The 10 Hottest Horror Movie Villainesses Ever

When you talk of hot women in horror films, you often think of the heroines or even the victims. Many have been forgettable but there have been some great hot ladies to shine, often with little to no clothing. However, there have been plenty of hot ladies who are actually the evil ones of the film and we all know the bad girls are the hottest ones. That counts for horror as so many of these ladies show off nicely.

Some are human which makes their actions scarier but others are not of this world and yet still so amazingly hot. Many of them have worked little clothing, others fully naked and all have showed a stunning sensuality in their parts. They’re monsters and killers but still so undeniably sexy all the same and made their films must-sees. Here are the 10 hottest villainesses in horror films and while they may be killers, what a way to go.

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10 Tiffany - Bride of Chucky

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Jennifer Tilly has her haters for her ego and voice but it fits her in this 1998 sequel. She’s the former love of the murderous serial killer now inhabiting the body of doll Chucky who kills a cop to get his remains. With white hair and leather outfits that boost up her ample chest, Tilly is well cast as the nutso gal who gets off on murder so much and when she’s killed herself, Chucky puts her body in a doll of her own. Somehow, she still retains her hotness, walking around on murder sprees and it’s a role only Tilly could pull off to spark this film to a guilty pleasure.

9 The Brides - Dracula 2000

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Any version of Dracula must include him gathering at least one or two gorgeous women to his side. This 2000 film has its flaws but aside from a surprising origin for Dracula, it definitely has him (played by Gerald Butler) continuing that tradition. Awakened by a group of thieves, Dracula slaughters nearly all of them except for Solina (Jennifer Esposito) who’s taken by the vampire with one look. Investigating a plane crash, reporter Valerie Sharpe (Jeri Ryan) also falls under Dracula’s spell. Finally, while hunting heroine Mary, Dracula seduces her roommate Lucy (Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick) in a scene that includes them getting it on right on the walls and ceiling. Eventually, all three are attacking the heroes in long white robes that show plenty of cleavage off and a force both terrifying and gloriously sexy from crawling up walls to slashing out throats. Whatever else, any movie that gets Esposito, Ryan and Vitamin C in hot robes more than earns its keep.

8 Sil - Species

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It’s as much horror as sci-fi and this 1995 movie marks one of the hottest film debuts ever. Natasha Henstridge is Sil, created by scientists from DNA sent from space, growing from a child to adulthood in days and soon escaping to begin her true mission: Mate with a human, breed and start to wipe out humanity. Henstridge shows off quite a lot from Sil getting used to human clothing to hooking up with guys only to kill them off and whether a blonde or brunette, is utterly sexy as hell. Even the transformation into her more monstrous form doesn’t take that away as Henstridge was boosted to stardom by the role and put a new spin on “unearthly beauty.”

7 The Bride of Frankenstein

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The rare sequel far better than the original, this 1935 masterpiece has the mad doctor deciding that the only way for his Creature (Boris Karloff) to survive is to give him a “mate.” Piecing together corpses and using that traditional lightning, they soon create the Bride, played by Elsa Lanchester. And for someone made of dead body parts, she’s stunningly beautiful, perfect face with full lips and that infamous huge hairdo. That she hates the Creature is rough and shows her own mean streak that proves once more why messing with the dead is never a smart thing. But Lancaster set a standard for horror film beauties, amazingly hot for her time and helps make this film a classic.

6 Miriam Blaylock - The Hunger

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This 1983 cult classic is well-renowned for its visual style and unique take on the vampire mythos. Catherine Deneuve is well cast as Miriam, a centuries-old vampire who has gone through a line of paramours over her long life. Her latest (David Bowie) learns the hard way that eternal life doesn’t mean eternal youth and suffers the horrible fate of locked in a coffin with all of her other exes. This leads to Miriam meeting Sarah (Susan Sarandon), a doctor looking into her blood work and soon sets up their love scene, still one of the greatest ever put on film. With her elegant looks, amazing body, lush accent and ability to get anyone to be with her, Miriam is a woman worth dying for…or a fate worse than death.

5 Santanico Pandemonium - From Dusk Till Dawn

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The first half of the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez film plays as a crime drama of the Gecko Brothers taking a family hostage to get to Mexico. In a dive bar filled with bikers, this rough and tumble crowd is wowed into silence as Salma Hayek saunters out in a bikini and headdress, a snake draped over her shoulders and proceeds to do the hottest dance number you can possibly imagine. Gyrating to show off her hips, rear and breasts, her long hair whipping out and pouring champagne down her foot, it’s a display that gets a true rise out of you. This leads to the revelation that she and the rest of the bar staff, are murderous vampires who start to feed on the customers and while her time is short, Hayek is easily the most memorable part of the film. Bonus points for the TV version as Eliza Gonzales does her own hot turn on the part to make this an iconic sexy beast.

4 Carmilla - The Vampire Lovers

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The tricky thing with Ingrid Pitt is trying to figure out which of her numerous Hammer Horror movies to cite her for. The best may well be this 1970 story where she plays Carmilla, the vampire who’s taken in by a well-off household and soon begins seducing their daughter. Pitt was arguably the sexiest woman alive at the time and shows off in lush gowns and less (the shot of her undressing in the moonlight is amazingly erotic) as she works her powers on the daughter and her equally hot governess. Few women look hotter with blood dripping from their lips as Pitt does and this is the role that solidified her as the “First Lady of Hammer” and still one of the great beauties of the genre.

3 Julia Cotton - Hellraiser

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At first, she appears to be just another would-be victim of the classic horror franchise who meets the zombified persona of her ex-lover. However, Clare Higgins quickly showcases how Julia is just as big a monster as any of the supernatural creatures. Soon, she’s helping Frank kill people to get his own life back and showing no remorse over it, even her own stepdaughter on her target list. She was killed off but returned in the sequel, now killing to return to her own form, which looks great in black outfits and even tearing out hearts is sexy with her. The creators wanted her to come back but sadly Higgins decided not to let the role dominate her career and so they went with more Pinhead. A shame as this lady more than showed herself one bad gal.

2 Lady Sylvia Marsh - Lair of the White Worm

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Even by his own standards, Ken Russell’s 1988 film is weird as hell. Adapting an old Arthur Conan Doyle story, it mixes Scottish lore with vampire mythos for a package that includes a nightmarish sequence involving blood orgies and religious overtones. What makes it great is Amanda Donohue as the seductive Lady Sylvia, a mix of snake and vampire who kills it in every scene (sometimes literally). From a bubble bath to dancing in a tight leather outfit to stark naked in a tanning booth and even covered in blue paint, Donohue is smoking and even if you can’t understand what’s going on, she makes it watchable.

1 Space Girl - Lifeforce

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This 1985 sci-fi horror film has a space shuttle finding a massive alien craft containing a trio of human bodies in freezers. Making the bad mistake of bringing them to Earth, one of the aliens (Mathilda May) awakens and begins a rampage as it turns out the aliens are, basically, space vampires who drain the life force of humans. May spends pretty much her entire time on screen completely naked and with her black hair, full breasts and curvy body, it’s an amazing sight and elevates the entire movie to a must-watch as even when she’s threatening global destruction, her perfect beauty captures you. Even today, May is stunningly gorgeous and in her prime, offers a fantastic “monster” you can’t take your eyes off of. The end of the world never looked so sexy.


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