The 10 Longest Celebrity Feuds Of All Time

Remember that kid who kicked you in the shins and took your lunch money in Grade 3 and you never forgave him for it? Well, you're not alone. In fact, it's not even limited to 3rd graders. Even the ric

Remember that kid who kicked you in the shins and took your lunch money in Grade 3 and you never forgave him for it? Well, you're not alone. In fact, it's not even limited to 3rd graders. Even the rich and powerful still have squabbles and differences that last for years - decades even.

With so much money and ego, it's easy to get caught up in verbal tirades and taking digs at one another. With the technology of today, it's only gotten easier and easier for civilian and celebrities alike to openly voice their opinions of one another, whether it's on social media sites like Twitter or via the traditional media outlets like primetime news broadcasts.

Some of these feuds last a few hours; others a few weeks. There are feuds that can last the span of a decade or longer, which is exactly what this whole list is about. Everyone on this list is (or has been) at someone else's throat for longer than most TV shows last. There are a few silver linings in this though, with a few of them settling their differences and realizing just how ridiculous a grudge they were holding.

So here it is, 10 of the Longest Celebrity Feuds of all time.

10 Rosie O’Donnell V Donald Trump - 9+ Years


It’s pretty safe to say that Donald Trump knows how to get on people nerves. It started in ’06 after Trump allowed the winner of Miss USA to keep her crown after revealing her use of drugs, drinking, and sexual activities - something O’Donnell didn’t agree with. And it just escalated from there. Trump retorted in People Magazine calling Rosie a “loser” and “a woman out of control”. Things were pretty quiet for a while, until 2011, after Rosie’s engagement. Trump tweeted a less than sentimental message to Rosie’s new fiancé. Since then it has always been Trump who has fuelled the flames, calling her out after being rehired to The View and after her weight loss surgery.

9 Chelsea Handler V Angelina Jolie - 10 Years


Celeb lovers everywhere were shocked when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke it off, but none were as upset as Jennifer’s good friend Chelsea Handler. Since break up in 2005, Chelsea has taken to dissing Angelina and Brad over Twitter, as well as on her show Chelsea Lately. Her case wasn’t helped much when she tweeted a joke about Jolie signing adoption papers for Lupita Nyong’o after her Oscar win for Supporting Actress in 12 Years a Slave. It actually went as far as to have Aniston telling Chelsea to cool it a bit. Seems like Chelsea took the advice, as things have been fairly quiet since 2013.

8 Madonna V Elton John - 11 Years


Remember when Madonna made the theme song for Die Another Day? Elton John sure does, claiming it’s the “worst Bond tune ever.” This is the quote that sparked a feud that lasted just over a decade. His distaste for her has only been increased by her attitude toward Lady Gaga - someone Sir Elton respects greatly. He was once quoted saying that “she’s a nightmare” and “her career is over”. However, Sir Elton has apparently seen some error in his ways, and the two have since ended their squabble after a chance meeting in a restaurant in France.

7 Alec Baldin V Kim Basinger - 13 Years


I’m sure we all heard about this one. When the trouble started in 2000, tabloids and headlines had one or both of their names, and by 2002 they had divorced and come to an all out spousal war. They were constantly fighting over assets and their daughter, Ireland. It lasted for years, with the two barely talking, and when they would, it would rarely be on good terms. It wasn’t until 2013 when their daughter entered into rehab that they decided to put their troubles behind them and work together for their daughter. A respectable decision, just a shame it had to come to that.

6 Jon Lovitz V Andy Dick - 18 Years


If you were never a big fan of Jon Lovitz, this may change your mind. Andy Dick is well known for living up to his last name all too well. Sometimes even to a point where he get’s his head slammed against a bar repeatedly by one of the nicest guys in showbiz. This feud started when Lovitz replaced his good friend Phil Hartman on NewsRadio after Hartman’s unfortunate passing. Andy was apparently complaining on set about Lovitz, which led to an argument where Jon essentially blamed Andy for Hartman’s murder. Lovitz apologized, and they kinda settled things, but Andy continued to instigate Jon over the years. In 2007, Andy took it too far, leading to Lovitz rubbing him and slamming him into the bar multiple times before the bouncer stepped in. They haven’t made amends.

5 Liam And Noel Gallagher - 20+ Years


We’ve all heard of sibling rivalry, and there aren't many better examples than Liam' and Noel Gallagher's feud. Not only have there been reports of them fighting in the studio, but even live on stage, in front of thousands of fans. Liam has even just stopped playing and sat and watched as the rest of the band did their thing. Constant bickering, disappointing live shows, and I’m sure countless other occurrences that we have never even heard about, led to the eventual break up of Oasis, although both the brothers have moved on to somewhat successful solo careers. I doubt they will ever kiss and make up soon, but there’s still time to get together and play Wonderwall.

4 Letterman V Leno - 23 Years


Back before Leno had his own show, he and Letterman were actually pretty good friends. Leno would appear as a guest host on Letterman and frequently be brought on to perform his routine. Leno would also substitute for Johnny Carson, were he ever not able to be there for it himself. For years it was believed that letterman would take over for Carson when he retired, and Leno would then take Letterman’s place. That wasn't to be. When Carson retired, it was announced that Leno would be replacing him - news both to Carson and Letterman, but something Leno knew for some time. It came as a betrayal to Letterman, and it still stands today. Hatchet burials were attempted, each being invited to the other’s final show as a guest, but both declined, citing their own reasons.

3 Letterman V Oprah - 25 Years


Two in a row for Letterman, although this one ends on a happier note. In fact, this  feud is less of a feud and more of a healthy disagreement. It started in 1988 when Oprah appeared on Letterman and was left with an “uncomfortable experience” and refused to do the show again, which led to Letterman constantly joking about how much she must hate him. Then for 16 years they didn’t speak to each other, despite Oprah denying they ever actually had a feud. Then Dave told a story of how he pranked Oprah into paying for a dinner date Letterman had with his girlfriend at the time, which many believe to be another reason for any animosity between the two. However differences were finally settled in 2013 when they both sat down for an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter and talked it all out.

2 Eddie Van Halen V David Lee Roth - 30 Years


It started in 1985 and to this day it hasn’t necessarily been settled. Back when Van Halen was still young, the duo found it difficult to work together, which many believe led to the departure of David Lee Roth from the band, to be replaced by Sammy Hagar. They tried to keep things civil again in 1996 with a reunion the same year, but in the end, it nearly came to fisticuffs. Since then, they have toured together, but Van Halen said in an interview with Rolling Stone “[Roth] does not want to be my friend.” But I mean, who needs friends when you’ve got guitars and money?

1 Bette Davis V Joan Crawford - 42 Years


This is possibly the most famous celebrity feud of all time - mainly because it lasted so freaking long. While there were constant tensions between the two, it was Crawford’s marriage to Franchot Tone that took it to another level. Davis had fallen for Tone while they were working together in the film Dangerous, and had a raging jealousy for Crawford ever since. Years later, after Davis found more fame, she and Crawford worked for the same studio and dressing rooms right next to one another. You can imagine how that went. Even later on, in the 60’s, they starred in What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? It led to Davis being nominated for an Oscar, but Crawford plotted against her by asking all other nominees if she could accept the award on their behalf. Davis didn’t win, so guess who got to get up and hold one? It still wasn’t resolved when Joan Crawford passed away in 1977.


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The 10 Longest Celebrity Feuds Of All Time