The 10 Hottest Rock Star Wives and Girlfriends

With chart-topping hits, sold out gigs, worldwide tours, bountiful money, and a shelf (or two) of Grammys, rock stars are living the dream. Their job also attracts plenty of beautiful women. And often, these women are models, who certainly have their pick of men.

Rockers and models though have always gone together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it's classic couples like Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel or more recent hookups like Karen Elson and Jack White of the White Stripes, there are countless examples of how attractive dudes with guitars have paired up with gorgeous women, even if these relationships don't always work out in the end.

Some musicians are satisfied going through a revolving door of stunning women for as long as their careers allow them to. Others, though, have settled down and chosen just one special woman to spend their lives with. When you take a look at these extraordinary girls, it's no surprise that some very famous rock stars fell for them. These are some of the most gorgeous women on the planet, and beyond that, they're ridiculously talented. Some of these hotties are rock stars, giving their boyfriends or husbands some friendly competition. Others work as photographers, film stars, and TV starlets.

With such busy schedules, it may seem tough to find time for love, but these women are in thriving, happy relationships. Some are even mothers. Here are ten of the smoking hottest wives and girlfriends of some very lucky rock stars.


10 Lindsay Usich - Dating Marilyn Manson

Lindsay Usich is exactly the type of porcelain-skinned, red-lipped beauty to attract the affections of Marilyn Manson, and he's exactly the goth, artistic type to land the pretty Usich.

Besides working as a fashion model, Usich is also known for her photography. She favors dark but inviting subjects that she showcases on her website. She even does self-portraits on occasion. She and Manson were first linked in 2011, and the two have inspired each other's creative sides ever since.

Manson, who also paints sometimes, took brush to paper and included Usich in one of his pieces, while Usich snapped album photographs for Manson's 2012 disc Born Villain as well as some promotional photos for 2015's the Pale Emperor. When Manson went on tour for Born Villain, some of Usich's photos were also used as stage backdrops.

9 Abby Gennet - Married to Brett Scallions


Abby Gennet, who is married to Fuel lead singer Brett Scallions, isn't content to just let her husband entertain crowds across the world. Since 2002, she's led an alternative band called SLUNT that plays music just as rockin' as Fuel's.

The band released two full-length albums so far, 2005's Get a Load of This and 2006's One Night Stand.  Gennet's a woman of many talents, dividing her time between photography for magazines, bodybuilding (her impressive bench-pressing record is 105 pounds), and acting. Some of her on-screen credits include the 2005 film Heavy Metal Makeover and 2008's the Rock and Roll Acid Test.

These days, Gennet's biggest job is being a mother. She and Scallions have one child together, Jagger Song, born in 2007.

8 Brody Dalle - Married to Josh Homme


Brody Dalle is another beloved rock star with a tough-as-nails image. Married to Queens of the Stone Age leader Josh Homme since 2007, Dalle became a mainstream fixture with her punk rock group the Distillers.

The band, known for such hits as "City of Angels" and "Drain the Blood," rocked from 1998 until 2006, amassing quite a following during that time. After the Distillers folded, Dalle quickly moved on to another band called Spinnerette, a trippy rock number, and later forged her own solo career.

Combining talents, Dalle even played on some Queens of the Stone Age tracks, such as "You've Got a Killer Scene There, Man" from Lullabies to Paralyze, where you can hear her distinguishable voice. Dalle and Homme have two children together, Camille Harley Joan and Orrin Ryder.

7 Etty Lau - Married to Perry Farrell


Etty Lau is one busy and gorgeous woman. Lau is actually from Hong Kong, but once her family settled in Seattle, she pursued her dreams of dancing and even learned ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance.

After finding her life partner in Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell, she signed up to appear on the E! reality show Married to Rock with her husband in 2010. While that program was short-lived, Lau also showcased her talents in music and dancing. Her band Satellite Party was meant to fill in the gap that Jane's Addiction's short-lived split left in the world of rock and even featured Perry Farrell on vocals.

The group released one album in 2007 called Ultra Payload before disbanding in 2008. Lau and Farrell have been married since 2002.

6 Sheri Moon Zombie - Married to Rob Zombie

Sheri Moon Zombie and her husband Rob Zombie prove that love can last, even in the enticing world of rock. After meeting and falling in love in the early 1990s, Sheri Moon made a cameo in a music video for Zombie's then-band White Zombie. Even after White Zombie split, Moon and Zombie's love remained strong and he eventually put a ring on it.

Moon became Zombie's muse, appearing as the star in nearly all of his music videos once Zombie went solo. Years later, Zombie got interested in directing films, and Moon began to show off her acting chops.

She had prominent roles in House of 1000 Corpses in 2003, the Devil's Rejects in 2005, and Zombie's remakes of Halloween in 2007 and Halloween II in 2009. Moon's biggest and most memorable role to date is that of grisly murderer Baby Firefly.

5 Jill McCormick - Married to Eddie Vedder


Jill McCormick found love with Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder in the early 2000s, shortly after Vedder had divorced his first wife. McCormick has an impressive modeling background, getting her start at only 17 years old when Elite Models Miami Division hired her.

McCormick spent time in Europe, landing magazine covers like Harper's Bazaar UK, Cosmopolitan UK, and Elle UK along the way. After moving back to the United States, McCormick changed her representation and began working with the Champagne-Trott Modeling Agency. Eventually she returned to her hometown of Los Angeles after modeling in popular cities like New York and Miami.

She and Vedder met and wed in LA in 2010. McCormick also spends time in Seattle, Vedder's home town, with Pearl Jam. She and Vedder have two adorable daughters, Olivia and Harper Moon.

4 Evis Xheneti - Married to James "Munky" Shaffer


Evis Xheneti had been busy in Los Angeles racking up acting credits before meeting James "Munky" Shaffer from Korn in 2005. The Albanian stunner moved from her home country to the United States when she was just a girl, and she and her family spent time in both New York and LA.

As Xheneti grew up, she showed proficiency for quickly picking up languages (by eight years old, she grasped Italian) and acting. Her time at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York helped her later net roles on TV shows Curb Your Enthusiasm and CSI and movies like Almost Famous.

It didn't take long for Shaffer to fall hard for Xheneti once they started dating, and he asked her to be his wife only eight months into their courtship. The two tied the knot in France in 2012. They have one child born the same year, D'Angelo DraXon Shaffer.


3 Ella Cole - Engaged to Jake Pitts


Ella Cole, the fiancée of Jake Pitts from Black Veil Brides, has worked as a model for a long time, getting her start at the ripe age of 15. Born in Essex, England, as Cole got older, she began working with a number of popular London modeling groups.

Her good looks got her magazine covers such as Zoo, Maxim, Nuts, and FHM. With so much visibility, it seemed inevitable that she would eventually meet a high-rolling match, and in 2010 she did. Pitts didn't wait long to propose, as the two got engaged in 2012, but the adorable pair have yet to walk down the aisle together.

However, the Black Veil Brides did release albums in 2013 and 2014, so that could be delaying the nuptials. With a sought-after beauty like Cole, though, Pitts should probably get a move on.

2 Mariqueen Maandig - Married to Trent Reznor


Mariqueen Maandig is the woman who melted Trent Reznor's cold, dark heart. The gorgeous Maandig, who is Filipino-American, had been cracking away in the Los Angeles music scene with her trippy, dreamy band West Indian Girl from 2004 to 2009.

Her sweet voice and unique look instantly made the band noticeable. She also has several modeling credits to her name, including a small shoot in Playboy where she appeared semi-nude.

She and Reznor became acquainted on Twitter in 2009 and wasted no time moving in together. The couple got engaged and married that same year. By 2010, Maandig and Reznor formed a band with some friends called How to Destroy Angels, in which Maandig does lead vocals. The happy couple have two children together, Lazarus Echo and Balthazar.

1 Lily Aldridge - Married to Caleb Followill


Lily Aldridge is probably one of the most popular models on the planet, making Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon one very blessed man.

Aldridge has worked as a model since she was 16, where she's appeared in ads for brands like Bobbi Brown, Abercrombie & Fitch, Coach, Levi's, and Tommy Hilfiger. By the time she was 17, Aldridge was already on magazine covers in Spain and the United States. In 2007, while attending the Coachella Festival in California, she and Followill met.

She joined the Victoria's Secret Angels in 2010, the same year that she and Followill became engaged. The pair wed the next year and have one child, Dixie Pearl, born in 2012. Two years later in 2014, Aldridge showed that she was still in fantastic shape when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated with Nina Adgal and Chrissy Teigen.


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