant ideas like showering with your significant other and using the same shampoo. Not the same bottle, the same squirt of shampoo, they rinse it off one head and transfer it to the other. The most traumatic episode featured a family deciding to host a dinner party while spending zero dollars. The salad was made up of weeds from outside and the protein was road kill that they found off the freeway. If that doesn’t turn your stomach I don’t know what will.

3 My Strange Addiction

Via nbcnews.com

Everyone has their little addiction, whether it's cigarettes, working out or even eating, addictions are a very normal everyday battle that most humans have to deal with on some level. However, some addictions are quite bizarre. The series, which first aired in 2010 focuses on people with extremely unusual compulsive behaviors. These obsessions range from eating specific items (not food) to bizarre personal fixations.

These addictions include eating cat hair, drinking urine, eating mattresses, stinging themselves with bees, eating rocks and even ingesting their husband’s ashes. If you ever want to feel like you have your life together, watch this show, it will make you feel a bit more normal.

2 Best Funeral Ever

Via ovguide.com

This show is both weird and heartfelt. A more recent addition to the TLC family, Best Funeral Ever is pretty out of control. The program follows the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, Texas. This business specializes in unique observances of death.

The goal of this show is to celebrate the life of the departed, so these funerals are more upbeat than the norm.

This show is so out of the ordinary that it's truly amazing. The idea that a funeral can be a celebration of life and not a sad day is in a way refreshing, however, when I die I want people to cry. I don’t know about you but I don’t want people having such a good time without me!

1 I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

Via youtube.com

Okay, so this show is actually more traumatic than anything else. The show reveals true stories of women who carried their babies until delivery without ever knowing they were pregnant…. I know! As much as you may think this is fake, it's not, and it's much more common than we think. Many women have irregular periods and many women don’t gain weight or demonstrate any signs of pregnancy.

Women on this show have given birth in cars and even in toilets without any idea they were ever carrying a child. This is a dangerous situation because a lot of the time these babies are unhealthy since the mother didn’t know she was pregnant. Sometimes these children are born with developmental problems because the mother hadn’t been taking care of herself as she should (drinking or eating things they shouldn’t).

So ladies, if you are reading this, be careful to not have a toilet baby!

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