The 10 Hottest Women On TV Right Now

Television is one of the most universal things that most people (especially those reading this list) have engaged in. For some, it’s a nightly ritual that has been followed for well over 50 years. During that time there have been a lot of hit shows, and a lot that we would rather soon forget about! But one thing is certain, and that’s the fact that a hot woman can draw viewers. Even if the show is awful, it still has potential to bring in ratings if they cast the right women. There are shows on the air today, like 2 Broke Girls, that definitely would have been cancelled if not for Kat Denning's bountiful chest!

Now don't get me wrong, people love to watch their favorite shows and follow along with all of the twists and turns of the characters involved. But it never hurts if one of the main roles is played by a sexy woman!

How many guys started watching certain television shows for the sole reason that their wife or girlfriend liked it? They had no interest in watching that certain show, but as soon as they saw the hot woman on the show, they quickly changed their tune. With the start of every TV season, comes another wave of gorgeous women to our television screens. But before that happens, let’s take a look at the ten hottest women on television right now. After you see these gorgeous beauties, I guarantee that you will be turning on the TV tonight!


10 Julianna Margulies – The Good Wife


Julianna Margulies plays the lead character of Alicia Florrick on the CBS hit show The Good Wife. Prior to this, Margulies had a very successful run on the show ER. She has won an Emmy for her portrayal of both characters. In her career, Margulies has also won two more Emmy’s, a Television Critics Association Award, and a Golden Globe. Overall in her career she has won eight different Screen Actor Guild Awards, more than any other woman ever.

When she left ER after six seasons, she took a role in the miniseries The Mists of Avalon as well as voicing the animated character Neera in the Disney movie Dinosaur.

Margulies' talent makes it easy to see why she continues to get work. She was in four episodes of The Sopranos and played a flight attendant in the horrible movie Snakes on a Plane.

Starting with season 3 of The Good Wife she has been credited as a producer on the show. Even if you've never seen any of her work, you can also hear her voice on several commercials for Chase bank.

Margulies is married to attorney Keith Lieberthal and the couple have a son.

9 Marrisa Ramirez – Blue Bloods


Marrisa Ramirez replaced another beauty, Jennifer Esposito, on Blue Bloods as Danny Reagan’s partner after Esposito left the show. Ramirez plays the role of Detective Maria Baez.

Ramirez has seen a lot of success on television as she was in Body of Proof as Officer Riley Dunn and was also a primary character on the Lifetime show Against the Wall as the character, Detective Lina Flores.

She has also played roles on General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives.

Ramirez was married to Nathan Lavezoli for about nine years before they divorced in 2011.

8 Angie Harmon – Rizzoli and Isles


Sometimes in life it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. For Angie Harmon it was a plane ride in 1995. She was discovered by David Hasselhoff and a career was born. She currently plays Detective Jane Rizzoli on the TNT series Rizzoli and Isles. It was recently announced that this will be the final season of the show after 7 years on the air.

Since she was discovered by Hasselhoff, you can assume that she appeared on Baywatch! Harmon also appeared on the television shows Baywatch Nights and C-16: FBI.

While she definitely owes a lot to Hasselhoff, Angie got her real big break on the NBC series Law and Order playing the role of ADA Abbie Carmichael. It was a great role, but Harmon left the show after three years. She wanted to concentrate on a film career as she liked it better than being on a television set.

She appeared in several movies before making her return to the small screen. Clearly it was a good decision, as she recently won an award for "Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Drama Series" for her work on Rizzoli and Isles.

She married former NFL player Jason Sehorn in 2001 and they have three daughters together, but the couple is currently separated.

7 Andrea Roth – Blue Bloods


Andrea Roth has had a pretty successful run on television and currently plays the part of a television reporter on the CBS hit series Blue Bloods. On the show, she has an on again- off again relationship with Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, who is played by Tom Selleck.

Roth is best known for her role on the former FX series Rescue Me. She played Janet Gavin, the wife of troubled firefighter Tommy Gavin, who was played by Denis Leary. She was on the show for the entire series from 2004 until 2011.

She has also appeared in RoboCop: The Series, Ringer and was in the movie War.

Roth married long time boyfriend Todd Biermann in 2011 and they have a daughter named Ava Reese.

6 Laura Spencer – The Big Bang Theory


Laura Spencer joined the cast of The Big Bang Theory during season 7 as Raj’s girlfriend Emily Sweeney. That same season she also joined the cast of Bones as Jessica Warren.

Laura helped get the producers attention with her portrayal of Jane Bennet in the online series adaption of Pride and Prejudice, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Her role on The Big Bang Theory allows for an incredibly humorous dynamic between her and Raj. In typical sitcom fashion, Raj has been searching for a girlfriend for several seasons and always finds a way to mess things up when he does find one (enter Emily!). Emily seems to be semi understanding and can deal with a lot of his mistakes. When you consider how beautiful she is, you can imagine viewers want her to stick around too!

5 Tea Leoni – Madam Secretary


Tea Leoni (born Elizabeth Tea Pantaleoni) plays the leading role in the CBS hit series Madam Secretary. She has enjoyed a long successful career with a variety of successful projects, both on television and motion pictures.

She has had parts on several television shows such as Flying Blind, The Naked Truth and the soap opera Santa Barbara.

For many years she worked only in movies and had parts in several films including Bad Boys, Deep Impact, Fun with Dick and Jane, Jurassic Park III, The Family Man, Tower Heist, Switch and A League of their Own.

Leoni has been married twice including a highly publicized marriage to actor David Duchovny which ended in divorce in 2014. Shortly after their divorce became public, it became aware that Tea has been dating Madam Secretary co-star Tim Daly.

4 Kat Dennings – 2 Broke Girls


Kat Dennings (real name Katherine Litwack) has played the role of Max on 2 Broke Girls since 2011 and if we're being honest, she is the only reason the watch the CBS series.

Dennings should not be a stranger to you, as she has appeared in several films and shows over the last few years. She has had roles on Sex and the City, Raising Dad, Everwood, Without a Trace, Less than Perfect, ER and CSI:NY.

Dennings has also made appearances on the silver screen in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Defender, The House Bunny and Big Momma’s House 2, and that's only some of them!

She has been dating singer Josh Groban for over a year now, but before you get jealous, you may learn she is not your type!

Dennings opened up to BlackBook Magazine talking about how "I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and I don’t like being around people who do."

I imagine that would exclude a lot of people in Hollywood!


3 Makenzie Vega – The Good Wife

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Makenzie Vega is most known for her role on The Good Wife as Alicia Florrick’s daughter, Grace. She is 22 now, but she has been acting since she was just five years old when she appeared onThe Geena Davis Show.

She has appeared in numerous movies including Made, Saw, Just My Luck, Sin City and X-Men: The Last Stand.

Vega has also had parts in a few Lifetime movies and is the younger sister of Alexa Vega.

2 Vanessa Ray – Blue Bloods

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Vanessa Ray plays Officer Janko on the CBS series Blue Bloods. She joined the show in 2013 and she has had a pretty successful run on television.

She played the part of Rusty in the musical Footloose and even has experience playing Nemo in Finding Nemo: The Musical which played at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She also had major roles in the productions of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Hair.

Ray is also known for her role of CeCe Drake on the television series Pretty Little Liars. She said that she loves playing that part.

"It’s so fun to do, and what a crazy character I get to play. She’s sort of a sociopath. I think she’s so weird because she’s, like, 22 but hangs out with high-schoolers. It’s like, ‘Hey, girl! Get a life!’"

She was married to actor Derek James Baynham for about five years. Last year she married Landon Beard and she has been with him for about six years now.

1 Melissa Rauch – The Big Bang Theory


Melissa Rauch plays the role of Bernadette on the CBS hit series The Big Bang Theory. She joined the cast in season three and her character quickly became a regular on the show; eventually marrying Howard. The entire cast has received four different nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

She has also appeared in the shows Best Week Ever on VH1, True Blood, The Office, Kath & Kim and she was in the hilarious film, I Love You, Man.

Rauch also has a role in the comedy stage show, The Realest Real Housewives, that plays at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

If that wasn't impressive enough, Rauch also co-wrote and co-produced the movie The Bronze, which told the tale of a former Bronze medal winning gymnast. Rauch played the lead role and the movie opened up the Sundance Music Festival in 2015. For her performance she was named one of the festival’s Breakout Stars.

Variety magazine credited Rauch for her ability to carry the film, despite not having a lot of experience as a lead actor. It was even compared to the hilarious breakthrough comedic performance by Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids. The movie was released by Sony Pictures Classics in early 2016.

Rauch is married to writer Winston Rauch and the pair has teamed up together on several projects, including Bronze.

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