The 10 Most Hardworking Food Show Hosts on TV

Food related shows have become very popular on television these days. The Food Network and Cooking channels enjoy extremely high ratings, and it’s a trend that looks to continue for many years to come. When you delve into this phenomenon a little further, you’ll find out that it’s a handful of dedicated and very hardworking chefs who have spurred on this mass interest in food. Here are ten of the most diligent and industrious food show hosts on television:

10 Guy Fieri:

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In the realm of food TV hosts, Guy Fieri probably puts in the most hours. Sure the blonde-haired chef has a lot of energy, buy when does he find time to sleep?  These are the different shows he hosts: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy’s Big Bite, The Game Show, Minute to Win It, Rachel Vs Guy: Celebrity Cook Off, Guy’s Grocery Games – and this doesn’t even include the cameos he makes on other shows like The Favorite Thing I Ever Ate and The Next Food Network Star. On top of all this, he writes books and owns restaurants too. “Overachieving” must be his middle name.

9 Bobby Flay:

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Bobby Flay is a New York City chef to the core – and like any true born and raised New Yorker, enough is never enough.  Bobby Flay is one of the major faces of The Food Network cable channel. You can figure that out by the amount of shows he hosts on the channel. Here are some of them: Worst Cooks In America, The Main Ingredient with Bobby Flay, Bobby’s Dinner Battle, Brunch at Bobby’s (which airs on the Cooking Channel) and Throwdown! With Bobby Flay. He is also an Iron Chef on Iron Chef America and a judge on The Next Food Network Star. Outside of his hosting duties, he is also a successful restaurateur with several successful eateries like Bobby Flay Steak in Atlantic City and his newly opened Gato Mediterranean restaurant in NYC. He must really be raking the dollars in.

8 Gordon Ramsay:

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It’s okay to admit to being a little scared of the Scottish Chef Gordon Ramsay, because quite frankly, he’s pretty scary. In Ramsay’s world, it has to be culinary perfection or nothing – and if you can’t deliver, he is quick to hurl a furious tongue-lashing in your direction. He’s been a mega-star on American television for some time now with hit shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmare and Master Chef.  All these shows enjoy extremely high ratings. In addition to all this, he’s a seasoned and immensely popular restaurateur with over 10 eateries all over the world (Dubai, Tokyo, United States, South Africa, London etc). There’s no other way to describe him; this man is a sheer force of nature.

7 Ching He Huang:

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It’s nice to add some exotic culture and a nice crisp British accent whenever you are composing one of these lists and we get exactly that with the lovely Ching He Huang. Originally from Taiwan, she was raised in Asia and then South Africa until she was eleven, and afterwards, she moved to the United Kingdom. In the food world Ching is the reigning queen of Asian cuisine. She has two shows on the cooking channel Restaurant Redemption and Easy Chinese and she also still works for the BBC. She appears on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch regularly and has written a handful of books including Ching’s Chinese Food In Minutes .

6  Rachael Ray:

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Next up on our list is another New York native, Rachael Ray. The aspect that sets her apart from the other food show hosts is the effortless way she comes across as just a regular lady. But even with her warm smile and very affable attitude, this lady knows how to burn the midnight oil. On top of her daily syndicated Rachel Ray show on network television, she also hosts 3 popular shows on the food network: 30 minute meals, Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels and $40 dollars a Day. She has also written several cookbooks based on her 30 Minute Meals signature show. She’s still just 45-years-old, and you can definitely expect many more accomplishments from her in the coming years.

5  Alton Brown:

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4  Robert Irvine:

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British Chef Robert Irvine definitely has the biggest muscles of any of the food show hosts listed in this article. He is the current host of one of the most addictive programs on the Food Network channel, Restaurant Impossible. On this program, he helps restaurants in distress turn their businesses around in just 2 days – yes it’s very intense. He’s also the host of Dinner Impossible, and the owner of a restaurant called Nosh in South Carolina. Mr. Irvine is a former Navy man, so there’s really no stopping him when he’s focused on getting the job done.

3 Chuck Hughes:

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Chuck Hughes is the one chef on this list hailing from the Great Land of Canada, He’s from Montreal to be exact and he first popped on the scene a couple of years back with his every enjoyable food show, Chuck’s Day Off. That program really jumpstarted his career and he has gone on to host a travel-themed show called Chuck’s Week Off and another fun show called Chuck’s Eat the Street. Chuck owns two restaurants in Canada named Garde Manger and Le Bremner, and he is also a current host on Chopped: Canada.

2 Jamie Oliver:

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1 Tom Colicchio:

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The show Top Chef on the Bravo channel is largely considered as one of the most quality food shows on television. A huge part of the success of the show can be attributed to one of its top judges Tom Colicchio. He is a highly respected chef and restaurateur - he is the owner of established dining spots in NYC like Gramercy Tavern and Craft. He has also written three excellent cookbooks including the award-winning Think Like A Chef. He recently opened two new restaurants in upstate New York and Vegas, and he also spends a lot of time giving both food and money to charities all over the country.

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