The 10 Hottest Women On Wall Street

When we think of hedge fund managers, we think of white collar white-washed men in their nice suits, big crooked smiles and very fast expensive cars. These are the faces of the financial crisis, villains to us normal people. They are middle men (and women), making tremendous amounts of money while exuding minimal effort in many cases. They receive big bonuses whether stocks go up or down. The entire economy can collapse and bankers will still manage to make piles of money. For as many people that like to bet on the wins, there are just as many that are betting against the world and making a whole lot of cash doing so.

Stereotypes be damned these days. Bankers may be predominately white males but the look and feel of the banking industry is changing every day. And not only is the banking industry becoming a global melting pot (more than ever before), but women are starting to make a major impact in the industry. Graduates from Ivy League Schools on the east coast all the way to Stanford on the west coast are making substantial impacts in the banking industry, and in some cases, are running it. And with that, we have a boat load of smart beautiful women killing it on Wall Street. These women aren’t just pretty faces, they are vipers, tactical brilliant minds who are making money hand-over-fist.

These are the 10 Hottest Women On Wall Street.


10 Ashley Fochtman

Ashley Fochtman graduated Harvard in 2005 and has been on an upward trend ever since. She works for Atalaya and is now Head of Business Development and Investor Relations. Prior to joining Atalaya, Ashley was Director of Marketing at Opus Point Partners, a New York Management firm. She also has worked for the famed Goldman Sachs as an Energy Derivatives Marketer in their energy trading division. Ashley is no slouch and has been driving hard through the Wall Street sector for years and we give her a standing “O” for both her resume and her looks.

9 Lauren Gross

Lauren Gross isn’t an Ivy League graduate, but rather, she was on the west coast living the life at Stanford University. Lauren graduated with honors in Economics laying the groundwork from her successful career. Lauren spent the early days of her career at Citigroup Investment Bank, where she excelled as an analyst in their technology sector. She then went on to Clarium Capital Management, LLC, a global macro hedge fund, where she spent 4 successful years. Finally, she landed at Founders Fund where she is the Partner and COO. Gross is a shark in the financial world and equally sports looks that could kill.

8 Paige Snyder


Paige Snyder went to Florida Atlantic University. The university has sported some seriously hot talent over the years so Paige fit right in. But unlike many of her other fellow FAU grads, Paige hit Wall Street after her successful college career. Paige has excelled in Investor Relations at Atlantic Capital Management. In addition to being a Wall Street “mover and shaker,” Paige relished her role as a youth outreach coordinator at PETA. The well-rounded Paige also scores high marks for her looks and tops our list of Wall Street beauties.

7 Jennifer Croswell

Jennifer Croswell is the Director of Business Development at SAC Capital. She went to school down in the deep south at the University of Mississippi. Then she went on to the prestigious University of Cambridge. While working on the east coast and enjoying all the amenities that come with New York, this Manhattanite has hobnobbed with some of the elite in the Big Apple; namely, Eli Manning and his wife. Croswell rubs elbows with some of the most powerful in the world and has done so while impressively netting herself millions in the process. Oh, yeah…she’s pretty damn beautiful, too.

6 Becky White

Becky White cut her teeth in college at Southern Methodist University where she got a taste for the world of finance. There, while others were looking for the next party, she was calculating the crazy financial industry and plotting her future. This Southern girl was a big hit in the Lone Star State. Back in 2003, Becky was a Steeplechase debutante and in 2002 she was voted “Duchess of Fort Worth” for the Tyler Rose Festival. And of course, she also just happens to kill it at Baron Capital. Becky has serious looks to go along with her serious smarts.

5 Caroline Kim

Caroline Kim is crazy smart. She attended the University of Pennsylvania before moving on to the prestigious Wharton School. After killing it in college, she graduated on to the real world and nailed jobs at Union Capital Corporation, Credit Suisse and J.P. Morgan. Not far away over at Goldman Sachs, Henry Paulson took a liking to Kim and snatched her up for his new company, Paulson & Co. (Yes, that is THE Henry Paulson who is single-handedly responsible for the bank bailout in which the tax payers of the United States saved the asses of wealthy bankers everywhere.) Kim continues to dominate in her field as she works in New York City as an Investment Manager for Paulson.

4 Katie Kuga

Being an Ivy League graduate immediately opens doors for people. For Katie Kuga, graduating from the esteemed Princeton University back in 2004 did just that. She landed at FLAG Capital Management as a Marketing Analyst. Her Instagram account states: “I will not dial down, I will dial it up!” Very nice, Katie. Katie landed a husband (Andrew Wenner) and moved on to Blue Ridge Capital where she makes loads of cash and struts her hot stuff. Wenner is Managing Director at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities and used to work for Bear Stearns. Sounds like a little inside trading going on at the Wenner residence; if you get my drift (*wink-wink*).


3 Victoria Lakers

Victoria Lakers graduated from McGill University back in 2001. Lakers isn’t a big time trader on the Wall Street scape, but rather, she works on the Marketing end of the business. She comingles with many of the money folk. Don’t let the “marketing” tab fool you. Lakers is one of the beasts of fundraising in the business. She has raised assets and cash for numerous hedge funds. She was national runner-up in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man and Woman of the Year Fundraising Competition. She worked at Apollo Management, Water Asset Management and more recently switched jobs in 2015, landing at Entrepreneurs Organization – Accelerator. After working on Wall Street for years, Lakers found her way to San Diego for her new gig.

2 Jessica Grad

Another Ivy League School graduate, Jessica Grad grabbed her degree from Cornell University back in 2002. Jessica jumped on with Conquest Capital Group and worked her way up to Senior Vice President. She parted ways to work in design but found her way back recently to head up Conquest’s marketing efforts. Jessica is beautiful and talented. In addition to her high level of education and amazing looks, it is no surprise that she likes to tone things down at Completely Bare Spa for box relaxation and upkeep.

1 Melissa Gordon

Melissa Gordon attended the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Wharton Business School in 2006. From there, she has worked her attractive tail off and landed at Attara Capital. At Attara, Melissa specializes in Investor Relations (we’re not surprised). Melissa has worked her way up to Vice President of Investor Relations, an impressive position. Melissa is always up for a good time and loves a good movie. Her favorites are: Shakespeare in Love, Vanilla Sky, Empire Records, The Thomas Crown Affair and "art-house films." (We’re on the Melissa Gordon bandwagon but have to put our foot down with Vanilla Sky…really, Melissa?)

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