The 10 Most Shocking Movie Endings That Left You Guessing

Movies are similar to songs for many of us. We are reminded of a certain time of our lives when we see the DVD cover of a movie and the nostalgia is enough to make any film good. But if we're being honest, what matters to us the most is how a film starts and ends.

Creative film directors are filled with imagination and often write movies that come to them in their dreams. Other times, they can be inspired by books they have read and even real life events that are aired on the Channel 6 news. Moviegoers like myself appreciate an easy to understand plot and a storyline that makes sense but hopefully will also leave you thinking at the end.

Out of the factors just mentioned, movie critics and bloggers rave about movies with unexpected endings. While we are seeing more Marvel comic book movies or traditional plots, that doesn't mean that there are not some outstanding twists and turns to be found in recent films. To make sure we've covered all bases, we've included some of the best classics of all time as well.

Whether you have watched these movies or will become enticed to buy them online, here are 10 movie endings that will shock you.


10 Gone Girl (2014)


Gone Girl is a movie that is not easily forgotten. From the beginning to end there are unexpected twists, turns, shocks and drama that helped make it one of the most unique films out there. As you grip your hands to the arms of your seat, you are left wondering how much you really know about the people you are close to.

After Ben Affleck’s character Nick discovered the dramatic plan of his wife Amy, most believed at this point in the movie he would turn her in to authorities and spill the beans. Instead, what happens is a gripping thriller that leaves your heart pounding. We won't give it all away here, but let's just say it was well deserving of the extreme praise that the film received.

9 The Game (1997)


After the lead character played by Michael Douglas is traumatized after seeing his father commit suicide, he becomes a workaholic and distances himself from his brother and wife. On Nicholas’ 48th birthday, his brother Conrad gives him a ticket to play a game with a promise that it will change his life forever. The game is a journey that Nicholas never expected. Douglas ends up leading his business into complete failure as he continues to try and learn out more about Consumer Recreation Services, the company that runs the game.

At the very end of the movie, Nicholas discovered that it was a well thought out plan by his brother to teach him to cherish his life. Definitely, a long-winded lesson all to make sure Douglas does not end up like their father!

8 The Orphan (2009)

After Kate and John Coleman adopt a nine-year-old girl from Russia named Esther, you begin to believe that it is the best decision they could have made. After all, they already had an adorable daughter that was deaf and a son that needed another sibling to keep them company.

At the beginning of the movie the couple's son is the only one that notices strange vibes from Esther. But after a school fight gone bad with Esther and a call from Sister Abigail from the orphanage, it is revealed that terrible events seem to always follow Esther around.

The end of the movie will leave you speechless when it is revealed that 9-year-old Esther is actually a 33-year-old woman with a hormone disorder that stunted her growth. Apparently Esther had an agenda to be adopted by different foster homes and then ruin them. Hopefully after the film you don't feel like your evening has been ruined!

7 Crash (2004)


When the movie Crash came out starring Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon and Terrence Howard, people were stunned with the amount of social truth that was present in the film. It starts out with a car crash with a diverse group of people in the taxi and shows a chain of events occurring during the same night with other people living in Los Angeles.

With controversial beginnings and endings to each scene, the last character is left with a decision to either take $5,000 of cash to perform human trafficking or release the victims. One would think that there would be a more positive end to the movie, but as you know because of this list, there is more to the ending than meets the eye.

6 Across The Line (2015)

Canada is a beautiful country with the world knowing it most for hockey, the French-speaking Quebecois and multiculturalism. Stephan James plays Mattie, a high school hockey player with a ton of potential to break into the National Hockey League. Despite the adversity he experienced with wooing his high school crush, hate from fellow hockey players in the region and racism, you begin to think that he has a shot of making it to the big leagues. After crossing the line in conflicts with schoolmates, he later finds out that being in the wrong place at the wrong time would create an end to this big opportunity.

The movie ended with Mattie getting his high school crush, but it kept us hanging on the idea of whether he eventually made to the NHL it or not.

5 Sleeping With the Enemy (1991)


Julia Roberts was in the prime of her career when this movie was filmed. It starts out with her (Laura Burney) and her husband living on beach front property. While in the beginning it appears that she has the perfect life, her husband becomes jealous after a neighbor shares that Laura watches him from her window. After a terrible beating, one would think that this movie would end badly, but the first twist occurs with Roberts fakes her own death. She ends up moving across the country closer to her mother that lives in a nursing home, finding a job and a compassionate boyfriend.

Near the end of the movie, she murders her husband who had hired a private investigator to track her down. As you can imagine it's a tense ending that leaves your heart pounding!

4 Seven Pounds (2008)


After Will Smith’s character Tim Thomas makes a careless decision to text while driving, he causes the death of his wife in the passenger seat and a total of 7 drivers. With the added guilt on his shoulders, he plans to donate his vital organs to seven people after he commits suicide. He uses the identity of his brother, played by Michael Ealy, an IRS field agent to visit and interview the 7 prospects to see first if they are good people that are deserving of the donation.

After Tim falls for one of the prospects named Emily Posa, played by Rosario Dawson, you would think that this would be his second chance at life. There is more to the story though and the demise of his life will keep you thinking.


3 Love Jones (1997)


Mix poetry, love and artistry in one movie and you get the fantastic film, Love Jones. This epic movie had movie critics talking and was one of the first films that was able to accomplish some of these themes without appearing like a movie strictly for women. Larenz Tate playing Darius Lovehall and Nia Long (Nina Mosley) go through ups and downs in their friendship that quickly turns into a relationship, a story that many people can relate to. Sadly, the two end up parting ways with Nina finds a new job in New York City where her ex-boyfriend lives.

At the end of the movie their two cross paths again, leaving you both speechless as well as wondering what would have happened once the film ended!

2 Shutter Island (2010)


We can never get enough of Leonardo DiCaprio and his talent for being an amazing actor. In Shutter Island, DiCaprio plays character Teddy Daniels who, along with his investigative partner, are on the search for a woman that escaped a highly secured mental facility. On his first night on the island, Teddy has a dream of his wife that passed away telling him the escaped patient is still on the island and the story only further unfolds from there.

The movie will put you through a mental mind game with Teddy almost turning into a patient and concealed truths being revealed throughout the film. The movie has kept many people wondering what really happened with Leonardo’s character at the end, but that just made it all the more fun for viewers to speculate!

1 Memento (2000)


Memento, is a neo-noir psychological thriller with a sequence of twists and turns that can only be achieved by a movie that plays 'backwards' (starting at the climax of the film). Leonard Shelby (Paul Pearce) is on the lookout for a killer that ended the life of his wife. He is understandably ready for revenge, but is left with amnesia during the attack that erases his memory at the end of every day.

Leonard uses Polaroid photographs and tattoos on his body to help him remember, and hopefully eventually discover who it was that killed his wife. The movie is shot in black and white, as well as in color, making it just as visually appealing as it is engaging.

One thing is for sure, Memento is guaranteed to make you press stop and rewind on your DVD player. With so many unexpected revelations, you will be left wondering who killed who in the end.

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