The 10 Most Notorious Celebrity Cougars of 2015

hottest cougars of 2015

Most normal guys find it difficult and unrealistic even, to date an older woman. To some it’s such a turnoff, while there are others who find it ridiculous because it almost feels like dating your mother. Well, there is a new breed of men out there who find it enticing and arousing to date older women. Forget about the kept men whose lives with their older women are nothing more than secret lives and hidden affairs here and there. We are talking about men who have come out and forthrightly have been dating their cougars in public. Some have even gone on to marry and raise families with these women.

This is not just something that we see in our normal lives, but celebrities go through the same things too. After all, the celebrities are also human, and like ourselves, they too do need affection. We have rounded up a list of some of the most notorious celebrity cougars of the year. This should prove an interesting read. As we head into the latter weeks of the year, let’s just pray by the time we come up with a new list for 2016, some of these cougars will not be on the prowl for new flesh.

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10 Demi Moore

It is close to impossible to start a list of notorious cougars without the mention of Demi Moore, or Demi Guynes, her birth name. The American actress, former model and songwriter, and film maker became famous for skipping school at 16 to become a star. Having left her husband Freddy Moore in 1985, she would then get married to Bruce Willis between 1987 and the year 2000, before getting tired of older guys and switching her preference to younger men. In 2005 she got married to Ashton Kutcher who was 15 years her junior, a marriage which lasted until 2013.

9 Mariah Carey

The popular songstress, currently 45 years old, pulled a surprise to the entire world when she decided to marry Nick Cannon in 2008. Nick is 10 years her junior. At the moment the two of them are going through divorce proceedings, with Mariah claiming that Nick is dragging his feet to put final touches on the divorce. The bone of contention is Nick apparently looking to receive $30 million in order to see through the divorce, even though details of their prenuptials indicated far less than he is asking for. Which begs the question – when on earth has Nick ever made more money than Mariah??!

8 Sharon Stone

One thing that works for Sharon is the fact that she is a natural beauty. While other women have to sit through layers and layers of foundation to look so attractive to younger folk, she barely has to make an effort. The 57-year-old actor’s most recent prey was Argentine model, Martin Mica, 27, a relationship that was an open secret. Other than their relationship, there’s no secret in Hollywood as to her preferences in younger men. The two braved rumors about their supposed split, showing up in public affectionately. She is currently a single woman, though we know it’s only a matter of time.

7 Madonna

Tales of Madonna and younger men are stuff of legend. The 57-year-old singer doesn’t seem to shy away from the same either. Such is her confidence in younger men that during a performance live on stage at Coachella, she went on to kiss rap musician Drake, a kiss that sent social media abuzz with memes and jokes. Later on she would apologize for the kiss, insisting that she regretted doing it in the first place. Whether she regretted it or not, she definitely earns a pick for a slot in our celebrity cougar hall of fame for 2015.

6 Robin Wright

Not really one to be in the limelight from time to time, Robin finds a lot of love and fulfilment in her partner, Ben Foster. The 49-year-old actress who stars in House of Cards as Claire Underwood talks affectionately about Foster, describing their time together as one of the most satisfying, happier moments in her life. As is the case with Hollywood celebrities however, her relationship with Ben has been an on and off encounter. Maybe Ben was just good enough to overcome the trauma that was her marriage to Sean Penn, but not the one for her, just yet!

5 Sandra Bullock

Let’s face it guys, who can say no to her dreamy eyes? Well, not Bryan Randall. The 41-year-old finds comfort in the arms of 51-year-old Sandra Bullock, or is it the other way around? Their relationship has been an open secret, as is Sandra’s preference for younger men. Whether they will make it through the year however is a mystery, with claims that Bryan is secretly seeing one of his exes. Listen up Bryan, these older ladies do not like their boy toys servicing the needs of other women, especially younger ones, so you have been warned!

4 Eva Mendes

34-year-old Ryan Gosling and 41-year-old Eva Mendes are the perfect example of a cougar marriage made in heaven. They got married in 2011 and have been together since then. They have a small girl, Esmeralda Amanda Gosling and not much has been rumored or gossiped about a potential breakup, cheating or any of that kind of stuff. Maybe we just aren’t looking hard enough, because in Hollywood, perfect is always the perfect recipe for disaster. Not to appear to wish bad luck on this amazing couple, we wish them a happy marriage, happy life together, at least for the sake of their small girl.

3 Vivica A. Fox

2 Cameron Diaz

Her high profile cougar – cougee relationship with Justin Timberlake was one of the most discussed relationships in Hollywood and beyond. At the time when they were dating, she was 31, with a 9 year age gap between them. This relationship would last 4 years. The 43-year-old actress is currently marred to Benji Madden, a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, having gotten married this year. Benji is popular from his music career with Taintstick, The Madden Brothers and most significantly, Good Charlotte. It seems Cameron does not just love them young, but after choosing to settle down with a rock star, she apparently loves them noisy as well.

1 Jennifer Aniston

Actress, producer and business woman are just some of the titles that have been used to address her successful career, at least not until cougar comes in. Well, when it comes to matters of the heart, it is hard to pull the intelligence card. After all, everyone has something or someone in particular that works well for them. For 46-year-old Jennifer, Justin Theroux, whom she got married to this year, 2 years younger than she is, works just fine. Before Justin, she dated John Mayer for almost a year. Suffice to say, John is 9 years younger than her.

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