The 10 Hottest Power Rangers Villainesses

When the Power Rangers franchise first began, the main challenge was integrating the original Japanese Super Sentai footage with the new stuff shot for the American version. In the first years, it was blatantly obvious where one left off and the other began but as time and technology have gone on (not to mention bigger budgets), the cuts are less clear so you can be excused in thinking the original footage is new stuff. This meant that quite often, actresses were cast as the villainesses of the series in ways to look like the original versions enough to fool the viewer. That, however, didn’t take away from how very alluring so many of them were.

True, the very first villainess, Rita Repulsa, was hardly a looker but since then, Power Rangers has granted us some truly hot bad ladies. The fact so many of the actresses grasp the camp aspects of the show and play it up makes it better as does the variety of fun outfits. Some are copies of the original Japanese enemies while others are brand new for the series but they still showcase the sexy allure a bad gal can have. Notable is how some are bad to the bone but others have shards of light that end up building to redemption but still hotter when they’re bad. It’s cut down on the regular show in its last few incarnations but the casting of Elizabeth Banks as Rita for the upcoming big-screen reboot shows it may make a comeback. Here are the 10 hottest villainesses the Power Rangers franchise has given us and how skilled you can be being sexy as hell when in these ridiculous outfits.

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10 Divatox - Turbo

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Critics weren’t kind to the Turbo movie, citing it as just an extended pilot for the series. But they did praise Hilary Shepard Turner’s performance as Divatox, clad in a crazy mix of swimsuit, armor and mask and chewing the scenery with relish. Turner was actually pregnant when she shot the film so for the first half of the season, Carol Hoyt took on the role, a bit icier and cool yet still very attractive as Divatox handled the Rangers while screaming at being surrounded by idiots (not that she was a strategic genius herself). Turner would reprise the role in the second half, giving the idea of Divatox as basically a spoiled child who just happens to be a space pirate with an army and amazing she doesn’t fail more often. She gets points for actually managing to defeat the Rangers in fantastic fashion, making her better than most baddies. No matter who played her, the character was wonderfully hot and last seen transformed into a truly beautiful woman by a magical wave yet still so hot being this evil lunatic.

9 Miratrix - Operation Overdrive

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Unlike other series, Overdrive didn’t have just one main villain but a pack of them, all competing to get hold of a mystical crown and thus fighting each other as much as the Rangers. Miratrix appeared to be a nice gal befriending Dax but turned out to be an intergalactic crook working for alien Kamdor. Played by Ria Vandervis, she had a permanent smirk on her face, a wicked attitude and while she preferred being a con artist, she could do well in a fight with ninja training, her black hair and outfit making her stand out well. Her ending was a bit brutal but at least she was able to spark this volume up nicely with some sass and put her own side a bit more ahead of the rest.

8 Marah and Kapri - Ninja Storm

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Played respectively by Katrina Devine and Katrina Browne, these sisters are the nieces of main villain Lothor who he has to watch over the summer. For the most part, they were bumbling ditzes who seemed to prefer hanging at the mall to taking over the universe and were often called a disgrace to the name of evil. Their wild outfits didn’t help although they did look hot on the two. Just as you were about to dismiss them, however, they could show surprising skills in combat and Marah pulled off a great scam tricking the Rangers into thinking she was turning good. It turned out they were much smarter then they seemed and were faking their stupidity to try and get ahead. It didn’t work as their uncle turned on them and they ended the series trying to make amends with the Rangers. They did return in a crossover with Dino Thunder to show off again and while they were comic relief, still could surprise you with how hot they could be.

7 Vypra - Lightspeed Rescue

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Another case of an actress cast as a close resemblance to the original Japanese show, Jennifer Yen didn’t ham it up as much as other villainesses but still quite intriguing. Her smooth looks fit the cold Vypra with her huge wins and dragon-like attacks and her outfit was quite revealing with cleavage and legs showing off. In combat, she was a true menace with her huge sword and energy powers and gave no quarter so the Rangers treated her as a serious threat. She handled the various in-fighting of the bad guys well and while seemingly destroyed, would return in a crossover with Time Force, still wicked and remaining so, thus setting her character as one of the best of the pure baddies in the show.

6 Elsa - Dino Thunder

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When the Rangers first encounter Miriama Smith’s leather-clad servant of living dinosaur Mesogog, they find something oddly familiar about her. As it turns out, Elsa is undercover as the glasses-wearing Randall, principal of the local high school and the irony that she’s probably more fearsome there then as the villainess, handing out detentions at a moment’s notice and sardonic in her put-downs. As Randall, she rocks the glasses, power suits and wicked smirks while Elsa cuts loose a lot more often and even putting the moves on Ranger leader Tommy. Terrific in a fight, her hissing words of danger push her character along and make her stand out more. It turns out at the end that she was brainwashed into evil and redeemed into a surprisingly cordial lady but Smith was so good at being so bad that she helped this popular entry in the franchise stand out much more.

5 Trakeena - Lost Galaxy

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Amy Miller may well be the best developed villain on the show who didn’t find a “redemptive ending.” Clad in tight armor to mirror her Sentai counterpart, she came off a brat at first but soon becoming tougher as things went along. When her father is killed, she takes over and soon becomes more dangerous than he ever was, competently commanding armies and pushing the Rangers to the limit. She still had some humor in her put-downs and putting up with bunglers and a fun episode had her taking on a very sexy human form to tempt the male Rangers with a love potion. By the end of the season, she’d become a deadly insectoid creature but still quite the powerhouse and returned in a later crossover as wicked as ever. She remained bad all the way through and got worse as she went but Miller still made her one hot lady to enjoy.

4 Nadira - Time Force

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At first glance, the daughter of villain Ransik appears to be a complete moron with pink hair and white outfit showing off her midriff. However, she did manage to break her dad out of a maximum security prison and back in time to the 21st century and could hold her own in a fight. Kate Sheldon made her a greedy gal who loved money, jewels and clothes and often pulling her own jobs to get more while her dad put up with her whining. A hysterical episode had her going on a date with Blue Ranger Lucas with Ransik playing the overprotective dad to the hilt. But like many on this list, she found a softer side to herself as helping a woman give birth made her realize how precious humanity was and led to her turning into a good gal by the end of things. Her appearance in a crossover with Wild Force added to it and showed a new side to her sexiness as Sheldon made this gal one of the better “funny evil” ones of the show.

3 Astronema - In Space

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She first appears at a gathering of bad guys, spoken of as a rising star in the ranks of evil. Clad in silver armor with a staff and hair that was constantly changing color, this space pirate would lead the attacks on the Rangers and was pretty abusive, even to her own guys. Melody Perkins was a delight hamming it up in the role with a silky tone despite her power that made the character more interesting than her boss, Dark Specter. It would turn out she was the long-lost sister of Ranger Andros and briefly redeemed but later brainwashed into a redhead even more brutal than before. By the end of the show, she was returned to normal and Perkins became such a favorite that in the following series, Lost Galaxy, she became a Ranger herself as a perky blonde. But that “bad gal” is still what she’s more famous for and one of the best of the entire bunch.

2 Tenaya - RPM

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Today, Adelaide Kane is known for dressing in elaborate gowns in the CW hit Reign. However, her big break was clad in a skintight leather outfit and headset as the cyborg baddie of RPM. Cool with a wicked deadpan snarking attitude, she could be a great fighter with a habit of whistling “Farmer in the Dell” when stalking her prey. She held her own quite well against the Rangers in battle, getting an upgrade to become even deadlier and Kane’s performance made her oddly compelling as well as hot. It soon turned out she was human, just upgraded to a cyborg by the evil Venjix and by the end of the series, she had redeemed herself back to her regular form. Whatever the case, Tenaya had one very hot body with that outfit and Kane showed the talents that would carry her further as this sexy gal far beyond human means.

1 Camille - Jungle Fury

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She makes her debut waltzing out of a wall she’s been hiding in for 10,000 years and immediately complimenting master Dai Shi on possessing handsome human Jarrod. With her dark hair and unique outfit, Holly Shanahan showcased the silky and sly creature who could don a huge armored suit to do battle in but still looked great. She had the odd touch of a talking fly who could pop out of her throat now and then as well as a huge tongue and a fierce fighter. But we got hints of a softer side with her becoming human for a day and actually bonding with Lilly yet she continued on her dark ways. Still, there was a bright spark that by the end of the series had her redeemed, yet Camille has to stand tall when it comes to gals on the show who looked so good being so bad.

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