The 10 Hottest "It" Girls Under 25

These girls are this generation’s girl bosses.

We are pretty much blindsided by their success that we don’t realize they are much younger than probably most of us reading this. From models to singers to actresses, these girls are working their stuff.

When we find out they are just under 25 and even under 21, it does blow our minds and kind of takes a toll on our self-esteem. We can argue that they should slow it down a little bit and enjoy being young and free. However, can we really get mad at a couple of young, determined girls who know what they want and are actually going after it? Not really.

In addition to being young and ambitious, it is a tough world out there in the entertainment industry. For them to be ruling in it, means they know what they are doing. Of course, some of these young ladies have a celebrity background that you can say have given them some sort of easy “pass” into the industry. Overall though, they are still working and are pretty independent at such a young age when they could just be taking whatever their privilege life has to offer them.

We have had many types of celebrity girl bosses who have paved the way for young girls their age. Girls all over the world look up to them and consider them to be role models, whether it’s because of their style or because of what they do. These are the new Beyonces and J-Los that the new generation is following.

Take a look at the 10 Hottest "It" Girls Under 25.

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10 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande first rose to the scene in the Nickelodeon series, Victorious, as Cat Valentine. She then starred on the spin-off, Sam & Cat, but wasn’t as successful. She then turned to a different route in the singing department. Her career as singer was really what made her stood out. She signed a recording deal with Republic Records and released her studio album, Yours Truly, in 2013. It debuted at number on the US Billboard 200. In 2014, she released her second studio album, My Everything, which also debuted at number one. With hit singles like “Bang Bang” featuring big names like Nicki Minaj and Jessie J and “Love Me Harder,” the young songstress was getting recognized and soon making appearances. She was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live with host, Chris Pratt. She immediately gained popularity and fame which meant her personal life was also wanted in the media.

Her relationship with rapper, Big Sean, was highly publicized. The two broke it off earlier this year. The young pop star made it obvious that she was solely focusing on her career. She has guest starred in the Fox comedy-horror TV series, Scream Queens, and is set to appear in Zoolander 2 with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. She is currently promoting her third studio album, Moonlight, which she has already released her single for it called “Focus” in October. Obviously, there is no stopping this pop star. She is only 22 years old.

9 Kate Upton

When Kate Upton came on to the scene, everyone was drawn to one thing, or maybe two. Another thing that stood out though was her age. The swimsuit model appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue twice but the first time was when she grabbed everyone’s eyes and yet, we couldn’t believe the bombshell was only 19 years old! Her physique was to die for. At such a young age, she was already being considered as a sex symbol and she owned it. She’s been doing modeling gigs including swimsuit modeling for Beach Bunny Swimwear.

Upton wasn’t just a model though. She was becoming an entertainer. In 2011, the model appeared in a very visual video that went viral, doing the dougie hip-hop dance at a Los Angeles Clippers game. The next year, she appeared in another hip-hop video, this time dancing to the Cat Daddy dance created by The Rej3cts. Social media was definitely her route to becoming popular and her rise to fame. She then ventured off doing acting, starring in films like The Other Woman alongside Cameron Diaz. The model was pretty much wanted everywhere and was awarded “Sexiest Woman” in 2014 by People. She is only 23 years old today.

8 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, although part of the Kardashian and Jenner family, is a model and probably has the most conventional and “real” job out of all of them. Jenner first appeared on the reality TV series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. If you watched the show religiously, you remember very well that Jenner knew she wanted to be a model since she was a teeny bopper. The reality TV personality focused on her passion since then and has led her to the success she has today. Kendall can be seen gracing the covers of your favorite magazines and walking down the runway for high-fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, and Chanel. She recently walked down the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show along with gal pal and model, Gigi Hadid.

Besides the fashion world, you can still catch her on the reality TV show with the rest of her fambam. She comes off as the most laid-back one and is confident about prioritizing her career first which is why she is admired by a lot. What is also admired about the go-getter is how she keeps her life on the low when she’s related to the most publicized celebrity family in the world. Whatever she is doing, it is obviously working. The fashionista just turned 20 years old earlier this month.

7 Selena Gomez

Singer and actress Selena Gomez is your average 20-something girl even when she’s one of the most high-profile stars in the pop culture industry. Gomez first appeared as an actress in the Disney Channel series, Wizards of Waverly Place. She also appeared in a few other Disney Channel shows such as Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She has also had mainstream success in the singing department. Most recently, Gomez' single “The Heart Wants What it Wants” was her second top-10 single on the Hot 100. It’s popularity had something to do with her on-again and off-again relationship with singer, Justin Bieber. The two have gone through a high-profile relationship since they first started dating in 2010.

Although publicized in the media, Gomez is known for maintaining a down to earth attitude when it comes to fame and her success. “I was on Wizards of Waverly Place from when I was 14 until I was 18 or 19 and I thank God for that show,” she explained to beauty blog, Into the Gloss. “It gave me a legitimate family. The whole cast and crew were all there before anything started, they saw me at my best and at my worst, and could call me out on my s—t.” She continued, “When I was younger and running around all the time on tour, I don't think I took the time to notice how being a woman in my position is really a gift. I want to make sure I utilize all that power. All the stuff that I've been living has been beautiful and awkward and authentic.”

The “Good For You” singer has definitely gone through a lot of ups and downs but the way she carries herself, we would never guess how much it has affected her. In October of 2015, she revealed she had been diagnosed with lupus and has undergone chemotherapy for the illness. The songstress is one to look up to for sure as she continues to be successful in her achievements while staying humble despite having a rough personal life. Gomez is 23 years old.

6 Hailey Baldwin

You probably recognize her as one of the best gal pals of the Jenner sisters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. She is usually seen in paparazzi pics walking around in West Hollywood with one of the sisters or on their Instagram. Hailey Baldwin is a fashion model who is on the rise. Her famous father is Stephen Baldwin, making Alec Baldwin her uncle. The model brings us this J-Lo vibe which you can see mostly on her Instagram.

Her style is what she is most popular for. She has done several fashion campaigns for top brands such as Ralph Lauren, Topshop and Brandy Melville. She signed to Heroes Models after being signed under Ford Models earlier in her career. The fashion model is slowly making a name for herself and we will probably be seeing her a lot more in the coming year. She looks like she could be around her mid-twenties but crazily enough, she is only 19 years old.

5 Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid, sister of model Gigi Hadid, is also a model herself. She started getting recognized this year for her modeling career and her personal life. The model is daughter to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Foster. If you watch the show, you might have seen her make a few appearances. Most notably, she was arrested on suspicion of DUI when she was 17 years old, which was aired in an episode of the reality TV show. It seemed like that was a shocker for most people who followed her through social media platforms such as Keek and Instagram. The young brunette was always playful and full of positive energy. However, that mistake of hers was only that, a mistake, as she started focusing more on her modeling career, gracing covers like Jalouse magazine. Y

You can see Hadid stunning now on shots after shots as well as on runways. She appeared in Kanye West’s show for his fashion line during New York Fashion Week along with Kylie Jenner. The model’s personal life hasn’t hurt her rise to fame either. News broke out earlier this year that she has been dating The Weeknd, a popular singer and songwriter in the R&B genre. She is also a nationally ranked equestrian and plans to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She just turned 19 years old in October.

4 Kylie Jenner

Of course this list would not be complete without the one who started it all and she is also probably the youngest on this list. Kylie Jenner is a reality TV star and an entrepreneur. The baby of the Kardashian klan first sparked eyes on the reality tv show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, when she was just 17 years old. Earlier on the series, she acted more like her age but eventually, the fame caught up with her. The brunette beauty was recognized by her social media followers, mostly on Instagram, for her really attractive selfies. People couldn’t get enough of the reality TV star and she eventually dethroned her most famous sister, Kim Kardashian, earlier this year. It was obvious who the most popular one of the family was. With that, Jenner started pursuing more endorsement deals giving her a not too shabby bank account. The young entrepreneur even went on to purchase her own house in Calabasas at $2.7 million in February of this year which means, she was only 17 when she got her own place. She finally turned 18 in August. Not your average 18-year-old.

3 Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer is a singer and actress. She is most known for her role on Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP which she reportedly earns $20,000 per episode. She is currently a regular on Scream Queens. Palmer has also worked on her own solo projects in the music industry. In 2015, she released her single, I Don’t Belong to You, which she explains the meaning behind the lyrics, especially with a unique video to accompany the song. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Palmer explains to the publication about her views on having “no labels” when it comes to relationships. “I feel like we're reaching a point where it's like a relationship is what a relationship is,” she said. “You don't have to assume that this or that is the norm to the point where you have to announce that you're not doing the norm. I'm very happy to be part of a generation where you don't have to say that you're gay, it's just like, ‘I'm dating a dude,’ or, ‘I'm dating a girl,’ and I love it. I think it's a great time.”

She also continued about her own personal life. “For me, it's about coming into my own as I reach this point in my life, it's about understanding that I can make my own choices; my body, my career, my lifestyle, and how I feel about who I am in the world, all different levels. I felt like a lot of my generation could relate to that, the people that are into what I do.” Ever since, she has gained a larger following and many look up to her for her beliefs. She stands as role model to many already and she is just starting her own journey. Palmer is only 22 years young.

2 Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is a high-fashion model which you know you have seen almost everywhere this year. On TV, social media, magazines, etc, Hadid is definitely taking over the industry right now. She is the daughter of Yolanda Foster and sister of model, Bella Hadid. Like her sister, she models for several fashion campaigns as well as walks the runways. She recently was seen strutting the catwalk at the Victoria's Secret Show along with bestie, Kendall Jenner. Before her modeling career took off, Hadid was seen a few times more than her little sister on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she was an aspiring model but also a reality TV personality. In 2014, she made her New York Fashion Week debut.

Ever since, she has graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines. As her career skyrocketed, so did her fame and with fame, her personal life was also in the public eye. She was known as the girlfriend of Cody Simpson for a while until they broke it off. She then started dating Joe Jonas soon after her break-up with Simpson. The two recently broke it off but she has currently been seen with yet another famous stud, Zayn Malik. With a successful career and good looks comes fame, and Gigi Hadid is certainly getting a taste of that. The model isn’t even 21 yet. She is 20 years young.

1 Zendaya 

This confident 19-year-old is an inspiring singer, actress, and model. You probably recognize her from Disney Channel’s Shake It Up as Rocky Blue or from Dancing with the Stars Season 16, who was the runner-up. Maybe you just remember her from the 87th Academy Awards, where E! News Host, Giuliana Rancic, made some controversial comments about her red carpet look, saying her hair was “too boho” and made her look like she “smells like patchouli oil or weed.” Zendaya, having wisdom beyond her years, had the greatest response on Instagram and Twitter. “There is a fine line between what is funny and disrespectful," she said. "Someone said something about my hair at the Oscars that left me in awe. Not because I was relishing in rave outfit reviews, but because I was hit with ignorant slurs and pure disrespect. To say that an 18-year-old young woman with locs must smell of patchouli oil or 'weed' is not only a large stereotype but outrageously offensive.”

She preceded quoting Martin Luther King. Another example of her wisdom and maturity was when she dropped out of the Lifetime biopic film, Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, where she was going to portray the famous singer. Due to some criticism about the 19-year-old being too light skin for the role, she decided not to do it in honor of the singer. “Basically, I just felt that because I love her, and because I respect her so much as an artist, I don’t want to do anything that’s half or anything that’s less for her.” She is just an awesome person and she’s not even 20 yet.

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