The 10 Hottest Netflix Stars

It’s 2015. Who doesn’t have access to Netflix nowadays? The company has been around since 1997, launching the mailing system in 1999, and with more than 4.2 million users, it’s clear that Netflix dominates streaming box offices. In 2011, Netflix revolutionized the market again by launching their first batch of original programming, starting with the widely-acclaimed House of Cards. Nowadays it’s hard to mention top-quality television without at least mentioning one Netflix original show. There’s a lot to love—and with good reason.

If you’re like the majority of television watchers (or if you prefer, “binge-watchers”), you like television that looks good. Something to catch your attention. Whether that’s top-notch cinematography, superb writing, or something else, one thing has remained constant in television history: beautiful people. Maybe some would joke that television stars aren’t pretty enough for the movies, but when it comes to Netflix, they certainly know what they’re doing. With an impressive international roster, Netflix original programming has consistently been giving us some of the sexiest actors and actresses around, young and old. Here are the 10 Sexiest Netflix Stars.

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10 Linda Cardellini - Bloodline

Cardellini’s first major success (and what most people will know her from) was starring opposite James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segal in Freaks and Geeks. Since then she has had pretty steady success in the acting world—but ever since its release in early 2015, she has been rocking the streaming screen on the Netflix show Bloodline. Cardellini, who turned 40 this year, definitely still has it going on. Don’t be afraid to check her out on Netflix—and if you find you love her in this, watch her on Freaks and Geeks. It’s worth it to watch Jason Segal try to flirt with her.

9 Doona Bae - Sense8

One of Netflix’s newest shows, Sense8 hosts a variety of extremely beautiful cast members, the first of which on this list is Doona Bae. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Bae (as most people will want to continue to call her) has been working with the Wachowski siblings frequently in recent years. On Sense8, Bae plays Sun Bak, a Korean businesswoman struggling to find the balance between familial and self respect. Bae kicks ass in the show, showing just how powerful women can be on screen. Truly it’s her power that makes her so sexy—but with a face that the camera just eats up, Bae could simply do nothing on screen and she would still make this list.

8 Stephanie Sigman - Narcos

Stephanie Sigman, 28, plays Valeria Velez on a newer Netflix show called Narcos. Sigma primarily works in Mexico, though with her work on Netflix and also her appearing in the new James Bond Film, Spectre, Sigman doesn’t seem short of international work any time soon. Most people might know her from an Arctic Monkeys music video (“Snap Out of It”) but with her recent success, don’t be surprised if you start seeing her everywhere.

7 Miguel Ángel Silvestre - Sense8

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It’s hard to deny that Miguel Ángel Silvestre is sexy. Just looking at him, you know that’s what he’s all about. In fact, he is so sexy that he managed to find his way onto a list populated entirely by women. Silvestre, who comes from Spain, plays Lito Rodriguez on Sense8, a Mexican film star with a dirty little secret. Silvestre, in fact, was named Mister Castellón in 2002. So, a great actor, a pageant winner, and sexy as hell? Besides Sense8 being renewed for a second season, there are obviously many people who hope to see Silvestre around more on screen.

6 Laura Prepon - Orange Is the New Black

Who would’ve thought that Donna from That 70s Show would grow up and be so hot? Well, a lot of people, given that Laura Prepon’s sexuality was evident from episode one. Perhaps a better question would be: Who would’ve thought that Donna would end up kissing women in jail? While there is more to Prepon’s character in the frightfully successful show Orange Is the New Black, it’s clear that her character, Alex, knows how to use her sexuality to get what she wants. Prepon is the definition of a chameleon—in each show she is in, she dons a new look, completely changing her beauty, though never forgoing it.

5 Tina Desai - Sense8

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While Desai works primarily in Hindi, you can count on her English debut being explosive. Desai plays the intelligent Kala on Sense8, who, despite her smarts, seems stumped by the feelings of lust she begins to develop for the wrong man. Desai plays the part intricately—and looks absolutely beautiful while doing so. Desai has the benefit of playing an Indian character, thus she looks absolutely in her element as she captivates the camera wearing traditional Indian clothes and jewelry. Though she doesn’t have much lined up yet, the second season of her Netflix show should be enough to propel her into a successful and fulfilling English career (so that the Western World can enjoy her talents as well).

4 Olivia Cheng - Marco Polo

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Cheng, a Canadian actress from Alberta, plays the deadly assassin and concubine Lin Mei on the 13th Century Chinese Netflix Drama Marco Polo. Don’t worry if that sentence seemed like a mouthful—basically, Cheng plays a kung fu master, resulting in her being one of the deadliest women in the show. There’s no way that can’t equal up to sex appeal on screen. And Cheng isn’t just beautiful—she works as well as a print and broadcast journalist in Edmonton and also launched One Asian, a group that empowers women of Asian heritage by aiding with their education. Smart and talented? Watch out for Cheng in the future.

3 Deborah Ann Woll - Daredevil

A 30-year-old actress from Brooklyn, Deborah Ann Woll is no amateur on screen and stage. Most will know her from her role as Jessica Hamby on True Blood, but now Woll is smouldering on Daredevil with her costar, Charlie Cox. Playing Karen Page on Daredevil really showcases Woll’s fine acting skills—and she really looks stunning on screen. Her beautiful reddish-blonde hair and big smile make Woll hard not to look at on screen—or maybe when she’s on screen with her costar, she’s the one with her eyes exposed. It’s hard not to look at them when your only other option is glasses. Either way, Woll sparkles on the streaming screen.

2 Zhu Zhu - Marco Polo

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Zhu Zhu, a Chinese actress and singer from Beijing, first gained fame as a host on MTV China. Now playing a princess of the Bayaut tribe on Marco Polo, Zhu’s character, Kokachin, has a nickname that sticks—the “Blue Princess”. Her striking beauty is showcased through her romance with the title character. With some of the sexiest scenes in the show, Zhu is definitely someone to watch out for in the future. Plus, with her extensive Chinese resume, there’s no shortage of media on her to keep the masses satisfied.

1 Ruby Rose - Orange Is The New Black

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Since her breakout on Orange Is the New Black in 2015, Rose has garnered TONS of internet attention. Her androgynous looks captivated online viewers to the point that Stella, her character, became the only character people cared about. Rose is an Australian model, MTV VJ, DJ, actress, recording artist—she does it all. Because of her huge breakout onto Netflix (and her striking beauty), Rose will be one to look out for in the future—not just on television, but across all media. Hopefully as it goes on, Orange Is the New Black will keep Rose at their side—but no matter what, she’s going to do just fine.


Sources: netflix.com

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