The 10 Most Annoying Reality TV Show Families

There are many types of reality shows that compete for ratings, but one of the most popular versions is the type of reality series that gives you an “inside look” into the lives of interesting and often annoying families. For 30 or 60 minutes a week, viewers can tune in and forget their troubles while seeing what it would be like to be a part of a famous family who is often nothing like their own.

The most popular reality family would certainly be the Kardashians, who also made the list of most annoying reality show families. Some of the families made this list for being too flashy with their money, or for just whining and complaining a lot. Other families on this list landed here because of the size of their families. It makes sense that if you have nearly 20 children, some of them are bound to be pretty annoying.

With the amount of new reality TV series popping up left and right, it seems that pretty soon we will be meeting new families that will certainly have an argument to land on this list of The 10 Most Annoying Reality Show Families.

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10 The Wahlberg Family

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Most of us have heard of famous actor and producer Mark Wahlberg and his brother, actor, producer, and former New Kids on the Block member Donnie Walhberg. The family is featured in the A&E reality series Wahlburgers, which gives viewers a glimpse inside the family restaurant created by their brother, Chef Paul Walhberg. The series has been airing since 2014 and has been described as somewhat boring if you were not already a fan of this family. You might be better off watching the show’s spinoff series, Donnie Loves Jenny, which also stars the wacky and attractive actress and over-the-top personality Jenny McCarthy.

9 The Robertson Family

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The Robertson Family is best known for starring on the hit A&E reality television series Duck Dynasty since 2012. The Robertsons own their family business Duck Commander which makes duck hunting products including the best-selling duck call which is also called Duck Commander. Before Duck Dynasty they were featured on the reality TV series Benelli Presents Duck Commander and Buck Commander. The Robertson family consists of brothers Phil and Si as well as Phil’s sons Willie, Jase, and Jep. This family is certainly interesting and can also be quite annoying. Phil Robertson has become known for making controversial anti-gay remarks and was briefly suspended from the show. Whether it is how they act, or even how they look, the Robertson family can certainly be categorized as annoying.

8 The Chrisley Family

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Since 2014 the Chrisley family has been gracing us with their presence on the USA Network’s reality TV series Chrisley Knows Best. The show features millionaire Todd Chrisley and his family which also includes his wife Julie, his sons Kyle, Chase, and Grayson, and his daughters Lindsie and Savannah, as well as some grandchildren. The Chrisley patriarch is certainly an annoying character, and the fact that his son Kyle alleged that the entire Chrisley Knows Best show is scripted. The show has had mixed reviews, but some people certainly don’t like watching annoying rich people complain about things that most of us could never have.

7 The Brown Family

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The Brown family certainly gives the Duggars a run for their money with 18 children of their own. The family is featured on the TLC reality series Sister Wives, which has aired since 2010. The show follows the polygamist family, led by Kody Brown and his four wives. The Brown family reportedly signed up to do the show to educate the public about polygamist families, but the financial aspect likely also came into play. With his many children and wives, there are plenty of family members competing for attention, which comes off as annoying for sure.

6 The Osbourne Family

By now The Osbournes seems like a classic reality TV series, but don’t forget how annoying this family was in their heyday. The show aired from 2002 to 2005 on MTV and followed the famous heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family, which includes his wife Sharon and children Kelly and Jack. One thing that made this show annoying was the fact that you could barely understand a word Ozzy was saying. While Ozzy was already famous, the show certainly helped launch the media careers of the rest of the family, and also boosted sales of Ozzy’s band Black Sabbath.

5 The Chapman Family

Whether you love or hate Dog the Bounty Hunter, one thing you should be able to agree on is that this dude and his family are quite annoying. Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman and his family starred in the A&E reality series from 2004 to 2012, and then in the reboot series Dog and Beth: On the Hunt from 2013 to 2015. The Chapman family also includes Dog’s wife Beth and other family members like his daughter “Baby” Lyssa Rae, his son Leland, and his brother Tim. Dog’s signature mane is annoying enough, and some of the criminals he hunts down are also pretty annoying.

4 The Gosselin Family

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You know this family is annoying when the name of the show had to be changed to reflect that the parents of eight children divorced. Jon & Kate Plus 8 originally aired in 2007 on the Discovery Health Channel. It then moved to TLC and changed its name to Kate Plus 8 in 2010, because the couple had gotten divorced between seasons. The show chronicles the lives of Kate Gosselin and her eight children which are made up of sextuplets and twins. As annoying as this show may be, at least we can be thankful that we don’t have to raise eight kids ourselves like Kate does (although she is certainly not hurting for money thanks to the success of the show).

3 The Kardashian Family

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The Kardashian Family is certainly one of the best known families in the world. That fame has come in part to their hit reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which has aired on the E! Network since 2007. You might need a family tree to keep up with the members, who consist of celebrities with the last names of Kardashian and Jenner. Sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian are the focus of the show, but the family also includes parents Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) and Kris Jenner, as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Rob Kardashian. The Kardashian clan is certainly annoying, but there is no denying how famous and rich they are as well. What also makes them annoying is the fact that most of this family is famous despite the fact that they have not done much to earn that fame.

2 The Duggar Family

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If you thought the Gosselin family had a lot of kids, you’ll love the Duggars, who star in the TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting. The funny thing is that the original show title was 17 Kids and Counting from 2008 to 2009, and in 2009 it changed to 18 Kids and Counting. This show was finally cancelled in 2015 and was about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children. One of the things that made this family annoying is the fact that every single one of their 10 boys and nine girls all have names starting with the letter “J”. The family does not believe in using birth control, and now includes several grandchildren as well. Good thing this series was cancelled before it had to be changed to 20 Kids and Counting.

1 The Honey Boo Boo Family

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Boo Boo is not this family’s last name, but that is how most people would likely describe them. This very annoying family was featured on the popular TLC reality series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo from 2012 to 2014. The show followed child beauty pageant star Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, who was originally featured on the network’s reality series Toddlers & Tiaras. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo also featured her mother “Mama” June Shannon as well as her father Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson and her three sisters. Mama June made some questionable decisions, resuming a relationship with a convicted sex offender who previously served a 10 year sentence for abusing another one of her daughters. That qualifies her as being downright stupid as well as annoying.


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