The 10 Possible Identities of Supreme Leader Snoke

who could snoke be?

In the Star Wars universe, the biggest characters generally have a link to someone we've already come across. Luke to Darth Vader, Kylo Ren to Han Solo and Princess Leia to Padme are only a few of the more high profile characters that have been shown to be related. So now, after being presented with a new leader of darkness, Star Wars fans across the globe are asking the question that is on everyone's mind, Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? While there is no way to know for sure, that won't stop the internet from guessing their hearts out. I'm one of them, and as a result, I have compiled the 10 best "possible identities" to share with you, my fellow fanatics.

Some are plausible, some ridiculous, and others begin a snowball that begins to grow into a well defined theory. While the chances are that Snoke could simply be a new character, where is the fun in that? We want to know if Rey is Luke's daughter, and we deserve answers! We want to know if Finn is force sensitive! And if so, to what extent? Death may have come for Obi-Wan, Yoda, Anakin and Han Solo, but does that mean their adventures are done being told?

Yet no matter how much fans want to know the answers to those questions, they are still perhaps even more excited for Snoke. One thing for sure is that if Snoke ties in with something we've seen in previous episodes, then the answer could be more enjoyable than anything related to the aforementioned factors. Here are the 10 possible identities of Supreme Leader Snoke.

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10 Darth Sidious

Via ComicVine

There is no doubting the evilness that oozes out of Darth Sidious. He can be largely accredited with turning Anakin into Darth Vader. Not to mention he has mentored the likes of Darth Maul and Count Dooku, all while managing to lead the Sith through six Star Wars episodes. When anyone else would have died through the injuries sustained by Mace Windu, this character rose once more to claim his new apprentice. At the end of Episode VI we see Darth Vader turn on Sidious and throw him to his death...but did he die? Snoke looks frail and damaged, and uses methods of communication reminiscent of Sidious.

Possibility rating: 5/10

9 An Escaped Jedi From The Clone Wars

Via ConsumedByFilm

The Clone Wars was a period of time where most Jedi lost their lives. But as Obi-Wan and Yoda managed to escape execution and flee to outer planets, so might have Snoke. Sustaining injuries and becoming disillusioned with the Light, Snoke could have waited for the fall of the Sidious-Vader partnership to rise as the new leader of the Sith. That would put him on a long list of defectors (Kylo Ren, Anakin and Count Dooku to name a few). Killing a Jedi isn't easy, as we've seen when Anakin is butchered by Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith. It is very possible that an attacking droid or clone would have stepped over his carcass without another thought, leaving Snoke to bide his time until his rise to power.

Possibility rating: 6/10

8 Darth Maul

Via StarWars Wikia

With a similar facial structure and further age altering looks, Darth Maul is too  similar to not be considered a candidate. He was the shining light in the otherwise disappointing Phantom Menace film, and his use of the double-edged lightsaber would have all fans praying for a return on the big screen. I know what you are thinking, didn't he have half his body removed and plummet to the center of the planet? But Luke had a hand removed and fell a similar distance, so we can't rule anything out. Maul was also more than an apprentice; he was intimidating, emotionless and skilled, and would be an outstanding leader. Kylo Ren also uses a uniquely designed lightsaber, maybe he adopted the trait from his teacher?

Possibility rating: 3/10

7 Darth Plagueis

Via Geek

Perhaps the most common theory on the internet, Darth Plagueis is spoken about by Sidious in a bid to turn Anakin to the dark side. For such a powerful Sith Lord, it would be shocking to not to show the character on screen. Sidious tells us that he killed his former master in his sleep, but we are given no proof of this and proof is what counts in this industry. There is clearly a resemblance between Snoke and Plagueis, and given there must have been an epic battle between the two, it is clear that the scars would remain. With the Sidious-Vader partnership only being shown in the initial stages and final stages, viewers may find themselves giving the Plagueis-Kylo partnership more detail.

Possibility rating: 8/10

6 Jar Jar Binks

Via StarWarsWikia

As ridiculous as this sounds, people are writing theories regarding Jar Jar. While he used to infuriate audiences with his idiocy, perhaps there was meaning behind his madness? The speculation has picked up steam on the internet, but that doesn't make it any less plausible. Forget that he looks nothing like Snoke, but imagine having the power to transform into Jar Jar Binks? As he spends time close to Palpatine, he could either have been his pawn or maybe even his leader. What if Jar Jar's hand waves were actually moments of mind control? Did he tell Anakin that Padme was "pretty hot" to ignite the flame? Jar Jar's remains were teased to be in The Force Awakens, but still we wait in suspense. There's one sentence you never thought you'd hear in 2016.

Probability rating: 1/10

5 Darth Vader

Via Gizmodo

There is no doubting that Darth Vader is the most recognizable "face" in Star Wars. While Darth Vader passed away in Return of the Jedi, that doesn't stop him from having an impact throughout the series. In the latest film, The Force Awakens, his memory is kept on by his Grandson, Kylo Ren. While his suit was burned at the conclusion of the original trilogy, his body was not shown. It would be terrible to revert Anakin back to the dark side for the sake of shock value, but the scars of Snoke do look strangely similar. The only conclusion from that would be that Anakin Skywalker died and the evil in Darth Vader lived on through a spirit ghost or other means, and that may be just a little too farfetched.

Possibility rating: 2/10

4 A Survived Youngling

Via Imgur

For those familiar with Revenge of the Sith, Anakin is ordered to kill all the younglings (children training to be Jedi) as the plan to wipe out the good guys is executed. We see the beginnings of Darth Vader as small boys and girls are slashed down with lightsabers relentlessly (seriously, it's brutal, talk about evil). But much like the Clone Wars theory, what if a young potential Jedi, with all the teachings of Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan was missed in the slaughter (or not finished off) and hate began to course through their veins? If Episode VIII was to use this and explain Snoke's rise from survived youngling to Supreme Leader, there are no doubts that it would excite the fan base.

Possibility rating: 5/10

3 Boba Fett

VIa Gizmodo

We know Boba was forced into the mouth of a Sarlacc to be digested for the foreseeable future. But what we also know, is that the bounty hunter is incredibly resourceful. Not to mention that Boba despises Jedi. It is fair to say that if Boba somehow managed to escape the Sarlacc (not without some scars, of course), he'd be after Luke Skywalker and his friends. Snoke requests the completion of training for Kylo Ren, but he doesn't say who will be doing the training. Even a Supreme Leader would palm off force sensitive youths to a master of the Dark if it means increasing his arsenal. Not to mention how happy he would have been at Han Solo's death, not to mention making the order.

Probability rating: 4/10

2 The Original Sith Lord

Via Playbuzz

While Darth Plagueis is the oldest Sith Lord we've been told about in the movies, even he needed a master. Perhaps it was Snoke who ordered Sidious to kill Plagueis, as Sidious did the same, ordering Luke Skywalker to kill his father. While history would show that for every master, there is an apprentice, Snoke may in fact be a one man Sith council. The new trilogy has the difficult task of creating the new Sidious-Vader to help get fans talking. One of the biggest ways to do that is to combine someone as raw as Kylo Ren, with the experience of Snoke. It may be reminiscent of the brief Yoda-Luke partnership, only here we may see more interaction over the course of the series.

Probability rating: 7/10

1 Someone New

Via Blastr

Now while this isn't as much fun to think about, maybe Snoke's sole purpose was just to  train Kylo Ren. Perhaps he will end up just being another evil enemy who rose once other powerful Sith lords fell. While we are all busy looking for a link to another character, there may not be one at all. Nobody could fault the directors for trying to create their own legacy, and nothing would do that more than creating a brand new master for Star Wars fanatics to obsess over. But hey, this is Star Wars so we won't stop guessing until the end.  Rey is related to someone we know, Finn is related to someone we (likely) know and Kylo Ren is the son of Han-friggin'-Solo. The more important the character, the bigger their reveal. Just wait until I get to tell you I told you so.

Probability rating: 8/10

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