The 10 Hottest Women On Wall Street

When we think of hedge fund managers, we think of white collar white-washed men in their nice suits, big crooked smiles and very fast expensive cars. These are the faces of the financial crisis, villains to us normal people. They are middle men (and women), making tremendous amounts of money while exuding minimal effort in many cases. They receive big bonuses whether stocks go up or down. The entire economy can collapse and bankers will still manage to make piles of money. For as many people that like to bet on the wins, there are just as many that are betting against the world and making a whole lot of cash doing so.

Stereotypes be damned these days. Bankers may be predominately white males but the look and feel of the banking industry is changing every day. And not only is the banking industry becoming a global melting pot (more than ever before), but women are starting to make a major impact in the industry. Graduates from Ivy League Schools on the east coast all the way to Stanford on the west coast are making substantial impacts in the banking industry, and in some cases, are running it. And with that, we have a boat load of smart beautiful women killing it on Wall Street. These women aren’t just pretty faces, they are vipers, tactical brilliant minds who are making money hand-over-fist.

These are the 10 Hottest Women On Wall Street.

10 Ashley Fochtman

9 Lauren Gross

8 Paige Snyder


7 Jennifer Croswell

6 Becky White

5 Caroline Kim

4 Katie Kuga

3 Victoria Lakers

2 Jessica Grad

1 Melissa Gordon
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The 10 Hottest Women On Wall Street