The 10 Most Famous Swords In Video Game History

Wielding a sword of great power has always been a main theme among most fantasy video games. Whether you start with the legendary blade or have to progress before coming into ownership of its magnificence, this timeless classic is apparent in almost every storyline. There’s something about having a sword that makes you feel empowered or fabled. This feeling is apparent not just in the virtual world, but in history as well. In many folklore tales, there are countless examples of heroes who have defeated their foes with legendary swords: King Arthur, Sigmund of Norse mythology, the Masamune and Muramasa blades; all have implemented magical swords with god-like powers.

The idea of possessing a sword of unworldly powers is as old as the weapon itself. Anything is possible when making a video game, and with this freedom and creativity, many fictional weapons have been born. Whether you’re playing a fantasy RPG or a futuristic First-Person Shooter, you will find yourself wielding some of the most deadly melee weapons in existence. This list unsheathes some of the most famous swords in video game history. So put down your controllers and find out if you've had the honor of wielding these famous blades.

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10 The Blade of Olympus - God of War

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During you’re mythological gore quest in God of War, you’ll come across the celestial god sword known only as the Blade of Olympus. This sword is said to have ended the war against the Titans thanks to Zeus, who forged its powers from the heavens and the earth.

Zeus used this sword to trick Kratos, the game's protagonist, into draining all his godlike powers into the deceitful blade. After traveling through time, Kratos managed to regain the Blade and its powers, later using it to kill both Zeus and the Titan Gaia. This godly weapon proves its strength time and time again throughout the God of War series. A sword of such power is not to be forgotten.

9 Energy Sword - Halo

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Halo is known for its slew of futuristic guns and weapon based, trigger happy vehicles, but let’s not forget about its devastating Energy Sword. This one hit kill melee weapon became a fan favorite in Halo 2, when players realized the strength behind its devastating swing.

Wielding this magnetically gas based sword meant inevitable death for any player who entered your vicinity. With the click of a button, you rendered your enemy useless, instantly killing them due to the impact of the swords infallible burn. This new weapon - favored by the Arbitors - became a power house among all Spartans, whether they were playing the in-game campaign or online.

8 Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts

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The Keyblade plays a major role in the Kingdom Hearts series. Its power is the deciding factor between life’s existence, wielded by the main character Sora in the battle between darkness and light. He is not the only one to wield one of these magical blades as many other characters have Keyblades throughout the series, such as Mickey Mouse.

Although these swords don’t actually have a cutting edge, they are very powerful in battle and possess many spellbinding powers, most importantly being that they can close barriers between worlds. These legendary blades are the most powerful weapons in the Kingdom Hearts series, with their iconic design and deep lore making them just as important as the characters themselves.

7 Rebellion - Devil May Cry

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Capcom’s fast paced combo based action adventure series Devil May Cry introduced some of the most trilling and inventive melee moves ever seen in gaming. Even though the main character Dante has two guns, you’ll find that his massive double edged blade, Rebellion, is far more powerful.

This oversized blade was given to Dante by his father, the Dark Knight Sparda. Once the sword's powers were awakened by Dante, he could perform death-defying combos and unworldly maneuvers, giving him the ability to take on the vilest of creatures. Rebellion is a trademark weapon in the DMC series and has proven its strength in some of the most difficult and skill-demanding fights in video game history.

6 Monado - Xenoblade

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This stylish energy sword is picky when it comes to its wielder. One may not be able to control such a sword if their will is not strong enough. The Monado is a powerful blade that manipulates ether, the building block of all life in the Xenoblade universe.

It grants its user the power of foresight. If that’s not impressive enough, it can also slice through Mechon - machine soldiers - and their armor like butter. When wielding this sword you feel like a legendary warrior; from its glowing blade to its endless amount of power, you will always feel confident walking into battle.

5 Frostmourne - World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft has taken over the lives of countless gamers since its release in 2004, and continues to reign supreme as the most popular fantasy MMORPG out there. Considering the game takes place in a fantasy universe, you can bet you’ll find a lot of different swords throughout its vast world map.

The one that stands out over all would have to be the Lich King's sword, Frostmourne. This icy rune blade is one mean looking sword, which is fitting considering the fact it devours the souls of its victims, which in turn strengthens the cursed sword's power. So after a few thousand victims you can just imagine the power this ancient blade holds.

4 Masamune - Chrono Trigger

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Named after Japan's greatest swordsmith, Goro Nyudo Masamune, this famous blade has appeared in many different video games including Final Fantasy and Soulcalibur, but it’s most powerful and highly regarded form was in Square's beloved RPG, Chrono Trigger.

This legendary sword is wielded by Frog, who uses it to split a mountain in half. It can also absorb its opponent’s life when struck, which heals the wielder. When used against one of the game's antagonists Magus, it lowers his defense massively, proving its fabled strength against pure evil.

3 Buster Sword - Final Fantasy

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The iconic Buster Sword may not be the most powerful weapon in the Final Fantasy series, but it's Cloud Strife's trademark weapon, recognized by both fans and casual gamers alike. Its original owner, Zack Fair, passed the sword on to Cloud with his dying breath.

This colossal broadsword is nearly six feet in length, with a single-edged foot wide blade. Watching Cloud swing around this massive sword as if it was light as a feather is impressive and mesmerizing. Its iconic design will forever be remembered and recreated, casting fear into all those unlucky souls crazy enough to take it on.

2 Soul Edge - Soulcalibur

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When a sword is the main antagonist in a series, you know it’s bound to hold great power. Soul Edge became a demonic weapon after being bathed in blood and hatred. This sword takes over all who wield it, driving them to insanity and devouring their souls. It can also change its form depending on the current owner and victim.

The Soul Edge is most recognized for sporting an evil eye at the base of its hilt with flesh growing from its cross guard. This is one badass sword, capable of not only dealing insane amounts of damage but inflicting it onto its wielder as well. You’d have to be insane to use or fight against this iconic blade from the Soulcalibur series.

1 Master Sword – The Legend of Zelda

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The sword of all swords. The defender of all evil and protector of Hyrule. No other sword stands a chance when compared to the Master Sword; the name alone speaks for itself. Yet before it became the Master Sword, it was known only as the Goddess Sword, crafted by the goddess Hylia.

Only a true hero may wield this blade; the sword itself will judge one's courage and will deem the wielder worthy of its greatness. The Master Sword is unbreakable and holds the power to repel all those aligned with evil. It also grants its wielder the power to travel through time, emit magical beams, and can also absorb energy of various forms including magic and electricity.

Above all, it can seal the strongest forms of evil, bringing peace and prosperity back to the land. Forged by the gods and wielded by legendary heroes, this mythical blade will forever be remembered as the greatest sword in video game history.


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