10Cameron Diaz

Rodriguez was lucky enough to land the stunning actress Cameron Diaz in 2010. The couple was on and off throughout 2010 and 2011, and began the relationship by hanging out at several popular clubs. The press loved the duo, and they were consistently photographed together,

and followed religiously by the paparazzi throughout their relationship. But the paps weren’t the only ones with a close eye on the duo. One of their most infamous moments as a couple came when a sly cameraman caught them on tape at the 2011 Super Bowl as Diaz was feeding Rodriquez popcorn. According to reports, A-Rod was nothing short of furious at the situation, as he deemed it embarrassing. However, Diaz insisted in interviews that the two found the footage and subsequent photos of the situation to be really funny. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t go on for very long, but it was hot while it lasted.

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