The 10 Most Powerful Jedi In The Star Wars Universe

When it comes to the Star Wars Universe, we're talking one massive thing that is tough to pin down to just the movies. We finally have a new movie in The Force Awakens as well as the long awaited Star Wars Battlefront game. There is literally no better time to be a fan of the Star Wars Universe.

Ever since Disney took on Star Wars, many wondered what would become of it. Would they ruin a once great dynasty of movies or allow it to have the same success it has had for decades? So far, we've seen a cartoon on Disney XD and there are some books to consider for your reading pleasure.

Disney will truly be tested once the new movie comes out later this year. The hope is that we will get another new hero, and someone we can see as a top Jedi for years to come. The Jedi can be seen fighting their enemies with lightsabers, one of the most deadly weapons in all of the galaxy. The issue is that only the Jedi can truly use these weapons to their greatest potential.

People always talk about the Jedi being good, but that is not always the case. We have the Sith or Dark Side who study the dark side of the Force and then the Jedi Order, where our heroes come from, who study the light side of the Force. Some leave the good and jump to the bad and even kill their former Jedi brothers. Some turn from bad to good, as all they need is to be shown the light.

Regardless of who turns or who stays the same, one thing is certain, we have very powerful people in this universe. We decided to count down the most powerful of the Jedi, and you might be surprised by some of the picks. Enjoy.


10 Ki-Adi Mundi


Known by the Star Wars world as a general of sorts, this Cerean belongs on the list simply due to his level of badassery alone. He was beloved by the entire Jedi Council, which allowed him certain freedoms that few might have had. He was in favor of independence for his home of Cerea, which made him a very big proponent of peace.

The Jedi were known as peace keepers first and fighters second, which is why violence was never something they wanted to be involved in. Mundi fit this well, but when the light was green to fight, he would go out and kick tail like few could.

He was known for being right in the middle of any fight and would be one of the first people the enemy would see each and every time that he went into battle. This made many know him as fearless and it would only help him in the future.

It was the Battle of Cerea that changed him, as it was the time his entire family perished. This would only make him a more dedicated and even greater Jedi.

He led many attacks on the Droid Foundries, which made him feared by many on the dark side.

He was on the Jedi Council at one point, mostly due to his wisdom; this before even becoming a Jedi Master, which was almost unheard of. His wisdom was something that made him great at what he did and his ability to be at the heart of any war without dying in the process makes you respect him greatly.

9 Plo Koon

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Koon was no stranger to the fight and could beat or match most any saber fighter in the Star Wars universe. Koon was routinely picked for missions involving the need of lightsaber greats. He originally started his career as a Jedi Guardian but would eventually become a Jedi General.

Many know him as the "Hero of the Republic," and for good reason; he did a lot to keep the universe safe.

Koon was not only great with a lightsaber, but he could also get in a starfighter and take on all comers and usually came out on top. Koon most likely would have survived any war in front of him if not for Senator Palpatine. It was he that implemented Order 66. This order changed the clones, and forced them to turn on the Jedi they were once fighting with. This is where Koon went down.

Due to his major abilities on the ground with a saber and in the sky with a fighter, he belongs on any list if we're talking about great Jedi.

8 Kit Fisto

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Fisto won't be confused for one of the most beautiful Jedi you've ever seen, but he's by no means a slouch to forget about. Fisto helped to lead the Clones into the war against the Droids where Fisto would become a Jedi legend.

He was known for being oh so close to killing General Grievous. If not for security helping him, Fisto would have ended the General then.

Perhaps one thing that is most notable about Fisto is his underwater fighting ability, which puts him head and shoulders above many. It is considered amazing to see, and few could compare with what he can do underwater, or even on land.

When he and Mace Windu went to arrest Senator Palpatine, the Dark One fought back and Fisto sadly was killed on this day.

7 Jacen Solo


You may be wondering how Jacen Solo made it on a list of Jedi, but before he ever turned to evil he was one heck of a Jedi and could have been great. He had a twin sister named Jaina. Both had to avoid capture and assassination due to being the children of the great Han Solo and Leia.

He trained with his uncle Luke Skywalker to become a proper Jedi. Luke was able to help him nail a lot of things that would help him to become great. He began his training at 13, which was older than some who started but younger than others. Some believe his maturity allowed him to totally grasp the Force.

Like many Jedi, he was all for peace. Jacen never wanted to be involved in war but tragically it was a war that changed his life. He was thrust into a war that involved his brother's passing, which forced Jacen to take up the reigns lead at a time he didn't know he could. He didn't feel he was qualified to be a leader, but did so anyway. After this, he was captured by the enemy who forced him to listen and take in the dark side.

This was the time, potentially, that the Jedi truly lose Jacen Solo.

He was able to escape capture and then join the Jedi to help take down the dark side. Afterward, he had a vision that he would kill uncle Luke and the galaxy would consume itself, but the catch was that it would not occur if he joined the Sith. So to save his mentor, his family, and the galaxy, he joined the dark side to complete his destiny.

It would seem like the proper Jedi thing to do. Sadly, the dark side would consume Jacen and he would go on to become Darth Caedus, a very prominent Sith Master. He would torture Ben Skywalker and kill Luke Skywalker's beloved Mara Jade. While the former Jedi turned just to save the galaxy, he in turn took the dark side which put him into a world that would turn him on all he once loved.

Ironically, it was his twin sister Jaina Solo who he trained with and grew up with, who would end up killing him to end his dark reign.

6 Anakin Skywalker


Anakin was not known to the world all that well before the movies made him into a legendary figure, as we knew him as someone else well before. We watched the young Skywalker grow into one of the greatest Jedi of his era, and he would be trained by one of the greats in Obi-Wan Kenobi to help him get there. The problem was that his anger got in the way a lot.

During the Clone Wars, this began to be a major problem for him and it would start to slowly push him toward a darker side he need not go down.

Like many Jedi, Skywalker had visions and one such vision was of his wife, Amidala, dying in child birth. This made him overly desperate to try and find a way to save her life, which is where Palpatine would come into play. He was actually Lord Sidious as well, but Skywalker had no real idea at the time. He would manipulate Anakin and tell him that he would save the life of his wife if he became his apprentice.

Skywalker would then become the legendary Darth Vader. Palpatine would later transform the Republic into the Galactic Empire and would try to kill of the entire Jedi Order.

Skywalker would go into battle with his former mentor Obi-Wan after he believed Amidala betrayed him. Both would then fight, leaving Skywalker terribly hurt in the end and near death.

It was at this time the legendary suit came into play for Skywalker, as it helped to completely keep him alive. Vader believed his wife to be dead and thus decided to go on with his dark mentor where he would become the right hand to the Emperor and hunt down Jedi for years to come.

While his Sith side is stuff of legend, it all started with him being one of the best Jedi of all time, which people tend to forget. His death also allowed us to see a little Jedi left within him, which allows us to have him on a list of the most powerful Jedi.

5 Nomi Sunrider


Many were under the belief that females could not enter the world of the Jedi and become as great as the men, if they ever could get in at all. Nomi not only disproved this theory among some, but she downright annihilated it. She is known as THE female Jedi. There is no one else that comes close for many fans.

Nomi was a mere human female who happened to be married to a Andur Sunrider, who happened to be a Jedi in training. Sadly, on a trip they were ambushed by Bogga the Hutt's soldiers where her husband ended up being killed. She then picked up his lightsaber and went out to finish what he started and become a Jedi on her own.

Not only did she do this, she became a Jedi Knight and could match anyone in her way.

Perhaps her greatest moment was when she fought Exar Kun and his apprentice, Qel-Droma in the Great Sith War where she was victorious at the end of the day. She was able to hold her own with them and even removed Qel-Droma's connection to the Force, which truly allowed for her side to win.

She would then climb the Jedi ranks and become the head of the Jedi Order, which was an honor that few could ever dream of. A woman being able to do it only made it even cooler. She is spoken off a lot, but we don't see as much of her as many would like in the movies.

4 Mace Windu


Mace Windu was by no means someone to sleep on when it came to the Jedi Order. All the Jedi needed was Mace with a lightsaber and they would be safe it seemed. He was known for creating the lightsaber form of Vaapad. He happened to be the only one who practiced this style who didn't fall to the dark side.

Windu would be the Master of the Jedi Order until the Battle of Genosis took place which would allow for this power to be shifted to the great Yoda. Mace would go on to become a major fixture in the universe before going to capture Senator Palpatine. On this night, he would duel with Palpatine and would do a great job until Anakin Skywalker betrayed him.

It was there that Mace would die, but not after a Jedi career that was stuff of legend.


3 Obi-Wan Kenobi


Obi-Wan Kenobi would be one of the most key figures in all of the Star Wars universe. It is said that the galaxy was shaped by a mere decision made by Kenobi. He would learn under the training of Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn but would go on to train two other key figures in Anakin and Luke Skywalker, two of the most powerful Jedi ever. Some say he even eclipsed his mentors.

Most notably for Kenobi, he would be the first man in 1,000 years at the time to defeat a Sith Lord when he and Qui-Gon beat Darth Maul. He would survive Order 66 and would go on to duel with and kill General Grievous.

After Anakin Skywalker turned on the Jedi, Kenobi would go after his former pupil and was able to defeat him in combat. Sadly, he did not kill him which would become key in the universe. Darth Vader's survival led to the Dark Side taking more power but it was not Kenobi's life to take at the end of the day.

Kenobi would train Anakin's son Luke Skywalker, who would become great. Kenobi tried to take on Darth Vader as an older man, which would lead to his defeat and eventual death. This didn't stop Kenobi from being with Luke after death and guiding him even as a ghostly figure.

Kenobi was obviously one of the most key figures who was needed for each and every story ever truly told in the universe.

2 Luke Skywalker


The young pupil of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Luke Skywalker would go on to become a hero for the Republic. He was an excellent pilot, but he could also duel with anyone who had a lightsaber.

He would destroy the first Death Star, allowing the dark side simply to create another. Skywalker would invade and duel with his father Darth Vader. Then-Emperor Palpatine would watch, loving the sight of his pupil fighting with his son. It was then that he would ask Luke to join the Dark Side, which Luke refused.

Palpatine, angered by his answer, would summon all of his Force lightning to take the young Skywalker out. Vader watched his son in pain and realized that the dark side was not worth the life of his only son. Vader then decided to help his son and turn good if not only to stop the death of his son. Vader would kill Palpatine but die in the process himself.

Luke would go on to found the New Jedi Order and would have the rank of master before too long. He could tell his future and do things no other Jedi could do before him. To some, he is the top of the list every single day of the week. One man, however, has this role.

1 Yoda


When you think Star Wars, you think Yoda. The reason for this is simple, he is the great seer. His wisdom was stuff of legend, and we probably hear ourselves quoting him on a regular basis without even realizing it.

Yoda would train many of the Jedi on this list and allow them to train other major figures in the universe. Without Yoda, no one truly becomes a legend. He was the leader of the Jedi Council and Master of the Jedi Order for longer than anyone before or after him, which puts him in a place of his own.

He was a master lightsaber fighter, but rarely fought. He would dedicate his life to passing on knowledge through teaching rather than get involved in the fight. However, when he had to, Yoda would destroy anyone who tried him.

Possibly the most notable of all his battles was his fight with Sith Master Darth Sidious. He and Sidious would have a fight that would become legendary on its own. Sadly for Yoda, he would get a vision where he would train Luke Skywalker. He couldn't die that day, so he would accept failure to train Luke later on.

He made the ultimate sacrifice and never needed the glory to be called the best. However, he was the best. Few even come close.


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