The 10 Hottest Women George Clooney Dated Before Getting Hitched

Actor George Clooney is a world recognized superstar with television and film credits that rank him near the top of the earnings list. His films have grossed over a billion dollars. The acclaimed actor whose career got a huge boost from the hugely successful medical drama, ER, actually got his first recognizable role on the 1980s show called The Facts of Life. His appearance there got him some notice and helped him get work on Roseanne. But it was Clooney’s portrayal of the sexy doc, Doug Ross, that got him massive attention and thrusted him right into stardom. Clooney began working on many successful feature films during his time on ER, prompting the actor to have to leave the successful television series in 1999. After some big leading roles, it would be his appearance in The Perfect Storm (2000) and Ocean’s 11 (2001) that put Clooney on the “A” list for good.

Along with being a ruggedly handsome A-list actor, Clooney enjoyed the perks of his new found stardom. He splashed the cover of many magazines with his playboy-like persona. Then, he conquered many social media sites and the buzz on Clooney was that he was a good-looking, smooth lady’s man. The unassuming Clooney is soft spoken and sports a million-dollar smile.

The intelligent actor has enjoyed having an equally A-list group of girlfriends come and go over the years. Ironically, he remains close or friendly with many of his exes. Clooney is clearly a man of quality and character. That is why there was a massive sigh in the world when George Clooney recently tied the knot in 2014.

These are The 10 Hottest Women George Clooney Dated Before Getting Hitched.

10 Renee Zellweger

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The rumor mill ran wild with this one with little to no confirmation for many years from the two stars. But Zellweger and Clooney did in fact date and also paired up to film the movie Leatherheads (2008) together. Back in 2008, Zellweger had this to say in a Marie Claire Magazine article about Clooney: He’s a “good man.” She went on to say, “He’s just nice and he works very, very hard. It’s just his natural disposition…he does the right thing, it’s almost a disease with him.” The two have been friends for years and continue to stay in contact with one another. Although, Clooney may have trouble recognizing Zellweger after her recent plastic surgery transformation.

9 Kelly Preston

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8 Dedee Pfeiffer - Michelle's Sister

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Pfeiffer and Clooney dated “back in the day” before Clooney became a sexy doc on television. They met on the movie set of a small flick called Red Surf. Ironically, Clooney signed on to film One Fine Day with Dedee’s sister, Michelle. In the film, Michelle Pfeiffer and Clooney meet by chance and fall in love. However, Michelle was well aware of who Clooney was prior to filming. She said Clooney was “Kind of cute, one of Dedee’s boyfriends…he’s a little bit of a smart-alec…but in a charming kind of way.” Michelle was producing the film and opted for her sister’s ex as her leading man.

7 Celine Balitran - The Waitress

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Clooney dated French waitress Celine Balitran for over three years until their relationship came to an end in 1999. Clooney met the law student in 1996. Within a few months, they were head over heels for one another and Clooney moved Balitran into his home in Los Angeles, California. After awhile, rumors spread suggesting Clooney was ignoring the beautiful Balitran. Either way, a live-in relationship that lasts over three years is nothing to snicker at.

6 Jen Siebel

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Siebel and Clooney had a brief fling in 2002. The pair were spotted numerous times in public and were photographed together. Both confirm their short-lived relationship. Siebel, an actress, has since moved on and married a politician and Clooney went on to marry an attorney. It seemed the pair were not meant to be. Clooney later described his relationship with Siebel like this: “We went out for a minute.” Guess that minute was up.

5 Traylor Howard

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Traylor was a beautiful blonde American actress. The two actors met in 2000. They enjoyed zooming around Hollywood on Clooney’s Harley Davidson. However, Clooney wasn’t quite exclusive during that time and was getting linked to other stars in Hollywood. Traylor was interested in getting Clooney to settle down but it was just not quite his time yet. The two parted ways with Clooney continuing onto more conquests. Howard went on to have a very successful run on the television show Monk.

4 Brooke Langton

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Brooke Langton is a very sexy actress who made a big impact on the big screen with her sexy role in the film The Replacements (2000). The actress was also a regular on the television series Friday Night Lights. Although Langton and Clooney didn’t last long, she definitely was one of the many beauties Clooney left behind. Langton continues to score small roles in television and in films.

3 Lisa Snowdon

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Lisa Snowdon is a British model and TV host who met Clooney in 2000. The two were filming a Martini commercial together and naturally, things evolved from there. After the commercial shoot, the two began an on-and-off again relationship that spanned nearly five years. They called it quits for good in 2005. Snowdon went on to be the host of Britain’s Next Top Model. Clooney has continued to be successful.

2 Elisabetta Canalis

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This Italian beauty began dating George Clooney in 2009. They “officially” branded their relationship at the Venice Film Festival in September of 2009. The two were regularly photographed together and were a sensational pair. But alas, like all of Clooney’s relationships, the "partnership: came to an end. They released a joint statement reading: “We are not together anymore. It’s very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy.” Of course, like in all situations for Clooney, when a door closes, another one opens with another beautiful woman waiting behind it.

1 Stacy Keibler 

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Wrestling fans will remember Stacy Keibler as one of the hottest WWE Divas ever. Others will remember her as the woman who Clooney just didn't want to marry after two years of dating. Not unlike his prior relationships, the Keibler-Clooney pact was highly publicized with many news outlets predicting their pending engagement. Not too long after they split in 2013, Keibler married Jared Pobre. Lucky guy.

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