The 10 Male Celebrities We Most Want to Punch In the Face

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of media attention a celebrity gets. Whether we are listening to the radio, watching something or going to a sporting event, celebrities are absolutely everywhere. While some are talented, far too many celebrities just don't provide us with enjoyment. Sometimes we are so irked by their presence that we'd happily punch them in the face on behalf of the human race. While it may seem childish, such a desire is not uncommon. So don't worry if you think you might become an awful person because you agree with me. Everyone on this list has deserved to be hit at one stage or another in their lengthy or shortened careers.

While everyone gets annoyed by different things, there is no doubt that the following celebrities cause more annoyance to the general public than perhaps any other celebrity. Some have a history of domestic violence, others are arrogant.  One actor on this list even had the audacity to potentially ruin the image of a comic book character that is beloved by all! (keep reading to find out who!).

We're forced to see these mugs and hear about their lives on a daily basis, and often it is impossible to escape, but I bet a punch would make us feel better.

Here are 10 male celebrities we want to punch in the face. If you can think of anyone worthy of appearing on this list, please leave a comment and we'll ensure they do not escape our collective wrath.

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10 Robin Thicke

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While he might not be as big of a superstar compared to the other names on this list,  there is no doubt that Robin Thicke thinks he's some sort of superstar. Robin Thicke may have had a few appealing songs in North America, but you would find the idea of punching him in the face far more appealing. While, "Blurred Lines" was played absolutely everywhere, everyone knows the true talent of the song is found in Pharrell and T.I. Not to mention the whole "Robin Thicke has a big d***" thing is enough to make us vomit, even if his nudity did lead to the clip going viral. Thicke is too arrogant for a one-hit-wonder, especially when we'd all rather be hitting his face.

9 Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd may have made a successful living out of punching others in the face, but he's one man we'd like to punch without repercussion. The undefeated boxer oozes controversy, and his latest bout demonstrated the frustration people feel towards him. People were hoping for the fight of the century against Pacquiao, but instead Mayweather danced away the entire time, all while boring us and earning millions of dollars.

Boxers are renowned for being cocky, but Floyd is simply on another level. Referring to himself as 'Money', he has been convicted of domestic violence against multiple women (which resulted in jail time) and was sued for defamation. Clearly, Floyd is no role model, and doesn't even consider education important (we can't all punch people for a living, Floyd). While his retirement SHOULD keep him out of the papers, I wouldn't be surprised if he was back in the headlines before long.

8 Pitbull

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Mr. Worldwide, 305 and whatever else this man calls himself is nonsense. We get it, you like to sing about cruising the world picking up women, you wear crisp suits and you are bald. While his radio influence has lessened, there was a period a few years ago where most popular songs had a pointless verse from Pitbull. There is no doubt that he has a face desiring a punch, he is just asking for it!  That mouth tilt that he calls a smile? Wearing sunglasses in clubs, those dance moves that are basically the mime of slapping an ass? Get out of our club! Thankfully, he is starting to disappear, but we all know he'll pop up again screaming 305 and muttering lyrics in another language before long. While he's only 35, Pitbull is releasing his 10th studio album this year. All we can do is pray that it bombs.

7 George Clooney

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Clooney may be an old silver fox, but he just can't act and his face just speaks to his smugness. Have you seen those coffee commercials he's in? Talk about eye-roll inducing. Has he ever played a role that wasn't just him being George Clooney? Whenever the Academy Awards are on the horizon, Clooney is often in talks for some kind of award, which makes us want to punch him in the face all the more. Who can forget his Bruce Wayne/Batman attempt, nipples and all? That in itself is enough to be punched multiple times in the groin, let alone the face.

While he is considered an A-grade actor/sex symbol among the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, his resume speaks differently.  When has Clooney ever put in a performance to match The Revenant, Fight Club and Pirates of the Caribbean? Perhaps I am just jealous, but he still deserves a great punch.

6 Chris Brown

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It is easy to see why Chris Brown is on this list. Especially considering he has made headlines for domestic abuse after an altercation with Rihanna. It's only fair that he receives one of our punches to the face. He's had a brawl with Drake, attacked Frank Ocean and is a notorious asshole. When he refused to take a photo with fans, it even led to a fight which resulted in one of the fans breaking their nose. Chris Brown is a violent character, and while he continues to have success with his music, it is his life outside work that just can't settle. He's been in jail, was sent to court for a hit-and-run case and went to rehab to change his violent ways. Perhaps not shockingly, Brown was kicked out due to being unable to comply with the rules. Brown has even been banned from various countries, depriving his fans of the opportunity to see the 'star'. Selfish, arrogant and unable to fly straight.

5 Tom Cruise

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While he can often be a great actor, Tom has had a less than stellar personal life. Controversy surrounded Cruise for his involvement in Scientology, as well as his relationship with Katie Holmes. Anyone who didn't want to punch his little face in during that Opera interview that also impacted Cruise's career has enough restraint to become a leading professional in a crimes unit (or a daycare teacher).

Cruise thinks psychiatry should be outlawed, and uses his high position in Scientology to flaunt his views and criticize others. This in part has destroyed his relationships with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, but that's not why he needs a punch. That laugh, that screaming voice, that rabbit-like run and his small man syndrome leaps out of each and every one of his movies. His persona, most of the time, seems as though it's meant to annoy. When are the aliens coming, Mr. Cruise?

4 Kanye West

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3 Matt Damon

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We're sick of watching this man get saved, can't he just die for once? Whether it be from another planet or a war-torn country, Matt Damon should just stay lost. If he looked in the mirror, chances are he'd do the honors for us. While his private life is squeaky clean, his screen presence isn't of the other actors at the top level that people seem to place him at. While he was 'good' in The Departed, he was also greatly outperformed by the rest of the cast.  That smile, those teeth, ugh, he appears to be making fun of everyone he looks at, us included. The Martian has earned him praise and award nominations, but it's simply another movie where countless effort goes into bringing him back to safety. If another movie is made about Damon's rescue, we may implode.

2 Ryan Seacrest

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If his voice, persona, views and arrogance aren't enough to warrant a punch, we might as well pocket our fists for another day. His hosting of American Idol made Seacrest a 'star', but it also put his face on televisions around the globe. Not to mention his awful habit of ending segments with 'Seacrest out'. If cockiness could be measured on a scale, he'd challenge anyone on this list for front position and then receive his prize (spoiler: It's a fist). And while others are singers, actors and sporting stars, he's a TV show presenter with too much money and too heavy a tan. With more Botox than a cougar, his face may fall off at any moment, so you better be careful with that punch. But this is the world we live in, where people such as Seacrest can claim fame by speaking into a microphone and presenting actual talent to the world. Few celebrities like him, so we may have to wait in line.

1 Justin Bieber

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The man (if we're throwing that term around) that we'd like to punch more than any other is no surprise. Bieber is perhaps the best example of what can happen when you have too much money and too much time on your hands. While his recent music may be winning over new fans, his antics (spitting on people, acting like a twat at events etc.) can't go unnoticed. Teenage girls and mums with eager children on their hands will always love the Biebs, but not everyone can forgive his bratty ways and just find themselves getting annoyed when another track hits the airwaves. Recently, after discovering an attractive girl on Instagram, Bieber tried to hunt her down and asked for help from his fans. This led to her face being all over the news, just because this fellow wanted some attention from her. Yet he is the first to complain when too much attention is placed on him. Punch.

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