10 Of The Most Successful White Rappers Right Now

At one time, people used to say “White Men Can’t Jump” but if you look at the NBA or NCAA leagues, we know that’s not true. At one point, they said something similar in Hip-Hop: “White People Can’t Rap.” But if you peruse the rap scene right now, there are several white rappers who are putting out some really good music. Here are ten of them below:

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10 Action Bronson

Via: www.inflexwetrust.com

There is no other personality in Hip-Hop at the moment louder or more colorful than Action Bronson. He has a personality that is larger than life. Apart from having a rap style similar to Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan, he also happens to be a certified gourmet chef; he even used to host his own YouTube Cooking show. He has put out some acclaimed mixtapes in the past few years namely Rare Chandeliers and Blue Chips. However, the main entrée will be arriving later this year in the form of his major label debut titled Mr. Wonderful.

9  Mac Miller 

Via: soulculture.com


Via: www.glogster.com

Rapper MGK aka Machine Gun Kelly is a 24-yr-old rapper hailing from Cleveland, Ohio who is signed to Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy label. What sets him apart from all the other rappers on the scene is his rapid rapping style and the unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm he is able to channel into his music and live performances. Actually one of his biggest hits to date was the raucous “Wild Boy” which featured a cameo verse by the rowdy Atlanta rapper Wacka Flocka Flame. MGK also has a very loyal fan base in Ohio whom he calls part of his “Lace Up” movement – these fans have really been the organic launchpad for his quick rise to success.

7 Yelawolf

Via: www.acclaimmag.com

There are so many rappers in the crowded Hip-Hop field now, so it only makes sense that only the really unique and talented ones rise to the top. 34-yr-old rapper Yelawolf is one of these select few. He is originally from Alabama which is unique in itself because not too many rappers hail from that state. And also at one point of his life, when he was living in Berkeley, California, he was homeless and living in a park. He actually got by with the help of kind people who would come by every so often and donate cans of food.  He eventually got back on his feet and concentrated on his music and people began to notice. He is currently signed to Eminem’s Shady Label and he’s engaged to his girlfriend, Canadian singer Fefe Dobson.

6 Chris Webby

Via; www.youtube.com

When you think of rappers and their inner-city environments, the last state you’d think of as a nurturing ground for Hip-Hop is Connecticut. But that’s exactly where the next artist on our list is from. His name is Chris Webby, and for the last five years or so, he has been working the underground circuit making a name for himself. He’s getting respect and kudos from all the right people in the music industry, and his latest mixtape titled The Checkup had more than a few sonic gems. When he gets to putting out his first major label album, listeners will be pleasantly surprised.

5  Iggy Azalea

Via: nilsenreport.ca

She’s a rapper from Australia and she raps with a southern American accent. There is definitely something very different about Iggy! Additionally, she has fashion model looks and is dating one of the hot rising starts of the NBA, Nick Young. She is also affiliated with T.I. and has had the #1 song ‘Fancy” for about six weeks in a row. She has all the intangibles to take her all the way to the top: rapping skills, natural confidence, the right team, a sexy appearance and an unrelenting drive. We are going to be seeing a lot more of her in the years to come – that’s for sure.

4  G-Eazy

Via: www.gonola.com

Looks can be deceiving. When you first cast your gaze on Oakland rapper G-Eazy, he looks like a clean-cut, All-American college grad that just happens to hang with the cool crowd. However when you listen to his music, there is an interesting dichotomy – he has a brash, raw and self-assured personality and it creates the perfect contrast with his non-threatening physical appearance. It doesn’t hurt either that his rap skills are highly admired. G-Eazy just released his latest studio album last month titled These Things Happen and it made a solid debut on the Billboard Charts dropping in at #3. Oh and yeah, he does happen to be college grad too – he has a degree from Loyola University in New Orleans.

3 Asher Roth

Via: www.coolestrapblog.com

The rapper Asher Roth could quite literally be described as the Big Lebowski/Jeff Bridges of the rap scene. He broke out on the scene about five years ago with catchy tracks like “I Love College” that really propelled him to the national spotlight. But as the years have gone by, he has adopted a more laidback and relaxed point of view, and his current catalog consists of excellent soundtrack music for lazy days by the beach. His latest album came out in April titled Retro Hash, and here’s a little known fact: his manager is Scooter Braun, the same talent scout who also manages Justin Beiber.

2 Chris Miles

Via: www.youtube.com

Rappers are getting younger and younger, and their youth seems to have no bearing at all on how ferociously they attack the microphone. Case in point, the 15-yr-old rap phenom named Chris Miles. He apparently popped up on the scene at the young age of 13 via an America’s Got Talent audition tape. Since then his buzz has been steadily building, and recently, he even appeared on a posse track with Harlem’s own Hip-Hop legend Cam’ron. It was reported within the last month that he signed a lucrative record label deal with the Warner/Chappell music label worth $1.5 million. This young kid definitely has some true skills. We are eager to see his development in the next few years.

1 Eminem

Via: www.jumpradio.ca

Eminem is soon going to be 42-yrs-old, and even though he’s been a part of the Hip-Hop industry for close to two decades, he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. His last album The Marshall Mathers LP2 was a big hit featuring smashes like “Rap God” and “Monster”  (with Rihanna) – and all through the album, he showed that his lyrical skills are still as sharp as ever. He recently dropped a scorching new single with Busta Rhymes titled “Calm Down” and he is also the producer behind the popular new battle rap show Total Slaughter. We think it’s safe to say that Mr. Mathers is still wearing the crown.

Bonus: Justin Bieber

Via: www.boomsbeat.com

Okay, okay, we know Justin Bieber is not a rapper per se, but he does do a lot of "rapper things". He buys expensive cars, gets into trouble with the cops a lot, he’s been known to smoke a lot of weed, he has a nice amount of tattoos, he walks around shirtless a lot, and he hangs out with rap heavyweights like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Diddy. He has even been known to kick the occasional freestyle every now and then. So yeah, the Biebs can certainly be described as an honorary rapper.

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