The 10 Most Powerful DC Villains We Haven't Yet Seen In Movies

Warner Bros. DC have finally made it to their turn to cease the superhero movie genre by establishing their own cinematic universe, and with this should come the long-awaited debut of its many villain

Warner Bros. DC have finally made it to their turn to cease the superhero movie genre by establishing their own cinematic universe, and with this should come the long-awaited debut of its many villains.

We can go on forever as to who has the best superheroes, but when it comes to the bad guys, DC has had it hands down. It's a shame that its taken so long for some of these infamous figures to make it to the big screen, but seeing the advances the genre has made in the last couple years, it's probably for the best.

While we've seen countless iterations of villains such as The Joker or Lex Luthor, there are a plethora of other interesting adversaries that would take superhero films to a whole other level. It is often the villains that make the best out of these high-end action films after all.

Some of the following characters have been lucky enough to find themselves on the small screen, but now that we understand what a large film studio budget can actually do, it's safe to agree that these cameos are largely underselling them. Here are a few that us comic book fans are dying to see in Warner Bros. DC upcoming slate.

10 Solomon Grundy


Zombies have always been a mainstay in modern cinema, but rarely are they ever as badass as this anti-hero. The character awoke to find himself as a reanimated corpse after being unjustly murdered and buried in Slaughter Swamp.

Confused and with no memory of his former self, the villain adopts the name Solomon Grundy from a nursery rhyme overheard by a hobo and soon enters a violent rampage killing all those in his path. His new elemental-based body has granted him an insane amount of strength and fortitude, making him virtually indestructible.

9 Black Manta


This villain has been one of Aquaman's most deadly nemeses since day one and would be one of the perfect characters to help usher the disrespected superhero in his upcoming solo film.

8 Doomsday


“Superman is overpowered.” “No one can beat him, that's why his movies are boring.” Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you your solution to the dreaded Superman syndrome.

Doomsday is a total abomination due to constant experimentation and cloning, granting him strength on par with the Kryptonian superhero, and unreal regenerating capabilities. Apart from this, Doomsday to this day is the only villain to ever kill Superman, making his big screen debut that much more amazing.

7 Black Adam


The big screen may not yet be strong enough to hold the power of this ancient Egyptian prince. Black Adam is the sworn adversary to Captain Marvel (Shazam), and holds all the same mystical powers as the herculean superhero.

He even accesses his powers the same way as the Justice League member, however Black Adam has hundreds of years of more experience than the young Billy Batson in combat, and is also completely ruthless.

6 Bizarro


How we've had at least a hundred different live action Superman films and not one official Bizarro appearance is beyond me. He's been a prominent figure within the Superman comics and could serve to add some depth to the already overpowered and “boring” superhero.

5 Sinestro


Most will remember this character making his grand appearance in the flop Green Lantern film in 2011, however he was only represented as the superhero's ally in this one and not the diabolic villain he was bound to become later.

4 Deathstroke


Finding his way from animation to a live action appearance on the hit CW series Arrow, Deathstroke's next stop must inevitably be on the big screen.

The character has one of the most interesting origin stories of all the the major DC villains, as he's most commonly seen opposing the most interesting major DC superhero.

3 Brainiac


Here's yet another major Superman villain that has for too long eluded the live action movies. Brainiac, unlike most of the superhero's villains, is completely cerebral and only seeks to absorb eternal knowledge.

2 Court of Owls


Sometimes the most tantalizing villains are the ones you don't see. After this criminal organization's debut in the New 52 comics, Batman fans everywhere have demanded to see them fully embellished in live action.

We've gotten closer to this goal with the Fox series Gotham setting the stage for their own interpretation, but this secret society would undoubtedly do amazing things in a solo Batman flick.

Beware the Court of Owls, that watches all the time,

Ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime.

They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed.

1 Darkseid


That's right. There will be no such thing as DC Cinematic Universe without the inclusion of this big bad. There is simply no being in the the comics more absolute or as big of a threat to the entire Justice League.

Darkseid resides and rules on his planet of Apokolips, however that just isn't enough for the omnipotent overlord. His conquests have frequently put him at odds with the Justice League, and while they've always managed to thwart his plan, he's infamous for pushing them all to their absolute limits.

Villains like Darkseid are considered the “final boss” for movie franchises like these, meaning he'll most likely make his appearance in the Justice League film.



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The 10 Most Powerful DC Villains We Haven't Yet Seen In Movies