The 10 Sexiest Outfits In The Marvel Universe

Superheroes exist in their very own world. As realistic as these universes attempt to be, there's very little reason most heroes and villains run around nearly 24/7 in uncomfortable, skin-tight, spandex costumes and masks. It's completely impractical, yet in comic books, it's expected of you. Of course, if you had the perfect bodies that some of Marvel's biggest names do, you'd probably want to show off too.

Naturally, there's a very thin line that exists before costumes reach indecency. Heroes' uniforms are revamped all the time to change with the times and be more (or even less!) revealing. The days of these characters being solely eye candy is pretty much over. If you need any indication of that, just look at the respective outfits that Scarlett Johansson wore playing Black Widow and Elizabeth Olsen donned as Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Natasha Romanoff showed zero hints of cleavage, and instead of wearing what amounts to red lingerie, Wanda Maximoff wore a very cute and practical shirt and dress combination that will make it really easy for cosplayers at this year's Comic Con.

Still, for the most part, skin is in, especially in comics. The Marvel Universe has a lot of hot heroes with even hotter outfits. You may want to grab a cool glass of water or turn on a fan as you browse through these evildoers and protectors that probably have some double-sided tape ready along with their weapons arsenal. Just to make it fair, both men and women Marvel characters are included, so there's plenty of eye candy for all.

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10 Rogue

via comicvine.com

As a future part of the X-Men, Anna Marie was rescued by mutants Destiny and Mystique as a child. Growing up, she learned that she had the ability to capture and integrate the abilities of those that she came into contact with. Fighting alongside the X-Men, she's known as Rogue. Even though she can't really touch people without possibly sending them into comas and stealing their memories, she's still found love with fellow X-Men member Gambit.

Rogue's costume isn't too particularly sexy, but comic book fans beg to differ. She wears a second skin yellow and green jumpsuit as well as yellow boots and gloves, a brown leather jacket, and a dark headband. Her brown locks with the gray layers in the front also add to her appeal.

In the X-Men films, actress Anna Paquin plays Rogue, who wears an entirely different, less colorful getup. Her outfit is more Black Widow-like, simply a black jumpsuit with a zipper down the front. Without her signature hair color, you'd be hard-pressed to tell whether Paquin was playing Rogue or Natasha Romanoff. The comic book outfit is a classic for a reason.

9 Mystique

via vixenvarsity.com

Everyone remembers The Blue Man Group and that man who turned blue because he regularly ate silver. They weren't very sexy. However, they don't have the curves or the ability to rock a white dress quite like Mystique does. With her fire engine red hair, piercing yellow eyes, and a penchant for low-cut skimpy outfits, it's no wonder that she's a favorite in the Marvel universe.

Mystique's real past and identity were never revealed. As a shapeshifter, she doesn't ever have to get any older. She actually has a son named Graydon Creed with Sabretooth, also known as Victor Creed. As mentioned, she took in Rogue from a very early age, showing that she has motherly capabilities beyond her years.

8 Psylocke

via cupegraf.com

Psylocke, born Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock, is the daughter of Sir James Braddock and has a twin brother as well as an older sibling. Her appearances in Marvel comics were quite minor at first as she played a bit role compared to Captain Britain, her twin. However, her ability to read minds was revealed even during these early days, a skill which would later serve her quite well as Psylocke joined the X-Men.

Thongs aren't exactly comfortable, but that doesn't stop Psylocke from fighting crime in a skintight purple bodysuit that may cover most of her torso (while leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination) but is completely revealing otherwise. A small red sash around her waist only leads your eyes to her rear.

Psylocke had the briefest of roles in X-Men: The Last Stand, a 2006 film where Meiling Melancon played the character. Melancon wore normal clothes and was only discernible as Psylocke for her purple hair. Next year, in X-Men: Apocalypse, Olivia Munn will take over. Since Psylocke will be much more prominent in the movie, it'll be interesting to see how the character is dressed.

7 Black Widow

via blastr.com

Due to the widespread influence of The Avengers theatrical release in 2012, everyone, even Marvel newbies, knows the back story of Black Widow, also known as Natasha Romanoff. Born an orphan, the young girl was intercepted by a Russian soldier and later learned how to fight. Her skills are renowned enough that she was recruited to become an assassin and spy, although she thinks that she was a ballerina due to certain memories that she was implanted with.

Black Widow's costume, surprisingly, isn't extremely sexualized. The zipper may be undone to show off a little skin or it may be entirely closed up. Despite that, Romanoff is often listed as one of the hottest Marvel characters. It's tough to resist a woman in head-to-toe clingy leather, after all.

As mentioned, Scarlett Johansson played Romanoff for several films tied to The Avengers franchise. The character's outfit was only somewhat modernized; instead of a flashy gold belt and accessories, the film version of Black Widow wears a black tactical belt. Otherwise though, Johansson has represented the character to a T.

6 Wolverine

via forums.marvelheroes.com

As mentioned, it wouldn't all be women on this list. Arguably one of the most popular and well-known Marvel characters of all time, Wolverine was born as James Howlett. Before he became a huge attraction (both in popularity and stature), he learned during childhood that he could produce murderous claws. As he grew, the mutant also realized he had abilities like regeneration from injuries and super sharp senses (and again, those super sharp claws). Naturally, he's worked with the Avengers and the X-Men.

The muscles, the hair: Wolverine is pretty hot. However, before Hugh Jackman made him a big screen hunk in the various Wolverine movie franchises, the character depiction in the comic books and some cartoons was a little dated. The yellow and blue jumpsuit almost distracts from Wolverine's guns.

As time has passed by, the garish colors have been darkened to correspond with the more serious nature of comics these days. Still, it's easier to prefer Howlett the way that Jackson portrayed him in that white tank top and slacks.

5 Black Cat

via freelargeimages.com

Felicia Hardy, also known as Black Cat, exists in the Spider-Man universe. She dates both Peter Parker and later Eugene "Flash" Thompson, a friend of his. Thompson and the masked web slinger are unable to determine if Black Cat is a friend or foe. Although she has a dirty past of stealing, she's supposedly cleaned up her act and plays with the good guys now. She can pick locks and even break through safes, and, as her name implies, supposedly causes bad luck to those that she comes into contact with.

Just like most comic book characters, Black Cat wears a fiendishly tight black leather jumpsuit. Her zipper must be broken around the chest area, because there's always plenty on display. White fur around the low neckline and arms of the costume match her snow white tresses. Of course, she wears a mask that attempts to obscure her identity.

Both the Spider-Man films with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield featured Peter Parker as Spider-Man, so it's a wonder that fans didn't finally get to see Black Cat on the big screen. It does definitely seem like a missed opportunity.

4 Thor 

via comicvine.com

Thor Odinson is a major character in the Marvel Universe that wasn't truly created by the company. Instead, he was born of a Norse myth that proclaims that only a thunder god could control a destructive hammer. Characters like Odin and Loki come from the mythology as well, as does Asgard. Still, Marvel has really made Thor its own, and he's one of the biggest names the brand has.

When Chris Hemsworth was cast as the character for the 2011 eponymous film as well as The Avengers movies, Marvel couldn't have found a better actor looks-wise. Thor has always been portrayed with billowing long locks and plenty of distracting muscles. He sometimes covers his arms in chainmail, but most of the time they're exposed.

Sometimes you don't have to show a lot of skin to still have a totally sexy costume. Other heroes and villains have proven this, and Thor does as well. If a character is overall attractive enough, they'll look good in just about anything.

3 Selene

via pinterest.com

Speaking of myths, Selene's story could be one. No one knows just how many centuries she's lived for, but it's estimated to be a handful. She represents the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club as its Black Queen; the club dates back to at least the 1760s. As a mutant, she's never joined the X-Men, but she was partly responsible for putting together the Upstarts, other mutants that she wanted to use for her own ends.

If you're going to be the queen of a group called the Hellfire Club, you certainly have to look the part. Selene definitely does. She's a goth lover's dream with eerily pale skin, raven black hair, and plenty of dark makeup. Although she wears a few different outfits, most of the time she's portrayed in a black strapless corset and thong underwear, all made of leather of course. Her cape keeps the look from being too indecent.

Lingerie as a costume will always be popular in comics. Considering that Selene claims herself to be immortal, she should be trendy for the next several centuries as well.

2 Daken

via comicvine.com

Daken is the son of James Howlett, known as Wolverine, and his murdered wife Itsu. His birth wasn't guaranteed, but Daken's status as a mutant ensured that he lived even though his mother did not. With his dark background and skills similar to his father, he grew up to hate Wolverine and sought to someday defeat and kill him. While the two did battle it out, Daken had the chance to end his father's life but didn't. He did murder his girlfriend just for fun though.

Bad boys have that unquestionable sex appeal. If you think Wolverine is hot, his son looks even better, especially because most of the time he runs around without a shirt. Not only does he like to show off his washboard abs, but his black tattoos that sprawl down half of his body are interesting as well.

Daken hasn't been featured in any Marvel films, but could you imagine if he was? He doesn't mind kissing women or men to get what he wants, which is automatically an interesting facet to his character. Hopefully there's room for a Dark Avengers movie in the future.

1 Emma Frost

via fanpop.com

A direct opposite to Selene in terms of looks, Emma Frost may appear rather tame and human-like compared to most of the mutants with the X-Men, but she is blessed with telepathic powers. Before serving the X-Men though, the White Queen was their staunch rival. However, she and the mutants were able to have a truce and now her role among them is indispensable.

Remember what's been said about lingerie as costumes for women characters? Emma Frost is another prime example of that. She wears several different outfits in the comics, but they're all seductive. Her getups have included an off-the-shoulder shirt and tight pants or a strapless corset and a thong. These costumes are in pure white and include a cape and thigh-high boots.

In X-Men: First Class, released in 2011, Frost was played by January Jones, who doesn't wear much more than Emma does in the comics. Half the time, Jones was walking around in lingerie with a fuzzy cape around her shoulders. At some point, she even ditched the cape. Yes, there's a few points in the film where Jones wore actual clothes, but these were pretty infrequent. Comic book fans probably wouldn't have it any other way.

Source: Marvel.com

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