The 10 Richest Superheroes In The DC Universe

The world of comics revolves around beings that are capable of doing the impossible - guys and gals with superpowers, abilities and a whole lot more. But that’s not all that makes the DC universe revolve. As with the real world, money makes a lot of places go round. From Metropolis to Gotham, money is a big deal.

Comics are fictitious works of art, so most of the concepts here are over the top and exaggerated as to what we have in the real world. These guys aren’t like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or any other billionaires we know. They’re even richer and more influential. Simply put, their net worths are worth drooling over.

These DC characters have enough money to do their good or bad biddings, and most of the time, their net worth plays a big role in whatever their grand scheme is. And we can’t blame them for using financial power as it does indeed turn the tides in their favor.

How these guys got their riches vary from character to character. Some made it big through their inheritance, some through their evils ways and some through their intelligence. One thing these guys have in common is that they have enough money to last themselves several lifetimes (as proven by one of the entries on this list.) Here are the 10 richest characters in the DC Universe:


10 Penguin - Oswald Cobblepot

This short-statured bad guy from Gotham came from humble beginnings. He came from a middle-class family that despised him; except for his very loving mother. When his family died, and only Oswald was left, there was no one else left to share the Cobblepot fortune with him. It is then when he began climbing up the ladder.

His earliest venture was with the Iceberg Lounge. Then he went on several illegal works including those having to do with the black market and stealing. Cobblepot’s not as rich as most of the guys on this list, but we’re sure he still made a lot with all of the illegal businesses he’s into.

9 Damian Wayne - Robin

He’s the son of Bruce Wayne and the grandson of Ra’s al Ghul. Although Damian Wayne, also known as Robin, is yet to get his hands on his father’s huge wealth, we can all agree that this kid will reap the benefits that comes with being born with the Wayne blood.

Aside from his huge savings that Bruce Wayne probably set aside from him, Damian is also a very lethal fighter that who has surpassed many of the best fighters in DC at such a young age. This kid doesn’t even need to work hard anymore as his inheritance will do all the work for him one day.

8 Simon Stagg

The DC Universe has a ton of minor villains that give the heroes a tough time using their hefty bank account. Simon Stagg is one of those heroes. He’s the CEO of Stagg Enterprises, yet another multibillion-dollar corporation like LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises.

Stagg Enterprises take interest in the fields of engineering, chemistry and genetics. Simon Stagg of course, reaps the benefits of the multibillion corporation. He has a lot of nefarious deeds against the members of the Justice League but his biggest achievement came in the form of unintentionally playing a hand in the creation of the DC superhero, Metamorpho.

7 Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord is another one of the DC Universe’s rich kids that came from a prominent family. When his father was murdered, Lord slowly began making himself more influential in the DC Universe through the use of political ties, and of course, money.

While not dangerous as an individual, it’s Lord’s connections that make him dangerous. He helped form the Justice League International and doing that takes a lot of money. Lord developed mind control abilities eventually, making him formidable in combat and even more in politics.

6 Aquaman


Before you get to saying how Aquaman shouldn’t be on this list and how lame he is, hear us out first. He’s the king of the seven seas. Need we say more? He’s the king of Atlantis, and basically every body of water we touch, is his.

We can’t compare his marine riches to dollars or any other currency, but think about all the treasure that lies deep in the seas. All the untouched beauty of Atlantis is also his. And for that, he deserves to be on our list.

5 Ra’s Al Ghul

If you managed to live for hundreds of years and not be able to save up a huge sum of money, you’re definitely doing something wrong with your centuries. Luckily, that’s not the case for the League of Assassin’s leader, Ra’s Al Ghul. He’s believed to be somewhere between 400 to 700 years old, and running an organization of assassins for that long requires a lot of money.

Throughout his lifetime, Ra’s Al Ghul has accumulated a lot of wealth through his biddings. The money he gets is used to finance his organization as well as others, to gain political influence.

4 Green Arrow - Oliver Queen

If you look at his arsenal of odd arrows, Oliver Queen looks like he makes about an average annual income. Like another hero on this list, Queen inherited a multi-million company called Queen Industries, from his father, Robert Queen. He used to be a typical spoiled rich kid, but he began turning a new leaf when he became Green Arrow.

He began helping out the poor a la Robin Hood but without the stealing part. Some of his other expenses include financing the first Justice League satellite. If he isn’t fighting on the streets, Queen is court, battling the business fat cats he oh so hates.


3 Ozymandias - Adrian Veidt


The surprise bad guy in Watchmen is without a doubt rich. Unlike some of the guys on this list, Ozymandias didn’t get his riches from inheritances; instead, it was gotten through his all but good ways. His questionable moral is a big factor in making him a rich man, but we’re guessing his action figure line of himself makes good revenue as well.

Some of his prized possessions include his own tower and a genetically modified wildcat names Bustastis. But of course, being the smartest man on the planet also helps him generate more money than he’ll ever need.

2 Lex Luthor

Superman may have his arch-nemesis; Lex Luthor beat on physical aspects, but when it comes to bank statements, Luthor is leagues beyond Clark Kent. With a journalist’s salary, Kent may never catch up to the LexCorp CEO. Luthor is a self-made rich man but his methods are questionable.

To get to the top of the world’s biggest earners, Luthor had to use his superior intellect to scare, bribe and ultimately kill the competition. With an inexhaustible wealth under his name, you’d think Luthor could just live the rest of his days slacking off. But with an ego as big as his net worth, he’ll have to kill Superman to become the world’s savior.

1 Batman - Bruce Wayne

Who else could’ve taken the top spot on this list? When Thomas and Martha Wayne met their untimely end at the hand of Joe Chill, their one and only son, Bruce Wayne was next in line to own Wayne Enterprises. The fortune that generations upon generations of Waynes was made even bigger when Bruce took charge.

His hefty collection of gadgets and toys are sure enough signs that this self-made billionaire has a ton of money. But of course, who could forget the luxurious Wayne Manor, Bat Mobile and Bat Cave? In the world of DC, and probably some other fictitious universe, Bruce is the richest.

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