The 10 Hottest Women Zac Efron Has Hooked Up With

Whether you like Zac Efron or not you have to admit that he is rather handsome, and you also have to know (right?) that he's pretty famous. Those things are just pretty much factual. He was a teen heartthrob and has became a handsome adult.

So when people are famous, rich, and incredibly good looking, they tend to do okay with members of the opposite sex. Zac Efron is no exception to this. He is not only desired by fans, he is desired by the women in his real life too, and as is often the case when you are a hot and famous guy, you wind up going out with hot and famous women.

You might notice that this piece is about women that he hooked up with. What does that mean exactly? I'm sure I don't know. I mean I know what hooked up means, but who knows what really happens behind closed doors? We're going to assume a lot of things happened but everyone on this list was either Zac's girlfriend, hooked up with him for sure, or you know, maybe did.

One thing is for sure though. Zac has a pretty good history of hanging out with some good looking ladies. Here are TheRichest's 10 hottest women Zac Efron has hooked up with. So far anyway. We are sure there will be quite a few more over time. Sorry Sami.

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10 Teresa Palmer

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9 Lindsay Lohan

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Is there any sort of list having to do with celebrities involving booze, drugs, or sex that Lindsay Lohan is not on? If there is I have never seen it. So apparently Lindsay hooked up with Zac (and, well, everyone else). How do we know? Well, she made a list of all the celebrities she had sex with. Totally classy. Well, she probably isn't going to be making any sorts of new lists anytime soon, because while she used to be considered a prospect, now she's considered a suspect. This is one we are sure Zac regrets.

8 Sami Miro

via mirror.co.uk

Sami is Zac's current girlfriend. I know she would probably prefer it if this article were to just say "girlfriend," and not "current girlfriend" but hey, we're just being honest. Sami is pretty smoking, and the word on the street is that she is good for him, too. Zac has had some trouble with partying in the past and Sami seems to be keeping him on the straight and narrow. Sami has a Masters Degree and, like a lot of hot women who don't know quite what they are doing with their lives, she is a "model".

7 Halston Sage

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Halston's real name is Schrage, so no wonder she goes by Sage. She and Zac were without a doubt "dating" and in all honestly - who wouldn't date Halston? Unless you have something against hot blondes there really doesn't seem to be much of a reason not to. Halston and Zac were seen all over for a while but the whole thing died a natural death. Halston has appeared on many different TV shows and movies, and when you look like she does it shouldn't be too long before she is dating another famous stud.

6 Alexandra Storm

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Alexandra is a smokeshow of a model. It was said that Zac was caught snuggling with her in St. Tropez. The two definitely look like they were cozying up in a "more-than-friends kind of way." What does that mean? Who really knows but when two super hot people are getting all into it in St. Tropez then we are just going to assume some sparks flew. If nothing happened then we all want our money back.

5 Lily Collins

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Well, we know that Lily wasn't a fling, anyway. How do we know this? Well, because the press said they were dating, then said they weren't serious. "They were never really together, so you could say they split, but they were never an official couple," a source close to the celebs revealed about the breakup reports. "They hung out a bit, but it was super casual." See how serious it must have been? All right, we admit it, who knows? But Lily and Zac were seen hanging out, and Lily is hot, and that's enough for her to make this list.

4 Emma Roberts

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3 Candice Swanepoel

via alphacoders.com

We just aren't sure about this one. Candice is a Victoria's Secret model, and is a darn fine looking one at that. In fact, Candace is ridiculously hot, and rich as well. Forbes magazine had her ranked as the 10th highest earning model in 2012. This one is a bit suspect though. They supposedly met in a club and then Candice began doing things to Zac in public that are usually done in alleys by women that you have to pay. The whole thing just seems a little bit too fishy. They may have hung out, and they may have hooked up, but probably not the way it came out. If it did happen? Well done Zac, well done indeed.

2 Michelle Rodriguez

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Even though there is roughly a 10-year age difference here, with Michelle being older, it's pretty easy to see how Zac and Michelle ended up hanging out for a few months. Michelle is a total smoke-show. The two were everywhere on the net and in the news, though. Their public displays of affection were legendary. They obviously didn't last, though, as one source said “He really fell hard for Michelle, and she wanted to just have fun and not have a super serious relationship. Plus, Michelle is interested more in women than men — so that was an issue as well.” Well... Okay then.

1 Vanessa Hudgens

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Okay, so this is the fan favorite of the list. As we all know, the two were together in High School Musical and back then were innocent and even, if we dare say it, adorable. Like any high school relationship, though, real or imagined, it all came crumbling down. They, just like other high school couples, maybe one day looked at each other and said "Oh hey, I actually don't like you a whole lot after all." The two split up in 2010. One of the reasons given was because Vanessa was jealous. Well of course she was. Look at all the hot chicks he's hooked up with.

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