The 10 Most Stressful Yet High Earning Jobs

The recession hit the world and we have seen nothing but tons of unemployed people sitting back in their homes, scratching their heads on what step they should take next. This may sound very stressful

The recession hit the world and we have seen nothing but tons of unemployed people sitting back in their homes, scratching their heads on what step they should take next. This may sound very stressful, but sometimes having a job can be more stressful than having no job at all. A recent survey has revealed that around 30-50% of Americans tag their job profile as a 'stressful' one. The polls and the surveys can be diverse in nature but in actuality, it’s a set of situations that define the stress level rather than a specific kind of job. Given that you might not like your colleagues, your boss or work environment, there are high chances of you getting stressed out. Another reason is having an apprehension that you may lose your job at anytime. On the whole, it’s the circumstances that can make or break the work satisfaction. Some people create worries of their own while others are always surrounded by it.

As per the points assigned by the U.S. Census and Department of Labor data in terms of physical danger, deadlines, competition and environment reveal the stress level of few notified professionals. The disadvantage with the ranking system is that it is based on a group of professionals, say for example, medical professionals which include surgeons, therapists, psychiatrists and physicians. However, all this stress also accounts for all those numbers behind the dollar sign on the check. Speaking of which, here is a list of top 10 most stressful yet high earning jobs in the U.S.

10 Taxi Driver: $29,220

Imagine a city like New York without taxis. Certainly people won’t want to stay in the city for long. Taxis are a backbone of transportation in the U.S. and taxi drivers are one of the busiest movers around. Sometimes the day can be so hectic; they don’t even get time to sip a cup of coffee. Long scheduled hours of work and late night driving can indirectly affect their health. Constantly penetrating through the traffic and taking a ride from North to South or East to West the whole day can be a tiring affair. With limited family time and restrictions imposed, being a taxi driver in the U.S. is a stressful job to undertake.

9 Newspaper Reporter: $36,000

The stress in a reporter’s life depends on what kind of news they are covering. Take for example; a crime reporter is more at risk than a fashion show reporter. Either way, to cover the whole news and assort them for a public newspaper is one tough job. There is no such thing as a holiday or a weekend for a journalist because they have to be ready 24/7 for the job. One mistake and everybody starts criticizing the reporter and the publishing newspaper decreasing their reliability as a source. Owing to the pressure, many reporters either quit the job or hang on to make a living.

8 Firefighters: $42,000

Long hours of work under emergency settings, makes the job of a firefighter a stressful and hectic affair. They are unable to manage proper sleeping time and are away from their families for long periods of time. The time spent working on equipment or in the station can suddenly be broken up by an urgent call for instant action. In the process of saving others they have to deal with some horrific scenes of unfortunate incidents such as death. In fact they themselves are in great physical danger throughout the entire process of putting out fires which can greatly add to the stress level.

7 Education Administrators: $43,950

The future of any nation depends on the educational background they hold onto. Education administrators play an important role in planning, directing and coordinating research that could work best for future developments. Education being the foundation of a successful outlook, administering this department is nothing to play around with. In the contemporary world, there is a constant shifting of data on a daily basis and to keep the academic profiles updated is one tough job. Knowing you are molding other minds can put a great weight on one's shoulder increasing their level of stress.

6 Police Officers: $55,000

Be it a county sheriff, a local police or a traffic sergeant, they all hang on the edge when the emergency arises. The moment a call is received, the officers have to be ready to put their lives at risk in order to make sure the law is followed and safety is secured. They very well know that an ordinary incidence or a traffic stop sometimes can turn into a dangerous affair. Even with all the authority and power their position comes with, they have to be confined within limited use of resources and have to take split second decisions to avoid bad results from various scenarios.

5 Corporate Executive: $58,000

Becomming a business leader requires a lot of effort and leadership qualities to work in conjunction with each other for a beneficial outcome. These white collar jobs may seem lucrative and enticing, but that large figure on the check does not simply appear from thin air. There is the constant stress of maintaining the reputation of the corporation in the competitive market. If an experienced executive gets all the praises for success, then he will be the one to blame for below-par performance as well.

4 Miner: $71,320

Undoubtedly, the darkness of the underground can be frightening and discouraging, especially when you have to spend long hours inside without fresh air. Such is a job of a miner. They work in limited conditions and the danger of getting trapped is very high. They can also incur different types of diseases owing to the inhalation of coal dust. Moreover; there is always a chance that the mine may close down, leaving the person unemployed.

3 Commercial Airline Pilot: $114,200

Airline take-offs and landings can be a bit scary because a little commotion can create panic among the passengers. Flying sometimes can be dangerous, but imagine the load on those people who are responsible for flying the plane safely. Undeniably, to be a commercial pilot takes a lot of courage, because they know hundreds of people sitting on the plane trust him to fly them safely to their destination. Situations can get tricky due to bad weather or equipment failure and this is the time when the pilot has to keep his calm and save the day or else the outcome can be disastrous.

2 Medical Professionals: $192,000

Considering the vitality of the profession and the constant reminder that that constantly hold people's lives in their hands puts a huge amount of pressure on these professionals. Surgeons especially have to be very cautious about their every move while fixing injuries and the hours spent inside the operation room can be a very stressful period. On the other hand, a psychiatrist listens to the patient’s problem knowing there’s not always a solution available for every concern. It’s the expectations of people that make this job hard to digest because people always expect the success, however, sometimes it is not always the case.

1 Military General ($196,000)

Military personnel have no worries of being laid off and they are facilitated with every kind of benefits. However, all this luxury and security comes at a hefty price. Once in the military, they have no option of moving even if they don't want to. Long separation from their family and deployment of troops is all the more reason why this is one of most stressful jobs in hand. With a panel of soldiers to administer, there is always a danger of violence around and there’s never a down time for the General.

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The 10 Most Stressful Yet High Earning Jobs